Previously on The Big Bang…

He [Eric] was about to ask her what she thought they should do next when he felt something ripple through the bond. His eyes turned back to her and he saw a look of absolute terror on her face for a second before she masked it, and tried to reassure him with a smile. She reached her hand out to him and he moved to her side instantly, pulling her into his arms.

“What is it? What’s wrong, Sookie?”

“Promise me, promise me that you will fight, Eric. That no matter what you won’t let them win! Promise me!” her body was now lighting up in his arms.

“What’s going on, Sookie?” he was frantic now as he felt her start to disappear, he held on tighter, trying to go with her, but was unable. She kissed him then, holding his face in her hands for a moment before her caress was too light to feel.

“I love you, Eric,” she whispered and then in a blinding flash of light she was gone. He was alone.


The Big Bang- Interception

Oh, Sookie, you fucked up.

It was the only thought running through her mind over and over from the moment she had faded away from Eric. She saw it all in an instant and she had been so wrong. She thought that Niall would keep playing shadow games with her until she got to the gala that was only a few days away. She thought she would face him then and let the chips fall where they may. She thought she had time.

But Niall wasn’t going to wait.

Oh, Sookie you fucked up.

She felt him summoning her in her blood, and there was nothing she could do but let him take her. She could fight when she arrived, and she would right to her last breath, her last drop of blood, but she could not deny the pull of her kin, especially one as ancient and powerful as her grandfather. As part of mind chastised her arrogance and short sightedness she was changing in transit. The purple glow that surrounded her lasted for seconds before she started to materialize in the New Orleans offices of Dreamscapes Unlimited, but the Sookie that left Nevada was not the one that arrived. In those seconds she had called her swords to her and she landed in battle crouch ready to meet her death in trying to cause Niall’s.

He was standing before her, unarmed and was about to say something to her when she felt herself being teleported again, called by the blood in her veins. She had a moment to see the surprise on Niall’s face and then she was lost in the purple again. When she landed this time, still in a battle stance and ready to start cutting she found herself in Fae, face to face with her grandmother Morgana and Pythia, the Ancient Pythoness.

“Lower you blades child, we mean you no harm,” Morgana came forward to embrace her tightly. “I have missed you,” she whispered in Sookie’s hair before she released her, letting Pythia take her turn.

“Welcome, Sookie,” Pythia said holding her close for a moment before stepping back.

“What just happened?” Sookie asked, re-sheathing her blades and looking around, not quite out of battle mode yet.

“Niall summoned you, and we intercepted.”

“But how? How could you take me from him?” Morgana smiled.

“Niall’s isn’t the only blood in your veins, my dear.”

“But, he is stronger than you, and you know it.” Pythia smiled.

“Yes, but he isn’t stronger than both of us, and as Morgana said, his isn’t the only the blood in your veins now.”

“What do you mean?”

“Now, in addition to Morgana, and Niall, you have mine as well,” Pythia explained, smiling at her god-daughter.

“What? The only other blood I have had is Er-” she stopped then, her eyes growing large.

“Yes, The Viking is the third generation of my line,” Pythia confirmed her realization. Sookie felt the bottom of her stomach drop out. All of the stories they had told her, and not once had this been mentioned. Eric was the direct line progeny of Pythia. Her mind started whirling as she tried to work out what that might mean, why they hadn’t told her before, and just why in the hell they were telling her now.

“I saw this long ago, child. I knew that Niall would try and take you from Eric and I knew that we had to be ready. I came to Fae and Morgana and I prepared the necessary magics to pull you here and keep him from following until we had a chance to speak.”

“There is more?” Sookie asked, her shock evident in her tone.

“Much more and we have little time to cover it all. Come, there are things that must be done first.”


Sookie could feel her power restoring the longer the stayed in Fae. It was one of the reasons that they all had to come home from time to time. Her last visit had been long ago, and when she had channeled the energy of the earth to save the Were she had given too much of herself. She knew she should have come home then, but she couldn’t risk it. There was too great a danger of being trapped here, and too much that still needed to be done. Those were the practical reasons, but the big truth under them was that she had not wanted to leave Eric.

Morgana sat her on comfortable chair on one of the palace balconies and handed her a glass of water from the sacred springs of Fae that ran under the Palace of Aeon. They held restorative powers that would boost her strength and help her heal faster while she was here. She drank it greedily, taking the glass in several gulps. The taste reminded her of Eric’s ancient and powerful blood. He had been supporting her waning energy for weeks, and she had been about to tell him that she had over extended herself in reviving the Were, when they had responded to Pam’s call in their bond.

