My Goddess

The Big Bang- My Goddess

Sookie followed the bond to the King Of Nevada’s residential office. Pam yelling was the first thing she heard.


“Look, we don’t owe you anything, vampire! The fact that I am telling you anything at all is just a courtesy.” She launched herself at the fairy screaming.


“PAMELA!” Eric’s voice stopped her in her tracks. Sookie left his side to move between Pam in the guard. Placing herself right in his face, her eyes lighting up.

“What say you show me some courtesy, Hamilton?” The guard stepped back, immediately falling to his knees, head down.

“Majesty. I did not know you were here.”

“STOP WASTING TIME AND TELL ME WHERE ALCIDE IS!” Pam was definitely losing her patience. The guard looked at her with contempt on his face before flicking his eyes back to Sookie, his expression changing instantly.

“Majesty, the King had a late appointment tonight and we did not expect him until around six. When he was late I called the guard that is with him during the day and got no answer. Since then we have determined that he was taken on the road home, his car abandoned, no trace of him or his guard. We have been searching, but as of yet-“

“They haven’t found a fucking thing,” Pam finished for him. Her voice might have been quieter now, but her tone still said this guy’s days were numbered if they didn’t turn up something, and fast.

“Who can I talk to that will have more information?” Sookie pressed him. “Who was his last appointment with? Where? Did you find his phone in the car?” The guard looked like he was under fire her questions were coming so fast.

“His executive assistant might know more, we have left messages. His last appointment nor its location were known to us. There are many things that they King does not share with us these days.” His eyes flicked to Pam again.

“Leave us,” Sookie’s tone brooked no argument. Alcide was a known member of the Fae community, and while the general populace did not know he was royalty, they knew that he was involved in the projects that she and her grandfather orchestrated. His specialty was civil engineering, architecture and design, building a better future for the planet by designing factories and buildings that melded to environment rather than destroying it. He was heavily engaged in several of Sookie’s current initiatives in Africa and South America, and of course he was her second in command for the Albho. Any of those were good enough reasons to take him.

She turned to Pam and was about to speak when Eric appeared beside her and shook his head, pointing to his ear. This room is under electronic surveillance. She pulled the thoughts from his mind effortlessly. She turned and stepped back out into the hall, summoning the guard she had just dismissed. “Eric is going to search the house to look for anything that might help us find the king. Inform the other guards.” He nodded looking none too pleased. She rolled into his mind like an ocean wave to determine what the cause of his discomfort might be.

Damn vampires. I can’t stand them, never could and now the king has taken one into his bed. Like that won’t end badly. If he hadn’t been taken while the bitch was dead, she would be my top suspect. Maybe she glamoured someone into taking him so that we wouldn’t suspect her! She could be having him held somewhere right now. If Oklahoma hadn’t showed up I would have made her talk!

Sookie rolled her eyes and turned away, motioning for Eric to make a sweep of the residence. While he was gone she moved to Pam and pulled her into her arms. There was nothing they could say in this room that would not be overheard but she could show her concern in this way. Pam was stiff in her arms at first and then relaxed into the hug.

I can’t lose him, not after I just found him! We haven’t had enough time yet! When I find who did this I am going to rip their guts out with my bare hands!

Her thoughts were graphic but Sookie understood completely. If someone dared to touch Eric, they would know pain that they would take with them from this life to beyond. She flashed for a moment in her visit with Freyda several weeks ago.

She obviously has an affinity for vampire. I should kill the Viking and then I could have her for myself.

Rage filled her again, as it had in that moment. Let her try to touch him. Just fucking let her try! While the meeting had seemed to go well at the end she did not trust Freyda with her precious Viking not for a second. Pam pulled back from her embrace, bringing her attention back to the moment. Eric entered in that moment and took a piece of paper from the desk. Grabbing a pen he told them that he had found five other listening devices in the house, in the master bedroom, bathroom, living room, library and the garage had a camera in addition to a listening device. The level of dust on them indicated that they had been in place for several weeks at least. Sookie took the pen.

Your room? To Pam. She shrugged and led the way, Eric and Sookie following close behind. When they entered Eric did a quick check of the light tight room that Alcide had built for her as soon as they had arrived at his house. The keypad entry lessened the chance that anyone had been able to get a listening device into this room of the house. Eric cleared them to speak a few moments later.

