The Big Bang- Freefall

Eric was too stunned to move. He wanted to call out for her, but he could tell that she was gone. Their bond told him so. He latched onto it the moment she disappeared and at first he felt her far away and to the south and then a moment later she was gone. He couldn’t feel her at all, there was just an empty place where she had been.

It was as though she were dead.

No, I won’t accept that.

He shoved that thought away and mentally started running through where he might look for her and who he might call for help in finding her. Alcide was at the top of the list, and at this moment, Alcide was dead on the floor behind him.

First things first, he heard her in his mind, though he knew that he was supplying her voice as his reason. A trick to make her still feel close by. A trick that he needed right now to get himself moving. First things first, I have to heal Pam and then get her and Alcide in the ground. The change might not take but to have any chance at all he needed to move now.

He clamped down on the screaming man inside him, the one that sounded like he was dying, and slowly moved to Pam, giving her the blood she needed to take her beloved to ground. As soon as she was on her feet they discussed where he might take the prisoners for the day so that they could be integrated the next evening. Pam gave him the coordinates for a secondary residence that Alcide kept in Las Vegas, like the one Sookie had put her up in when she visited Oklahoma. There was a fenced in backyard there that she and Alcide could go to ground in as well.

Eric left her there with the prisoners and took to the sky to find transportation. He stole a van from a nearby church and hotwired it, and broke into a hardware store for some iron ten penny nails and duct tape. Then he took a brief detour into a strip store where he smashed the glass counter and liberated some silver chains. He knew that there would be barely enough time to get to the safe house and bury Pam and Alcide before the sun rose. As long as he was inside he would be fine, Sookie had just fed him, he should be good to for a couple of hours at least past sunrise, maybe longer.

First things first…

Pam tried to talk to him as they drove, asking where Sookie was and what had happened but he didn’t answer her. He didn’t know what to tell her, and rather than risk losing his thin thread of control and forgetting that first things come first, he remained silent.

He hid the van in the two car garage that was attached to the house and buried Pam and Alcide in the yard. He took the prisoners in, having removed the lemon from Coleman before securing the van leaving him damaged but not critical. Hamilton had started to revive in the van, but Pam had knocked him out again. Neither the humans nor Compton had recovered yet from what Sookie had done to them. Compton had bled from every orifice and was a mess, but that was about to be the least of his worries.

Eric took them all to the basement, first covering the windows with the drapes from above, and then secured Compton by wrapping several of the chains around his hands and feet then covering those with duct tape. Then he secured Hamilton and Coleman the same way, using the duct tape to hold the iron nails to their flesh before sitting them on the floor in a semicircle. He only used duct tape on the humans, knowing it would be more than adequate to hold them until he decided how best to use them and placed them off to the side against the wall. Last, he brought a chair down from upstairs, placed it in the center of the circle and flipped it around to straddle it as he waited.

Within in moments the smell of burning flesh filled the basement and each of his prisoners began to moan in pain. He waited and listened to their pain, noting from a detached perspective how their external screams seem to echo his own internal screaming.

It was like a symphony of pain, and he its conductor.

As they became more lively, they started to speak to him, to beg, but he sat there, still as only a vampire can, not so much as even blinking. It was Compton who began to beg first.

“Eric, please. Remove the silver and I will tell you anything you want to know!”

“Thut uk,” Coleman screamed at Bill around his wounded mouth.

“Fuck you! Eric, take the silver off and I will tell you everything I know. Please.” Eric’s eyes flicked to Compton, and Coleman began to struggle. That told him that Compton knew something that could be of use. He spoke for the first time since Sookie had disappeared from his arms.

“What makes you think I am interested in anything you have to say, Compton?”

“Wh- What do you mean? Why put me in silver if you don’t want me to talk?”

“You assume that silver is all I have planned for you.” Eric’s voice was so calm and steady that all his prisoners actually stopped writhing and screaming feeling a chill of terror pass down their spines.

“But, if you kill me you will never know-”

“What makes you think I care? What makes you think I plan to do anything other than chop you into little pieces and leave you for the rats to find, Bill?”

