Gone Fishing

The Big Bang- Gone Fishing

In the nights that followed he was never far from her side. He worked to learn that structure of Brigant Industries and of Oklahoma. The more he learned the more impressed he was. Sookie was worth billions. She dismissed his comments, saying that it was easy when you had six hundred years to amass wealth. He was not fooled, he had longer and while his portfolio was diverse and he was wealthy in his own right, she rivaled him for savvy business investments. She knew when to get in, and when to get out and her finances showed it.

He also focused on learning her schedule, the layout of her primary residence and her other properties both in and out of her home state in case they needed retreat and sanctuary. Her real estate holdings were also vast and wide spread, many at the equator, where she could worship the sun in privacy and solitude. One stood out to him, first it was under another name, and it was not her usual alias’ that he had come to recognize with some humor.

In Oklahoma, she was Sookie Brigant, but in other places around the country and the world she was Susan Bryant, Sarah Bingham, Shelly Burns, but the one that piqued his interest was in his home state of Louisiana under Sookie Stackhouse. When he had asked she had said the Stackhouse family had been connected to Fintan, the details were unclear but when she had set about creating her alternate identities and hideaways it had seemed right that this be one of her names and that she own property in that state. Fintan had some strange affinity for Louisiana. Morgana had told her it had to do with the portal there that led to the Fae realm, but she had always wondered. A glimmer of her old self shining through she had teased him then.

“What would you have done if I had showed up one night at your bar in Shreveport, with some flouncy little country girl dress on and came up to you? Would you have danced with me?” Enjoying her mood he played back with her.

“Hmmm, I don’t know,” he said, looking her over from head to toe thoughtfully. “How flouncy?”

“Oh, cut up to here,” she touched a spot above her knee, “And down to here,” touching a spot deep in her cleavage. Raising a brow and appearing to consider a moment he asked for more detail.

“What color would this flouncy dress cut up to here, and down to here, be?” His had caressed her in the spots she indicated. Now she considered a moment.

“Red and white. I would look like warm inviting vampire bait.”

“Vampire bait?” he echoed.

“Best way to catch one. It’s all in the dress, you know?” For a moment he pictured her in the dress she described gracing Fangtasia. He saw her come up to his throne, the vermin parting way for her.

“Well, then I suppose you would have caught me, lover, but what then?” his hands had continued to wander on her body and she slid closer to him on the sofa in her office where they had been sitting side by side for hours going over paperwork and talking strategy.

“Well, with a big one like you on the hook, you have to give them their head, let them swim away a bit before you start to reel them in.”

“I see,” he said, pulling her onto him as he lay down, papers falling to the floor, forgotten.

“No, you don’t. You’ve never been fishing and hooked a big one” she teased laughingly as she traced patterns on his chest with her finger. In indignant look came up on his face.

“I will have you know that I was an excellent fisherman in my human days.”

“Catch many vampires back then did you?” A trace of smile appeared in the corner of his mouth, but he refused to give in and lose this game to her.

“No, I hunted much bigger quarry back then.”

“Bigger?” she asked her voice going up in surprise. Motioning to his long frame spread out beneath her, “I’m skeptical.” He looked insulted.

“I will show you sometime, the fish in my native land and then you will apologize to me. You will say, ‘Oh my sexy, darling vampire, light of my soul, please forgive me for ever doubting you!'”

“These must be some fish.”

“You have no idea. Did Pythia and Morgana never tell you of my fishing exploits?”

“Of course they did, that is how I got the idea to hook you with the red and white dress.” His eyebrow came up in askance. “They told me it was all about the bait. You had to have the right thing on the hook to catch the really big ones.” She was leaning in to kiss him then, her gaze on his lips which were still trying not smile. “I would have taken one look into your beautiful blue eyes and trusted you instantly.” Her tone was quiet now as she continued to slowly zero in on him. She had just reached her target when his phone buzzed in his pocket. He pulled it out, still kissing her a moment before looking at the text message.

Have you forgotten about us again? I can tell your mind is not in business.

“Pam,” he told her as he responded. Be there at midnight as agreed.

“Send her my love,” Sookie whispered, slowly continuing her gentle assault on his neck, moving up to his ear. Sookie says piss off, he typed before putting the phone back in his pocket. A moment later he felt Pam’s laughter in their bond. He as amazed at how well his Queen and his child got on together. Pam had arrived in Oklahoma a week ago, three nights after Sookie’s fight with the pack. They had met her at the private air strip where she disembarked Sookie’s personal jet her Louis Vuitton in hand, looking immaculate like always.

Sookie had arranged for a special cocktail of A positive with a dash of fairy blood thrown in for kick during Pam’s flight. She was slightly intoxicated when she arrived. She had walked up to them, set her bag down on the ground and nodding to Eric focused all her attention on the small blond woman at his side. Slowly, perusing her from head to toe, she sensuously licked her lips. “If this is torture, where is the signup sheet?”

“I left it in the car, but I have a good memory,” Sookie had fired right back not missing a beat. “Do you like whips, chains, or both?”

“Fuck Louisiana, I’m moving to Oklahoma where they know how to party!” It was love at first sight. Well, possibly lust on Pam’s part, but close enough.

