I Want One

The Big Bang- I Want One

Pam watched them enter side by side. She might be the Queen of Oklahoma but that alone told every vampire in the room that they were equals in this war. She felt something inside her unwind a little more. From the moment Eric had told her that he would be going to Oklahoma she had feared for her maker. They tried everything they could to get out of the contract, Appius had stood by feeling smug and watching them fail time and time again, his pleasure ramping up each time hope became fainter in Eric.

She could not understand how such a creature could have produced a master who was fair and at times loving to his child. By all rights, he should be the monster that his maker had tried for so long to make him. Perhaps that was it, he was rebelling. A thousand years of refusing to eat his vegetables, pick up his clothes, and do his homework. She amused herself so at times like this, but on some level she knew she was deflecting.

She had kept a watchful eye on the their maker-child bond from the moment he had boarded Oklahoma’s private jet. He had closed it off, of course, trying still to protect her from the rage, shame and pain that he knew were in his future. He had released her long ago, and he knew she stayed with him because she cared. Knowing that he had commanded her never to come to Oklahoma, no matter what. His expression at the time had told her that no matter what happened to him, he could take some comfort in knowing she was safe.

“Avoid Appius. He will leave when he realizes I have closed the bond and there is no misery here for him to dine on.” She had choked back her own pain, determined to make him proud. His maker would never feed on the anguish she felt at the loss of Eric. Just as he had thought, Appius had left the area a few days after his departure. She had ordered Talia to follow him. She tracked him to border of Mississippi but stopped there. Pam only cared that he was gone, not where he went.

Six nights. Her maker had been gone for six nights when she felt the bond burst to life and her phone rang. It took a moment to get past her own joy to realize that he was feeling it as well.

“Are you well, Pam?”

“Now I am.”

“Pack a bag, leave the bar in the care of Talia. Come to Oklahoma. Tell no one your destination.”

“The Queen?”

“No one. We are sending a plane to get you tomorrow night.


“Oklahoma and I.”

“You are well then, master?” Joy flared in the bond again. She had never felt anything like that from him before.

“Yes, Pam. See you tomorrow night.”

From the moment she set eyes on the tiny blond queen at his side, Pam had known that she was the source of Eric’s joy. Testing her mettle immediately, she found the queen’s quick responses and obvious loyalty to her master justified his feeling. Of course, the spiked beverage the queen had arranged on her flight, going that extra little mile to make her feel welcome spoke volumes, too. She was important to Eric, so she was important to Sookie.

She was easy on the eyes, too, which didn’t hurt matters. When they had arrived at the home where they were currently gathered, Sookie had presented her with a welcome gift that removed any lingering doubt. Louboutin’s and a new set of silver sia, handles covered of course. Tribute to the woman and the warrior that lived in her master’s child. It could have been love at first sight for Pam, if Eric weren’t so totally gone for her already.

I want one.

The first thought she had as she looked at the woman before her, shoes in one hand and weapon in the other. Sookie had smiled at her knowingly but said nothing. Discreet, too. They had known that Oklahoma could read minds and he had lamented once in his deepest despair before coming here that even his mind would not be safe from her. Appius had overheard and laughed a gleeful laugh to think of yet another way his progeny could be violated against his will. If he only knew. Appius would explode in rage to see his rebel child here, clearly happy, clearly in love and clearly in his element as he swept into the room and greeted the allies he had summoned to stand beside him in the battle to come.

Fuck you, Appius. You lose.

Eric greeted Ethan, King of England whom he had served centuries before, Lilliana, Queen of Scotland, and James, King of Ireland. Each monarch a former patron of her master, and a staunch ally, commanding hundreds of vampires that could stand with them when needed. He greeted them as friends and joined in with them reminiscing about their times from long ago. He introduced his bonded to them and she, ever the Queen, conjured refreshments for their guests, minus the added spike, Pam pouted as she sipped her perfectly warmed AB negative from a crystal champagne glass. They continued to chat as they waited for the rest of their guests to arrive.

A few moments later the door opened and several fairies entered the room. Sookie had provided rings for the vampires, like the one Eric wore, and so there was no danger of anyone losing control. At least not until Nevada entered the room. He scanned everyone quickly sizing up the room, noting the exits, demonstrating that despite his pretty wrapping he was a soldier of experience. His eyes moved over Pam as he scanned and then stopped, and moved back. She felt a tingle go up her spine that no ring could stop.

I want one.

He stared a moment and he started to smile when Sookie called his name, “Alcide, welcome! Come join us!” He looked at Pam once again, nodding slightly in her direction before joining in the introductions. He glanced back as conversation shifted from niceties to business. She felt the tug of her makers call and moved to join them as they went over the information they had gathered so far. Several of the Were they had recruited before her arrival had infiltrated the key Fae residences as house staff and had been feeding them intel. They were tasked with finding out the time table for Z-Pop and the second initiative. She found it difficult to concentrate and kept looking at the beautiful fairy, the King of Nevada, she corrected herself, as the talks went on. Luckily, she already knew most of what they were discussing.