“Because I know-”

“I thaid thut uk, amire!” Coleman cut him off again.

“Because I know things, Eric! Things you need to know!”

“I know the only thing I need to know already.”

“W-what do you mean?”

Eric rose at vamp speed and appeared right before Bill, making him jerk back in surprise and fear. “I know,” he said ripping off Compton’s right index finger and shoving it into his mouth, “that I would be at home right now, with the woman I love, if you hadn’t decided to kidnap the King of Nevada tonight.” He was speaking in a conversational tone, perfectly calm and icy, his voice never rising. When Bill screamed again, Eric rolled his eyes and smiled as if he had just told a joke and then he ripped off two more fingers, using the bloody stub to draw on Bill’s face, the same designs that he had painted on Logan’s walls just hours before. He was feeling creative.

“We took him! We took him,” Bill screamed at the top of his lungs, “because Niall told us to! Niall told us, too! Oh, fuck it hurts, please stop! Niall told us to do it!”

“I. DON’T. CARE!” Eric roared in his face, the windows in the basement vibrated with the force of his scream.

“But you will, you will, I swear! Niall told us to take him so The Fist could deliver him to A Sky Full of Stars and expose the Albho agenda to the world! It was two birds with one stone he said! Taking out the lieutenant of the Albho, giving The Fist the boost they needed to amplify the Ciar agenda. Oh, please, please, please, please Eric, stop! Please stop!”

“Albho? Ciar?” Eric repeated his eyebrow rising, indicating that he did not understand.

“Yes! You know, Eric. The two fairy factions, the Albho want to exterminate the human race and take away our food source and the Ciar want to save this world! They want to find a peaceful resolution and change this world for the better! You know, Eric! You’ve allied yourself with the Albho, though maker knows why! Don’t you understand what will happen if they win? Eric please, stop this and we can go to Niall together! It’s not too late for you to join us and stop this war from happening!”

Eric moved closer now, leaning down to whisper conspiratorially with Compton, “Where does The Iron Fist fit into this?”

Compton tried to whisper back but made a bad job of it, he was nearly delirious with pain, “The Ciar use vampire to run as intermediary and feed the Albho to them They are a tool to dwindle down enemy ranks,” he groaned then. “Niall says that if we can take out Nevada and Oklahoma that the movement will falter and the war will be all but won!” Compton started giggling then, a pitched sound that made him sound like he had come unhinged. Eric stuffed one of the extra silver chains into Bill’s mouth and sealed it shut with duct tape muffling his screams. Then he turned to the humans in the corner. One of them had wet himself during Bill’s confessional.

He quickly glamoured them into revealing that Compton’s version of events was accurate, however they knew nothing of the Albho and Ciar, only that they were planning to take Alcide to A Sky Full of Stars and reveal the true face of the Fae to the world. Getting a pen and paper from upstairs he had them write down the names and addresses of The Fist members in their cell and then glamoured them to believe that Alcide had never shown up at the drop point and to return to their group none the wiser. He was about to release them when one of them, still in a hypnotic daze said, “I guess since the fairy never showed, we will have to go with Plan B.”

“What’s plan B?” Eric asked.

“They wouldn’t tell us, in case we were caught, only that if we failed they would fall back to Plan B for the party.”

“Go back and find out what Plan B is and then call me on this number.” He gave him the number to his mobile, and then told him to forget it until he had something to report, and that he would not remember making the call once it was complete. Then he released the humans, knowing he needed additional information and that if he kept them Pam would kill them when she rose for what they had done to Alcide. She would forgive him, eventually. They still had Coleman.


Eric turned now, first things being taken care of. He could feel the sun rising, but felt no need to die yet.

Love you, Sookie, he sent up a silent prayer for her and then pulled his chair to sit in front of Coleman. He leaned down and smiled at Coleman.

“Did you know about Plan B?” he asked in a deadly tone watching his eyes. He didn’t expect him to say anything, but he could tell from his physiological reactions that he did in fact not know about Plan B.”