“What’s been happening here, Pam?” They had spoken every few days since Alcide and Pam had departed Oklahoma for Las Vegas, and everything had seemed fine. Clearly they had missed a few things. Pam gathered herself and tried to think about the past few days.

“Alcide told me last night that he thought he had a lead on The Iron Fist and what they were planning. He said one of his clients had called and said that he found something out about the company he works for, but wouldn’t say anything else over the phone. Alcide told me later that he thought he had evidence that the Fist was being funded by one of the Fortune 500 companies that had taken a hit after the Reveal. Maybe more than one. He thought if he could find out who then he could find out what they were planning.”

“So, his meeting tonight was with the contact?” the tone of his voice indicating that he was still in some distress from his bond with Pam. She nodded.

“Someone named Paul Conard, from Conard Construction. They were supposed to meet for drinks on the strip.”

“I know, Conard,” Sookie spoke up then. “I met him at a presentation I did last year. We talked about different materials they could use if they wanted to work with Brigant on some of our international jobs. He spoke of how these materials were more expensive and he wasn’t sure he could maintain his business and provide what Brigant required.”

“What happened?” Eric asked

“We parted amicably but his company lost a fortune when Brigant selected another company to do business with one who was willing to accept the initial losses for the bigger gains that would come later.”

“You think Conard took him, Sookie?” Pam was up and ready to go

“Maybe. We have to consider though, where in the house did Alcide tell you about this appointment?”

“His office,” Pam slumped again as she realized that this could have been just an opportunity or that it could the people that Conard wanted to talk about. Too many unknowns. Eric spoke then in an effort to console Pam and chart out what they should do next. Sookie knew what he was going to say before he did and she didn’t need to read his mind. They worked that well together now.

“Pam and I will go to the site he was taken from to see what we can pick up.”

“And I will read the guards and house staff to see if one of them planted the listening devices.” He nodded, moving to kiss her.

“I haven’t forgotten what we were talking about when all this went down. We will be talking about it later.” She nodded and kissed him like he was going off to war, which in a way he was.

“You be careful out there, until we know more we are all at risk.” he nodded and in a blink he and Pam were gone.


Sookie found Hamilton on the phone in Alcide’s office. She motioned for him to join her and led him to Pam’s room.

She closed the door and turned to him, her eyes glowing. “Did you know this house was bugged?”

“What?” She listened then. What the fuck is she talking about? We sweep for bugs twice a week! “No, we sweep for bugs twice a week.”

“Who? Who sweeps?” Understanding dawned in Hamilton’s eyes now. Logan.

“Logan sweeps.” Logan has been acting funny for weeks now, I knew something was up with him.

“Fairy?” Sookie asked, her tone deadly cold. Hamilton nodded. “Part of the royal staff?” He nodded again.

“Logan covers the royal residences and the corporate offices.”

“And you never suspected that he was planting more than he was sweeping?”

“No. Well…I uh…I thought something was off when he came back from vacation about a month ago. But when I asked him he said everything was fine and I let it drop.” Hamilton looked very remorseful and angry, which his thoughts told Sookie was mostly at himself.

“Can you get him here? Tell him that we think there might be something going on and we need his expertise?” Her tone told him he answer had better be yes. He pulled his cell phone out and dialed. The call went to voicemail.

“Logan, this is Hamilton. We have a situation. Call me.”

“Does he usually answer your calls?”

“Yes, he knows when I call it’s serious.”

“Do you know where he lives?”

“Sure, ten minutes from here, about a mile off the strip in a subdivision.”

“Get your keys.” Moving toward he door he froze when Sookie spoke.

“One more question.” He turned back to her. “Where did Logan take his vacation?”

“New Orleans, he has a big thing for jazz.” Sookie’s eyes turned to fire.

“Tell no one. Say nothing outside this room. I will meet you downstairs in five minutes.” Hamilton hurried out. Sookie was unsure if Eric had his phone and she knew that she didn’t have hers. She closed her eyes and called her mobile to her. If he failed to answer she would try Pam. He picked up on the first ring. A minute later she hung up and moved toward the door.