I want one.

It was the only thought that she kept coming back, too. Except now it was more specific.

I want THAT one.

“Something on your mind, Pam?” Sookie asked her, that evil glint in her eyes that she had come to recognize as a sister to her own. Not one to be put down, ever, Pam responded immediately not pulling her punches.

“Yes, I think it would a great step toward improving inter species relation if the King of Nevada stepped away with me to my room for several hours.” Sookie giggled and looked at Alcide. There may not be much that Fae and Vampire have in common on the surface, but on the inside, they were kindred.

He stood taller, and looked directly at Pam, “I concur.” They left the room a few minutes later and before long, sounds of their improving relations filled the entire house. Eric was stone faced but Sookie could feel his shock and discomfort in the bond. She took his hand to soothe him and looked around the room at their other regal guests.

“Kids,” said with a smile and wink, “Whatcha gonna do?”


They emerged from Pam’s room several hours later, much more relaxed now. The other monarchs had already departed, their business complete for the time being. She could feel Eric’s satisfaction over the night’s negotiation and his own happiness and slight annoyance when they interrupted him and Sookie kissing on the sofa.

“Did we miss anything?” she asked, Alcide taking the chair across from them on the sofa and pulling her down onto his lap. Still kissing Sookie’s neck softly he spoke in between.

“We decided to pair up. Each species has advantages over the other and since we don’t know yet what they may throw at us, it is best to be prepared. You will go back to Nevada with Alcide. I assume you two find that arrangement suitable?” She looked at Alcide and he nodded. “The European monarchs brought information about The Iron Fist. Rumors about something coming soon, some kind of joint efforts in both Europe and North America.

“You are to seek information about that in addition to pursing information about the Ciar agenda. If we can determine a time table we will be in touch, for now though gathering information is our best weapon. You leave tonight.” He pulled back from Sookie’s neck then and kissed her softly on the lips, cupping her face and resting his forehead against hers for a moment. “I would speak with you before you leave.” Sookie rose then and motioned for Alcide to join her in the kitchen so they could talk. When they had left Eric stood and came over to her, kneeling at her feet, tucking her hair back behind her hear gently.

“I have missed you, Pam.”

“And I you, master.”

“What we are doing is dangerous and one or both of us could fall in the battles yet to come. Before you go, I want you to know that no maker has ever been as proud as I am of you, my child. You are infuriating, and aggravating and strong and smart and beautiful. I believe that you will come out the other side of this and go on for many centuries to come, but I wanted you to know. I should have told you sooner.” Pushing her own emotion back she chose to focus on him.

“What of you, master. Surely you do not worry for your own survival in this battle?”

“I believe that we will be victorious. That doesn’t take away my obligation as your maker to tell you the joy that you have brought to me all these nights since your making.” He had been looking into her eyes, bond wide open between them holding nothing back. It was the most open he had ever been with her. “Your fairy,” he asked her softly, “is it real do you think?” She shook her head.

“It’s too soon to tell.” He nodded and kissed her forehead softly.

“There are some things you need to know that Sookie and I have discovered together. If he shares blood with you, you can walk in the day.” Her eyes grew wide. “I have done it, several times now. We are not sure how long it lasts, so if you two decide to do it, experiment cautiously until you learn the way of it. If you care for each other this can be a great weapon against your enemies, but guard this secret well. Tell no one what you two can do, should you decide to do it.” She nodded her face serious and awed at the idea of the sun for the first time in so long. He hesitated then.

“Master?” she asked, touching his face softly.

“Your fairy, if it does turn out to be real, it can be quite wonderful, Pam. Unlike anything you have ever known before.” She felt his joy again and a single blood tear slipped down her cheek. She nodded and hugged him tightly.

“I will see you soon, Master.” He nodded and squeezed her a little bit tighter.

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5 thoughts on “I Want One

  1. Wow Alcide with Pam this is great !!!


  2. VictoryInTrouble says:

    Aww, that was so nice between Pam and Eric. He’s really in touch with himself now.

    Liked by 1 person

    • idream3223 says:

      This Eric is based on book Eric, so I am not sure that he was ever as disconnected as TB Eric. He always seemed calmer, unless he was fighting. Then he surrendurered and became much more passionate in all ways. This Eric was faulted only by his pride, book Eric thought that his ACTIONS should have been enough to show her how he felt. At least, that is what most of us think, based on what few references we have to it in the books. I try to write them different depending on where the story originates from for me the books or the show.


  3. Awww, sweet, infuriating, ridiculously overdressed Pammy. I’m excited to see her snark come out to play!


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