The Big Bang- Perspective

Moments, really important moments that change your existence, happen fast, and they happen slowly. It’s all about perspective. From the outside you might see a car crash happen and perceive it to be only a matter of seconds, but if you happen to be the one in the car, those seconds actually last for an indeterminate time. They slow, and things that are perceived from inside the event last much longer.

When Alcide’s most trusted guard Coleman had driven his car into a ditch and turned to spray lemon juice in his face things had started to move slow. He felt his skin burn, and he felt someone hit him on the head and he felt himself being dragged from his car to another. They placed a bag over his burning face and spoke in hush whispers around him but he wasn’t listening. Later, he might recall what he heard, but now he was still in the car as it ran into the ditch, still feeling the lemon juice burn his skin and eyes, still regretting the things that he should have done that he had not.

He had never told Pam that since the moment he had seen her in Oklahoma he had felt like the missing piece of his life had slipped into place. He had thought he knew what happiness was when he had been with Sookie, but no matter how hard he had tried to love her, there had been something missing between them. He should have hated her for denying him all the things they could have had together, but if he were honest a little part of him had always been relieved when she turned him down. He could see now in these slow moments of clarity that what he had thought was passion was going through the motions. He and Sookie made sense to him. It was logical, but logic did not a passionate union make.

His careening uncontrollable relationship with Pamela Ravenscroft made zero sense to him. Despite that fact, they fit. They fit in ways that he had never fit with anyone else ever. From the moment he laid eyes on her in Oklahoma she pushed him. She challenged him, dared him to match her in fearlessness and freedom. From the moment she had first spoken he had reveled in her frank and blatant honesty. Pam didn’t play games, and for Alcide, that kind of direct honesty and passion was a balm for his weary soul. He was nearly six hundred years old and he had spent most of that trying to guess what was going on in the mind of one woman or another. Pam left no room for guesses. She knew what she wanted and she asked for it, in some cases demanded it. He had never had a satisfactory partner in or out of the bedroom. She had proven herself to be his equal in all ways, while still seeking whatever was next, whatever was more between them.

In his private moments while she rested for the day he often let his mind wander to what might happen when the Ciar threat had been resolved. Would she stay with him? Would they have time to explore what they might be without this invisible ax over their heads.

What had he been waiting for? It had been on his lips a thousand time to tell her. Most recently the night before when after all the planning and plotting had been done and they had retired to her room for some relaxation.

“You have so much on your mind, my fairy. So much worry and trouble on your handsome brow. Perhaps you would let me ease your troubled mind for a while?,” she had said with a wicked glint in her eye as she dangled a pair of fuzzy pink handcuffs. His body had responded immediately when she had restrained him to the bed moments later lighting some candles around the room with her vampire speed returning to him naked with one of them in her hands. “Ever play with candles, Alcide?” Her tone pure sex and he had moaned helplessly as she sat astride him and unbuttoned his shirt slowly, one button at a time. As each button came down, she placed a soft kiss on his chest and dropped a single drop of hot wax where her she had just kissed him. It was exquisite, so intense that he started to struggle.

“You’re mine now,” she whispered, continuing down his body with the same pattern. “No thoughts, no worries, no control, just me. Let me take care of you.” he had surrendered to her in that moment and she had taken him to places he had never dreamed of as she unbuttoned his pants and dribbled hot wax down his thighs while she took him into his her cool mouth, swallowing all of him, the contrast between her mouth and the hot wax making it hard for him not to explode when he felt the back of her throat close around him. She had moaned then, refusing to let him go, but reminding him that she was in charge here. The sound vibrations took over and he released in her mouth screaming her name.

Not one to give up she had continued to stimulate him with her mouth and hands after blowing out the candle until he was rock hard again. “Oh, my,” she said, sitting back and looking at his erection thoughtfully. “What ever will we do now?” Rising from the bed she placed the key to the handcuffs in his hands and walked over to her dresser. She slid up onto the top and slipped her hand down between her thighs, in a moment she was moaning and panting, on the edge of her own release.

He had been frantically trying to get the handcuffs off to get to her, when she spoke between moans. “If you can get over here before I come, I’ll let you fuck me any way you want. If, oh, if you don’t make it then…oh..” her voice trailed off as her head went back lost in her own pleasure. The sounds that she was making were making him insane. Without thinking he lit up and popped across the room, leaving the bed and the handcuffs behind. Before she knew what was happening he had her flipped around and he was buried inside her just as she peaked. He rode out her orgasm pumping hard into her as she pulsated around him chanting his name over and over again. He saw her face locked in ecstasy in the mirror on the dresser and pushed his body harder to keep that look on her face. She was radiant and he wanted it to last forever. His hand moved down to caress her as she had done just a moment before and she exploded again, rocking back against him mindless now, begging him not to stop, to never stop.