He was more relieved than he would like to admit. They had settled her in at one of Sookie’s alternate properties, and were due there soon to bring Pam and other arrivals up to speed on the latest. Pam had been the first of Eric’s allies to arrive, but more were due soon, and as matter of policy and detente they were obligated to check in with and inform their vampire queen in residence.

Eric had seen Freyda several times at various vampire summits, but had not spoken to her directly before. Sookie had dealt with her on several occasions for intrastate supernatural matters and felt that with so many new vampires entering the state now was the time to recruit Freyda to their side. Sookie had also told him that Freyda had made it plain that she was very interested in taking Sookie as a lover. That thought pulled him back into the moment, and he caught his beautiful bonded bringing her in for a window rattling kiss before leaving her gasping for air. He moved on to her neck, peppering her with light baby kisses interspersed with questions.

“What if she insists in sealing the pact with a romp in the sheets?” The image of them together at once aroused his inner beast with lust and jealousy.

“Sometimes you have to make sacrifices,” she answered teasing him. He checked the bond to make sure.

“You are mine!” he renewed his efforts as punishment for her teasing.

“Methinks the gentleman doth protest a bit too much. I can tell that part of you likes the idea a lot.” Her hand caressed him through his jeans, making his hips thrust reflexively against her hand.

“What are you, some kind of telepath or something?” he asked, teasing her now.

“One needn’t be a telepath to tell what’s on your mind,” she served back before moving her lips back to his. She pulled back after a moment and continued to up the game. “I will tell you sometime of my adventures with Eleanor.” She dived in to kiss him again, leaving him dazed when she pulled back, a devilish smile on his lips.

“Roosevelt?!” he asked, trying to focus.

“Oh, that FDR was a real hoot!” He growled then ready to spring when he heard the car pull up outside. Playtime was over. The Vampire Queen of Oklahoma had arrived.


One of the fairy guards showed Freyda in and Eric said a silent prayer of gratitude for Sookie’s magic that protected both vampire and fairy inside her residence. He also noted that Sookie had masked her own scent, wiping it totally from the room, including her arousal from the game they had just been playing. All that was left was very watered down smell of her blood mixed with his. He relaxed inside. She had been teasing. She was going to make it plain to Freyda just who she belonged to, once and for all.

“Sookie,” Freyda called to her as came in. Eric saw her inhale and look at him, eyes flashing for a just a moment. She really did want Sookie for herself. Not a fucking chance, bitch. She is mine!

“Freyda, welcome. Thank you for coming. Please take a seat, we have much to discuss.”

Eric watched as Sookie explained their situation, showing photographs of the Fae and Vampire royalty that were aligned with Niall and the Ciar. When she was done Freyda looked quite pale. She turned to Eric. This was not unexpected. Some allies were won with swords and some through detente. How odd that I usually am the muscle, the thought before he stepped forward to confirm what Sookie had just told her.

“Your Majesty,” he said to Freyda coming to stand beside Sookie at her desk. “If the Ciar succeed it will mean the end of all species except the Fae. We do not know what tricks or lies have been used to win the other monarchs to their side, but I swear to you now, there is no other ending for this but our demise if we should fail to stop them.” Freyda sat a moment.

“Viking, your reputation precedes you, and your oath carries great weight among our kind. This more than anything else I have heard tonight gives me cause to stand with you, but we had heard that you had been sold into slavery by your maker. What proof do I have that this is the truth and not some deceit forced upon you by Oklahoma herself?” Sookie rose then to stand beside him and loosened more of the magic that suppressed her scent. Apparently, Freyda had missed the implications of what she had sensed upon entering the room.

His fangs snapped down, and he rose to his full height, “Oklahoma is mine!” he declared proudly, pulling Sookie close to him. Freyda’s eyes grew large, her expression disbelieving.


“Bonded,” Sookie repeated firmly. Freyda sat back in her chair, looking at them in shock and surprise. He felt Sookie stiffen a moment in his arms, and knew that she had heard something in the vampires mind. She smiled at Freyda, her fangs on full display. “You can try, but if you do, it will be the last fucking thing you ever do.” Freyda looked at her for a moment and then nodded her head in acceptance before rising.

“In times like these, it is good to have a telepath in your side. A telepath bonded to a vampire, even better. We are at your service, Brigant. Viking,” she acknowledged as she stood then and swept regally from the room. As soon as her car had left the drive he turned back to his mate.

“What was that about?”

“Hooking a big one.” She had that look on her face again, devilish humor that swept away his sanity. “First you hook them, then you give them their head and let them swim before you reel them back in. Then you club them and throw them into the boat. That,” she said moving to sit down behind her desk, propping her feet up, looking up at him,” was me clubbing her.” He looked at her through narrowed eyes. “What?” she asked doing her best to look innocent. Despite himself, he cracked up. She was maddening, and quite probably the best thing that had ever happened to him.

That was the moment he knew he was in love with her. Watching her feigned innocence crumble as she cracked up into giggles with him. She was amazing. His phone buzzed, and before he even looked he knew it was Pam.

I felt that!

He cracked up all over again.

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  1. Oh he has got it bad!

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  2. Oh goodness..Loved the reference of the white and red dress that Sookie wore at fangtasia, Pam and Sookie getting along..and who would believe that Freyda. the vampire Queen was infatuated with Sookie LOL


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