When he ended the call he turned to Pam and told her that Sookie had a lead she was following. They were on the side of the road where Alcide had been taken. His car had already been removed but they already knew what they had come to find out. There were signs of a struggle and the scent of fairy blood hung thick in the air. They had placed him in another vehicle and the trail ended a few hundred feet down the road from the abduction.

“THOSE BASTARDS!” Pam screamed out her anguish into the night. Eric was struck with the thought that he had never seen her like this, in all their time together, Pam was the epitome of cool and control. To see her undone like this was…unsettling. “That’s Alcide’s blood!” She was shaking with rage now. “We need to go meet Sookie at the fairy’s house!”

“We will, but first you must gather yourself, Pam. If you in there like this so out of control you will kill him before we can find out anything.”


“First I would find her, and then I would indulge my bloodlust.” His calm reasoning tone seemed to get through to her and she stepped back, working to put her mask in place. After a moment, she stood before him composed and ready. He could still feel her rage though and he pitied the being it was finally unleashed on. Like maker like child, he thought.

“So, it’s real then?” he asked her the same thing he had asked her in Oklahoma a few weeks ago.

“Yes, and it’s everything you said it would be. That is why I have to find him.” Eric nodded, sending her comfort through their tie.

“I understand.”


Eric followed the bond to Sookie and he and Pam arrived at the same time she and Hamilton at Logan’s house. As one the four of them moved to the door. About ten feet away Eric spoke.

“Blood. Fairy blood. Lots of it.” Sookie checked to make sure both her vampires had their rings on before starting to move again. Hamilton took point, kicking in the door. A large pile of dust told them that Logan was no longer at home. His blood however had been used to paint the walls, literally. Someone had had a party before they drained him. They had used his blood to draw strange images on the walls of his home.

“Vampire,” Eric confirmed her question that she didn’t even need to ask.

“But why? Isn’t that a waste?” He shook his head grimly.

“When a vampire ingests pure Fae blood they sometimes lose control and do stupid things, like a college student on a drinking binge. They used to come Fangtasia all the time. However, I never let it get to this level.”

“Do you recognize the vampire?” He inhaled deeply.


“Please “drunk co-ed” is too good for that bumbling asshole,” Pam chimed in, sounding more like herself than she had all night. Despite her relief at Pam’s recovery, Sookie was still all business.

“Can you track him, Eric?”

“Only from here to the curb. He got into a car when he left.” She moved deeper into the house then.

“I think I can track him if we move fast.” She moved deeper into the house then and placed her hand in Logan’s blood on the wall. Her eyes closed and she lit up for a moment. Hamilton and Pam were anxiously waiting to see what would happen next, not having a clue what she was doing but Eric knew. She thought she could track Logan’s blood that now resided in Compton to his location. He was struck again by her tenacity and her beauty as she worked to find Alcide. There was no way he could ever tell her how much he loved her in that moment, in all the moments they shared. His love for her made him feel hollow inside and full all at once.

“I got it,” she said pulling back from the wall and walking out to the yard. She turned to face them. “We’re going right to Compton. I don’t’ know where he is, or who he is with, and I don’t know if Alcide is even with him. I need you all be ready when we arrive. We will have surprise on our side, but that will only last a moment. Understand?” They all nodded, Pam dropped her fangs, hell shining in her eyes, and Hamilton drew his service revolver and short silver knife he kept strapped to his ankle. She looked at Eric, locking gazes with him, a deadly look on her face. His fangs dropped as well and she smiled the coldest deadliest smile he had ever seen. “We need Compton alive if possible for information, but not at the expense of one of us. Kill them all of you have to.”

I love you, my goddess, he sent to her. She winked at him.

“I love you, too,” she said as she lit up and they all disappeared from Logan’s finely manicured lawn.

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3 thoughts on “My Goddess

  1. Well Compton is involved in some way..I guess Naill ordered him to take Alcide…Seeing Pam lose her”shit” is great She’s in love…


  2. VictoryInTrouble says:

    “Hell shining in her eyes.” — someone better watch the fuck out! She is going to go psychotic on someone! (preferably Compton)


  3. Great to see our Pammy back in full force!


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