“Oh, no! Has the dog turned and bitten the hand that feeds it? Tsk, tsk. That’s what happens you know, you train them to be vicious and then one day, they turn on their masters. You’re all the same to them, but you weren’t smart enough to see that until just now were you?” Eric leaned back in chair and looked down at Coleman for a moment considering. “I bet you want to go warn Niall about Plan B, don’t you , Coleman?” Coleman working hard to not show his pain as the iron worked its way into his already ravaged body narrowed his eyes at Eric but didn’t speak. “I might let you do that, if you told where Sookie was. Do you know where she is, Coleman? If so, you will doing yourself the biggest favor in the world if you tell me.” Coleman scoffed through his damaged mouth.

“Oh, but you see I am serious. If you don’t tell me what I want to know you are going to die, the only question is how. I could kill you swiftly, or I could let Alcide do it when he wakes up.” He smiled at Coleman now, fangs fully extended. “Ever see a newborn vampire feed on pure Fae blood, Coleman?” Eric shivered theatrically, “It’s chilling stuff, even for me. Or,” he stopped and seemed to be considering a new idea now, “I could let Pam turn you as we had to do Alcide.” Coleman’s eyes grew large at that threat. “Does that not appeal to you? Walking the night forever, your mistress will only take a few hundred years to forgive you for what you did to Alcide. She’s soft that way.” Leaning back in his chair he went on listing the benefits of being a vampire.

“Never see the sun again, drink warm hot blood every night, and oh, Coleman, we could send you to hunt your family. Imagine being under the command of your maker to drain everyone you…ever…loved!

“Yes, I like that! It would be, what was it Compton said earlier? Ah, yes, two birds, one stone. I choose option C, Coleman, how about you?” Eric was in his face now, being every bit the monster his maker had tried so long to make him be and finding it easier than he had ever imagined to fall into that darkness now that his light had been stolen from him. The loss of his anchor stone had sent him into freefall. All he had left was his promise to her, and if he could fulfill it in the most bloody and awful way possible to gain vengeance for her loss, so much the better.

Sookie, his mind whispered again, calling to her.

“Your wife?” Eric questioned leaning in and he saw it, Coleman did have a wife. “Children?” Oh, yes, those, too. “Two?” no, “Three? Ah, yes three, you would have no choice but to hunt them, and drink them, you would tear…them…to… shreds. Oh, you would hate yourself until that sweet, sweet Fae blood hit your tongue and then you would want to fuck their corpses as they turned to dust in your hands.

“I will take it all from you, as you have from me.” He paused a moment then and let that sink in, and then he asked again. “Where. Is. Sookie?” Tears ran down Coleman’s damaged face and Eric watched him break, cracking like a windshield, spidery veins running through him in slow motion until he whispered one word.



A/N the story that Compton told is the reverse of the truth, but it is what Niall had told him and Lorena and possibly other vampires to get them to work with the Ciar. It’s not clear how many have been recruited to parlay with The Iron Fist on the Ciar’s behalf. Clearly, this revised version of the truth to recruit their support opens the door to wonder who in addition to Bill and Lorena have been recruited.

Hope this chapter answered some questions, and got the frying pans back in the cupboard where they belong :).



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5 thoughts on “Freefall

  1. Wow! What a twisted plot he has weaved?!? And now she is in the hands of the enemy somehow. Hot damn! Eric will rain hellfire, blood & damnation on them all until she is returned to him.

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  2. Wow loving this plot more and more… loved Eric he ‘s the best torturer ever..Hope Naill doesn’t harm Sookie


  3. VictoryInTrouble says:

    God, why am I having all sorts of lustful reactions to the monster Eric became? This is awesome! You are so good at the weaving and twisting plots that make things so interesting. I wish I had half your talent for this.

    Liked by 1 person

    • idream3223 says:

      Because instinctively we want to save him…hold him…make it better. Thank you for the incredible compliment. I always worry that my plots are thin and predictable so your words mean a lot to me. Read on and love me more! I like it!! 😍

      Liked by 1 person

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