She had tried to hide it, but he knew her too well and was tied to her too tightly for that ruse to be successful. She knew he was worried, but she kept telling herself that his blood would do the trick, she just needed to rest. She justified this to herself because there was nothing more than he could do that share his blood. She saw no point in adding to his worries .

“More,” she asked them passing back the empty glass and reaching eagerly for the next, continuing to gulp, her mind a jumble of thoughts.

Oh, Sookie, you fucked up.

She came to realize just how far gone when she was on her fourth glass and felt herself start to level out. I should have told him. I would have been so mad at him if he had kept something like this from me. There was a lot she had to make up for, and now that was back to her old self she didn’t plan to keep him waiting for the explanations and apologies that he had coming. Setting the now empty glass on the table near her she turned to Morgana and Pythia and waited for them speak.

“I saw you, child, when you killed and then resurrected the Were. It was a vision that granted to me a thousand years ago, before you were even born, and one that I have never forgotten. You were beautiful,” Pythia’s voice was filled with emotion, and Morgana reached out to take her hand and squeeze it gently, offering her vampire sister her support as she worked to find the voice to continue.

“But that means,” Sookie said, picking up the thread, “that this was always going to happen, just like this and you always knew,” her voice was filled with awe and some trace of recrimination. “Why didn’t you stop it before it got this far?”

“The greatest curse I have is not to see the future, it is to know that some horrible things must happen and that I must let them.” Morgana squeezed her hand again.

“But why? You could have saved so many lives that have already been lost!” Pythia shook her head.

“No, my dear. But I don’t expect you to understand. You see from one set of eyes, one perspective. I see from many at all times. I see not only the things that were, are and might be, I see the end of each thread once the course if locked in. As horrible as this is, you will have to trust me that this thread is the only hope that any of us have. You are the only hope that any of us have.”

No pressure, Sookie, she thought.

“What must I do?” she asked, accepting again as she had before that this battle would take her life and she would consider it worth it, well worth it. Before either Morgana or Pythia could answer there was a loud thunderous noise that rolled through all of Fae. It was like a fist knocking on a door, it was like thunder telling of an oncoming storm. “Niall!” Sookie jumped up and drew her swords again. Pythia laughed.

“No, child, that is The Viking, calling you home.”

“Eric?” she asked looking up at the noise rolling through the sky as if she could see him or he could hear her.

“Yes, he has come with Alcide to find you and can’t cross the barrier that we erected to keep Niall out.”

“Eric,” she whispered, tears pooling in her eyes as she saw the image of him in her mind. The thunderstorm the first night he came to Oklahoma, the first dawn when he saw the sun for the first time in a thousand years and she felt something in the middle of her crack open and bleed. She needed to get back to him.

“He is filled with rage and great pain at your loss,” Pythia told her.

“I need to get back to him! Now!” she turned to them ready to go.

“And you will child but first we must make sure that Niall can’t pull this trick again. Morgana rose then and came to Sookie.

“Turn around,” she said, ” and lower your top.” Sookie quickly did as she asked, anything to get back to Eric. She felt Morgana place her hand on her shoulder and then there was pain. So much pain that she fell to her knees and screamed, filling the sky as Eric had just moments before. When she pulled her hand back from Sookie’s skin there was a runic symbol burned into her flesh. “This marking will prevent Niall from being able to sense you in his blood. You must let it heal before sharing blood with your Viking again, otherwise his blood will remove the mark.” Sookie nodded, and pulled her shirt back over the mark, wincing slightly as it rubbed the mark and the sensitized flesh around it.

Pythia leaned forward then and began to speak in earnest. “You must listen to what I am about to tell you, Sookie. Everything will hang in the balance and depend on how well you listen and prepare for what is to come.” She spoke quickly, and Sookie forced her need for Eric back so she could listen. Her eyes grew large and she shook her head several times in denial of the things that she was told, but by the end she understood what had to be done and she was ready to do it.

“We will see you soon, Sookie. You and Eric both. Be ready.” Sookie nodded and hugged both of the women who had raised her, knowing that she would see them at least one more time before this was over.

“I love you,” she told them both, kissing each woman on the cheek softly before stepping back and nodding to them. “I’m ready now.” They smiled back at her and clasped hands to support each other as they watched her disappear back to the other realm, back to her Viking and the days of what must come.

“We did all we could,” Pythia reassured Morgana, squeezing her hand gently. Morgana nodded, tears running down her face.

“I know, I know. I just hope it was enough.” Pythia did not reply. Threads shifted all the time, and despite the best laid plans, sometimes things did not go the way you hoped. There was nothing they could do now but wait and see.


