Proving The Existence of A Higher Power


The Big Bang- Proving the Existence of a Higher Power

He followed her into the elevator, scanning the main floor for threats and escape routes. It was what he would have done even if he were there alone. You didn’t survive by entering into a new place blind. Anyone could turn on you at any minute, he had learned that the hard way. He stepped in front of her just as the doors open, looking for threats in the hall and then led the way out. “Room 3223,” she whispered following closely behind. He had the sneaking suspicion she was looking at his rear as she trailed him, and while he was still on watch for potential threats he couldn’t help but be amused when she giggled behind him, confirming his suspicion. “Well, you could hardly blame me,” she whispered again. She produced an electronic key card to the suite and let him open the door and enter first.

The room was breathtaking. Decorated in shades of turquoise and blue. There were several large white vases in the corners holding long peacock feathers that matched the décor perfectly. He noted the balcony and considered it an excellent escape route for two people who could fly. She waited until he nodded before she stepped around him and started stripping again.

Off came the red sweater, which was draped carelessly over the large comfortable looking sofa.

Off came the jeans, and as he admired the view of her backside they slid to the floor where she toed them off, barely breaking stride. Next came the red bra and he realized he had been trailing her again when her thong landed on his head. Reaching up and removing the garment that was obstructing his vision he saw that she had disappeared into the adjoining room. He heard the shower cut on and hesitated. He wanted to follow her, into the room, and into the shower both, but she had not invited him. Then he felt her in the tie, calling him. Her desire for him to join her manifesting in waves of desire that made him shiver.

She laughed when he appeared behind her pulling her to his chest and wrapping his arms around her middle. “Took you long enough,” she teased. “Join me?” He growled and started removing his own clothes at supernatural speed. He lifted her into the shower and stood pressed against her so the water could cascade down them both. She leaned forward so that he could wet his hair when he followed her. She reached for the scrubby dousing it in gel before turning back to him. She locked eyes with him and started to wash her body, slowly. She started at her shoulders and rubbed in small circles letting the foam build before she moved on the repeat the same process one arm, one breast, one leg at a time until she was covered in white foam. She turned then and bent over, way over, to reach her feet, scrubbing between her toes.

The view rendered him frozen. Her movements up to that point had been designed to incense, when she finally displayed herself before him he was shaking with his need to touch her. Yes, it is need. Touching her is essential to my survival in this moment. He leaned forward and wrapped his hands gently around her ankles, shackling his flesh to hers. He held there a moment examining her delicate ankles completely encased in his massive hands. The contrast seemed ordained in some way. Slowly, never breaking contact with her he skimmed up her legs to her calves. He loosened his grip wanting this to be an all-encompassing caress of her body, not a something as indelicate as a squeeze. He lingered again looking at how her firmly toned muscles forced his hands to open to accommodate them. They were perfectly proportioned to her delicate ankles, but to touch them, to touch her, he had to open up more than he had before.

After a few moments of processing the metaphor he fallen into, he moved up to the backs of her knees, and found his thumbs working with a mind of their own in slow circles on this intimate skin. She moaned then, his caress in the sacred place more intimate than either of them had expected. It was such a simple thing but yet he knew he had never been inspired to touch a woman like this, and he felt sure that she had never allowed herself to be adored in this way either.

Finding a new way to share intimacy when you were as well traveled as they was exhilarating.

Both of them were trembling despite the heat of the water when he moved on up to her thighs. Here his hands opened wide, no longer could his fingers meet but they spanned her with a touch that she could feel in her very bones. She slowly stood as his hands moved up to her hips, sighing when he rested her firm cheeks in his palms, cupping them, still not squeezing, but letting them rest there. She knew then she could have fallen back and sat in his hands and been totally safe if she chose to do that, but he held her now, and she wanted to see what he would do next.

His hands darted around to the front of her stomach and collected the suds there before going to her lower back and spreading them around slowly. The slippery feel of her under his hands was intoxicating for both of them. Slowly moving up her spine he gently pressed into the ridges there, recognizing each one with his long delicate fingers, she responding by arching her back leaning slightly away to give him room to continue his exploration. He massaged her shoulders gently for a few minutes he reached the top of her, and now she leaned back into his touch, making small sounds of pleasure that were hitting him like explosions.

When she pressed back against him as close as she could get, his hands slid down the front of her shoulders like swimmers going off the high dive. They dove tailed perfectly between the valley of her breasts, taking the channel there with infinite grace and perfect slowness, headed to the flat expansion of her stomach, where they paired off side by side and continued to rub her skin in tandem, fluttering in time with her heartbeat.

He buried his face in her neck and inhaled deeply, taking in her faint scent like a human might do to a fresh baked apple pie. He wanted to ask her why her scent wasn’t stronger, he had been wondering since he had arrived in Tulsa. He had expected to be tortured by the smell of her and as a result to be revealed as the monster that lurked underneath, but like so many other fears, this one had not manifested. Later, he promised himself. Later I will ask her.

Slowly, he moved their bodies forward so that they hot water could wash the suds away, and as the water cascaded over her and on to him, he slid inside her and began to pump slowly in and out enjoying the matching sensations of the pounding water on their skin to his movements inside her. She let him continue for a few moments, making soft sounds of pleasure as he touched her inside with the same delicate consuming reverence that he had used on the outside of her, before dislodging him when she turned to face him.

She had heard every thought, every revelation, every intention as he worshipped her, and she wanted to repay in kind. She began to speak as she added gel to the scrubby and turned them so that he was facing the water and she was behind him. Kneeling, she began with this feet.