I don’t ever want to stop, now it’s was too late to tell her. The lemon juice had weakened him too much to teleport away from his captors and no one knew where he was, not even Pam. Sookie had told him on the kitchen the night they had met some of the benefits that could be shared between them if they exchanged blood. As attracted to her as he had been then, and in the days that followed he had hesitated to take that step. Another regret that it was too late to do anything about.

If he had not been so reserved, so cautious, they would have shared blood and she would be able to track him now. He could have given her the gift of the sun that Sookie told him she had shared with Eric. He had been a fool. A slow stupid old fool to not listen to his heart rather this his brain. At the time, he had written it off as his cock talking, and thought that he was making the best decision for them both. He had just met Pam, their relationship wasn’t like Sookie and Eric’s. She had wanted him since she was old enough to even know what that meant. He had watched her struggle with it for years, even when they had been together. When he had finally seen them together he knew that at long last she had what she had been waiting for, and she hadn’t been afraid to give herself over to it. He had held back with Pam thinking it was too new to make that kind of commitment. The future was too uncertain for them. She might not want to be tied to him with blood.

I am a fool, a thought again. I am so sorry, Pam, for so many things.

Someone jerked the bag off his head and blinked, trying to see his captors. The juice had burned his eyes and they wouldn’t focus but he recognized Coleman, his driver and he could tell that there were two humans in the room as well.

“He’s perfect,” one of the humans said. “So pretty and famous. We’ll show them once and for all what these bastards really are!”

“Yeah!” the second one chimed in coming closer to Alcide. “Show me your pretty ears, pretty boy. Show me those fangs you keep hidden! I want to see them up close for myself before we show the world what stars your kind really are!” Is this guy kidding? Alcide thought just seconds before he felt the human push a fresh lemon wedge into his mouth. He tried to scream around it but found that trying to pull the air only pulled the juice down into his throat and lungs, setting him on fire from the inside out. So, sorry Pam, he thought again, barely hanging on to consciousness, seeing her beautiful face in his mind as she smiled her seductive smiles at him. So, sorry.

Distantly, he felt someone else enter the room. Vampire.

“What the fuck are you doing?” she screamed. “You will kill him if you keep this up!”

“We want to see his ears,” one of the humans told her.

“If you don’t get that fucking lemon out of his mouth I will rip yours off!” A second vampire entered the room then and made a beeline for him.

“Stop!” the female yelled, grabbing him by the arm. “You’ve had enough fairy blood tonight, William!”

“NO! I WANT MORE!” he was struggling. She sighed in frustration as the male fought her grasp. Guess I am not the only one having a tough night, Alcide thought.

“William, as you maker I command you to not attack a fairy or drink from one again, ever.” He slumped in her grasp.

“Ever?” he sounded like a small petulant child. His maker didn’t answer, dropping him to the floor in disgust.

“I told you to get that fucking lemon of his mouth. If I say it again, I am going to kill you all and take it out my fucking self. People want to talk to him, he has vital information that he will not be able to share if you damage his ability to speak!”

“Hey, what do guys mean, ‘enough fairy blood for one night’? And what’s with this ‘as your maker, shit?” If he hadn’t been in so much pain he would have laughed. You assholes did say you wanted to see some fangs. “I don’t know what kind of weird shit you’re into but we just want to show the world that the Fae are not what they claim to be.” The human was backing away now, as the female got closer to him. He heard her fangs snap down.

“Yes, I am well aware of what The Iron Fist wants, and my master has promised you may have it, AFTER he has had a chance to question the prisoner.” Coleman, who had been quiet up to now finally spoke.

“You will have to glamour them, vampire.” The female turned to him.

“You don’t tell me what to do, fairy.”

“Maybe not, but unless you want vampires to become the second check box on The Fist’s to do list, you need to do some damage control, now.”

“VAMPIRES? HOLY FUCK! VAMPIRES ARE REAL, TOO?” The humans were scrambling to escape the room now, Alcide and his pointy ears forgotten completely. Unfortunately the lemon wedge had been forgotten as well. He could feel his tongue and lungs burning away as he saw the shadowy figure of the female move across the room and grab the humans and then things slowed down again.

“Look into my eyes…” her voice faded away as the room lit up and in slow motion with his bleary vision he saw the cavalry arrive, a single thought rising as he gave in and let the darkness take him away.


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  1. Great chapter from Alcides point of view…Lorena and Bill what jackasses they are…


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