Time moves more quickly in Fae than on the earthly realm. What had been a brief time for Sookie had been two nights for Eric. He had offered Hamilton and Coleman a chance to spy for the Albho, which had been endorsed by Alcide, who regardless of his current status as vampire, was still the Fae King of Nevada. Coleman, realizing what would happen to this world and its residents and the error that he had made in trusting the very man who was threatening his family had agreed to spy for them.

Hamilton, confronted with his beloved King now made vampire had been slower to come around. Eventually though, Coleman and Alcide both had helped him to see that this was the result of Niall and the Ciar and while it may not be something that Hamilton was comfortable with, there were worse fates awaiting many others in this world if Niall succeeded. “I will fight with you, my King, until I can avenge what has befallen you by stopping Niall, The Iron Fist and the Ciar. You have my loyalty until that is done. I swear this on my blood.”

“That’s the spirit!” Eric said slapping him on the back, harder than necessary but his whiney ass had plucked Eric’s last nerve over the past hour. “Swear it on the blood! We’ll make a vampire out of you, yet!” He couldn’t resist pulling his chain.

“Not fucking likely,” Hamilton had shot back at him. Turning to Pam and Alcide he made a decision that he knew neither one of them was going to like very much.

“Pam, you will remain here with Alcide.” She said nothing, she had expected it.

“Now wait-” Alcide tried to override him but he was done babysitting.

“The decision is made. I order it as her maker, and you need her here as yours. With Sookie gone, I am now in charge of this fight from her front, and I want Pam here to help you through your adjustments so that you remain a viable leader on the second front. This is not open for discussion.” Alcide growled at him, dropping fang.

Eric raised an eyebrow at him, conveying his opinion of Alcide’s baby fangs without having to speak a word. Alcide put his fangs away. Eric then turned to Coleman. “What is the most effective way to return you to the fold? Should we heal you?” Coleman thought it over and nodded. Eric moved closer and opened his wrist, offering it to Coleman, who took a deep breath and swallowed. After two sips, Eric pulled back and watched the effects on Coleman’s ravaged face. He was healed in minutes. “I can feel you now, Coleman. If you fuck with us, I will make good on my threats. Do you understand?”

“I understand that you would enjoy killing my family,” Coleman spat back at him, rage showing in his eyes.

“No,” Eric corrected shaking his head. “I would enjoy making you do it.” Coleman shivered again.

“I will keep my word, vampire. See that you do.” Coleman then lit up and teleported away. Eric felt him move south and stay fixed. We will see, he thought turning back to Alcide.

“Can a vampire get a lift back to Oklahoma?”


Alcide teleported him and Pam to the entrance of Sookie’s primary residence, and took a step back to go, taking Pam’s arm, clearly not wanting to touch her, but having no choice. The pain from her in the bond was pounding at Eric’s insides. He turned back to look at them, sighing. A reaction that he had learned from Sookie.

“Pam, no matter what else, you are a maker now. That means that sometimes you have to put your own feelings aside and think of your child first. I know that you can do this. I believe in you.” She stood straighter, and he felt her tuck her pain away, accepting the responsibility that she now had, focusing on that instead. “And you,” he turned to Alcide, “Try to be less of an asshole whenever you can.” Alcide opened his mouth to smart back and then stopped, dropping his head and then coming back up with a crooked grin that said he saw Eric’s point. He nodded and then he and Pam teleported away.

Eric sighed again, looking up at the night sky. Where are you, Sookie? He thought, reaching out to her again in the bond, and getting nothing as he had since she had disappeared. He opened the door and moved into the marble foyer, memories of the first time he had come through that door flooding his mind. It seemed so long ago, and like just a moment ago at the same time. He was just about to climb the staircase to his room when John Quinn approached him.

“Where is the Queen?” Something in his tone just pissed Eric off, and he turned around dropping his fangs and growling at the fairy captain. “What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” Quinn asked him, anger rising in his voice. Not having the energy to go through it all, and still not certain that Quinn could be trusted he turned and started climbing the stairs again. “Hey! I asked you a question! Where is the Queen?” Eric was about to turn around and remove his fucking head from his body when he suddenly felt the bond flare to life in his chest and he heard her voice from the top of the stairs above him.

“I’m right here.” Eric’s head flipped around at vampire speed to behold his beloved Sookie smiling at him. “Is there a problem?” she asked, her smile getting bigger as she took him in from head to toe.

“Not anymore,” he said, speeding to her side and crushing her lips to his.

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  1. Loved the fact that Sookie was brought before Morgana and AP…AP is Eric’s grandsire well well I didn’t see that one coming


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