“These feet have walked a million miles to get to me. They show scars and are formed not only to hold you high, but to carry you forward into all the things that await you in this world. I want to kiss these feet, and rub the weariness of miles and time from them. I love that they have lead you to this time and place with me.” Slowly then she moved to his legs rubbing in slow sensuous soapy circles with scrubby and her hand so that should cover them both at the same time. After a few moments she switched hands with the scrubby and spoke in hushed tones that one would use in a holy place.

“There is much we have to learn of one another and I don’t know how you feel or what you think of your transformation to vampire, but I will tell you now I am most grateful for that, of all things. The cost was immeasurable, I recognize that, but despite my best efforts I can’t figure out any other way that would have brought us here like this. Humans are here but for a moment, and if not for this change, your moment would have blazed and passed before I was even born.” He groaned then and titled forward placing has palms on the wall before him to remain standing. The combination of her touch and words were slowly unzipping him. She moved up then to his massive thighs, formed from endless hours and days of training and fighting. He had been made at the peak of his physical form and had retained that gift through all of time. She dropped the scrubby and opened her hands wide as she slid her hands over those rock hard muscles, awed as they trembled beneath her light caress.

“And these thighs would make Michelangelo weep. I wonder if you were truly the inspiration for David himself. Did you take him as a lover and show him what wonders they could perform? Did you teach him the true form of perfection and let him immortalize you in stone for the world to see?  He definitely had some depth perception issues when it comes to some parts.”   She wasn’t asking, only sharing her inner dialog with him, evening the playing field between them since he was denied access to her thoughts of adoration. Her hands moved up then to cup his bottom. He heard the smile in her voice and felt the deep aching pleasure in her as she cupped him just as he had done her.

“And this, oh, this! I hear humans sometimes claim that certain things inspire or confirm their belief in a higher power. They would no longer doubt if they could behold this wonder that is before me. It is the barest glimpse of Heaven and it is the fiery road to Hell. You inspire me to believe in a higher power.” She leaned in closer then and placed a soft kiss on each cheek of his bottom. Her reverence evident for a moment before she giggled, “Now, if anyone is ever fool enough to doubt your prowess as a man, warrior or vampire you can tell them that you have the Queen of Oklahoma kissing your ass.”

Her quicksilver turns of desire and amusement swept through him, and he shuddered moaning as he tried to process her words and moods. It was overwhelming, suffocating, marvelous and wonderful. He would die if she went on. He would die if she stopped. This is Hell, he thought, and right behind it, this is Heaven. She was all those things, and every passing moment left him more lost between the two, burning as he was saved.

Oh, let me never be found! Let me never be taken from this place!

The wall of the shower creaked under the pressure from his hands.

She moved up then, caught in her own spell and as she traced the ridges of his spine with her fingers she followed as far as she could with her kisses. When her hands reached his shoulders, she was leaning against his back, pressed fully against him, allowing him to hold her weight as well as his so that she could get just a little closer. She lingered a moment there before sliding around him to place her hands palm open on his chest. It was the closest she could get to mimicking his moves from earlier, his great height denying her the ability to stand behind him and slide her hands though the trenches and valleys of muscle that was Eric.

When she stood up in front of his still leaning form his lips were almost in line with hers, and she saw that his eyes were closed. “Look at me.” His eyes snapped open showing her the face of a vampire completely unzipped, all his pieces having fallen out. She saw fear, and excitement loose on the floor of his eyes. She saw passion and desire. She saw the man she had told him he was he night before, and that she had told the children about tonight. “I see it all. I understand it all. I accept it all,” she swore as she looked at that man with kindness, adoration and admiration. “You never have to hide from me, Eric. Show me anything, everything. Tell me anything, everything and know that I accept it all.”

He felt the pure truth of her words and marveled at the acceptance of this woman before him. She was not mouthing empty words. She would take him good and bad and hold him in her hands as she had just proven and meet him on equal ground giving as good as she got. It was too much. She had kicked too many emotions loose that had been held down for too long. His final strings of control snapped and he went to his version of a “go to move”. I am a monster. It’s all I am now. I will show her that doesn’t know what she is talking about! He moved then lightening quick and pressed her to the wall his long fangs coming down to show her what he was. Now, she will realize her mistake. Now she will see my true face and run. Run, Sookie, gods please run before I hurt you!

Still looking in his eyes, her acceptance and admiration never wavering she reached up slowly and caressed his fangs with her finger. Gently, as though she might break these razor weapons with her touch. The fierceness faded from his gaze as she held her ground without blinking. “Children are afraid of being hurt, Eric. They protect themselves and run away from things that might cause pain. I have lived long enough to know that anything worth having usually hurts like a like motherfucker. I don’t run from that, I run toward it and think only of the worth of having it. You might hurt me, but I know it would be more than worth it to see where this goes.”

She placed her hands on his shoulder then and pulled herself up, wrapping her legs around his middle reaching down to guide him home inside her.

“Now shut up and fuck me like you mean it, Viking. We have some dragons to slay.”

Fuck, this really is the best job in the world, he thought, and then he got to work.


That job line is a little wink to LostinSpace33, who pointed out that he was one lucky Viking to find a job with so many perks. 🙂 if you have some time check out her story Les Bon Temps Rouler. It is a great story and for anyone who has ever had a long distance relationship you will see that she hits the tone of angst and longing like a pro!

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7 thoughts on “Proving The Existence of A Higher Power

  1. Holy Hotness! I need to go take a shower myself!

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  2. loved every single word of this chapter…..Awesome!


  3. The words were very good… Hot showers like these make me want to have cold showers of my own 😦


  4. VictoryInTrouble says:

    Goddamn! What I wouldn’t do to unzip me a Viking! Your words are so poetic! Truly well done!

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  5. Sigh. Eric unzipped. Sexiest motherfucking creature in existence.

    Lovely. You don’t such honest Sookies too often, and Eric deserves his praise!


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