Sir Reads A Lot


The Big Bang- Sir Reads A Lot

Once the decision was made they gave themselves over to it completely. There was no day and no night, her blood removed his need to die, his removed her need to recover physically from their extended passionate interludes. It was pure bliss, interrupted only by their declarations of pleasure and love. Their whole world shrunk to contain just the two of them, and they could not stand to be apart, to not be touching each other, entangled and enthralled.

They explored each other outside in the yard and then moved into the old farmhouse where they rolled through each room, redecorating them with sighs of pleasure and moans of ecstasy. He took her in every conceivable way, and still she begged him to do it again over and over. At times she grew impatient with his gentle loving nature and would take control, savagely kissing him, biting his lips to taste his blood as she rode him, howling her own release.

At times her frenzy provoked him to heights he had never dreamed of in his immortal existence. As he took her hard from behind while she as on all fours on the dining room table his mind flashed back to her warning the first night they met.

There is the remotest possibility that you will not survive my voracious sexual appetite.

He growled at the memory and pulled her back onto him harder. It was a possibility that did not seem so remote at this moment, but as he had told her in return, fortune favors the bold. She shifted in front of him then, and he shoved her forward on the table, climbing up with her at vampire speed.

“OH! FUCK,YES!” she screamed as he pulled her up to rest her back against his chest, still thrusting deeply into her while he used his hands on her hips to bring her down repeatedly to meet him. From the sounds she was making he was hitting all the right spots in this position. One of his hands came off her hip to cup her breast. She arched her back, pressing into his chest, while presenting him the full weight of her into the palm of his hand. He tugged her nipple between two fingers, imitating the pressure he placed with his lips when he suckled her.

Her pleasure at his action traveled right to the tight embrace she had around him inside her, and he moaned now feeling her quiver around his engorged oversensitive shaft. She slammed herself down harder now, taking him as deep as she could. His hand pushed her forward again while he sat back and he watched himself moving in and out of her, coated in her slickness and his seed, almost undone by seeing how his cock stretched her open to take him. He was so fucking close to filling her again, he just needed a little more to let go.

He released her hips then and rose up, never breaking rhythm as he caged on her the table, freeing his hips to pound her. The room filled with the sound of their flesh colliding over and over again. He could feel his body nearing release when suddenly she pulled away and flipped around underneath him, opening raising her legs to him, pulling him back down and into her. Her feet landed on his hips and her legs worked to pull him closer as she attacked her his neck in hot open mouth kisses.

“Love the taste of you,” she mumbled against his skin, “the feel of you,” she went on winding her fingers through his hair. He could feel her fangs and it made him shiver and fuck her even harder.

“Do it! Do it!” he bellowed just before he sank his fangs into her neck. They came as one, they became one.


The time of mating ended as suddenly as it had begun. They were laying in her bed, limbs entangled, bodies completely satiated. He felt her fingers gently moving through his hair, making his scalp tingle and through the bond he felt contentment and peace from her. Now that he could focus he could tell that it was night outside, but beyond that had no measure of how much time had passed since they had decided to fulfill their mutual desires.

Part of his undead heart was aching now, if the mating was over and Sookie was back to herself, there was a chance that she would tell him that he had made a mistake and that he had broken her trust. He still believed they had done the right thing, what he needed now was for Sookie to reassure him that she agreed.

Though neither of them felt pressed to join again, he still wanted to be touching her, needed to be touching her. He sensed the same need from her in the bond. Rising, he picked her up gently in his arms and took them to the bathroom where he ran a large bubble bath for them both. Sitting down and placing her between his legs so that she could rest against his chest, he laced his fingers through hers. He raised her hand to his lips and kissed the palm of it softly, before repeating the action with her other hand. She sighed and he felt her body relax into him. Long moments passed in silence and finally he could stand it no longer.

“Was it really what you wanted, Sookie?” She nestled further back into him, pulling his arms around her.

“Yes, it was.” She stopped then and took a deep breath. “I know I didn’t when we met. I told you I wanted a partner who could give me no offspring. It never occurred to me that you could do that, and I only wanted you. I’ve only ever really wanted you. It seemed like a more than fair trade.” He smelled her tears then. “I never dreamed that I could have both. That the world would have changed so much as to allow me this miracle.”

“What do you mean?” he asked her softly.

“It shouldn’t be possible. What we have done goes against all the rules of nature as I understand them, and yet when I stepped into that circle and felt the power emanating from the earth I knew in my bones that we were supposed to do this together.” He took a sudden unnecessary breath as her words sunk in.

“What we have done?” he asked her softly. “So then we…? She nodded, bumping her head on his chest.

“Yes, we are going to be parents.” He turned her to face him then and kissed her, pushing all his joy to her through the bond at the idea of the daughter they had both dreamed of. She broke the kiss laughing.

“So you’re happy about this then?” she asked him, looking deep into beautiful blue eyes that seemed to be shining from within.

“Oh, hell yes!” he kissed her again, before he stopped and looked at her.

“I did the right thing then? She smiled at him.

“You did the perfect thing, just like always, Eric.” She touched his face then and he turned into her hand, savoring her touch. After placing one last kiss on his lips she turned again to rest against his chest. They sat in silence then, just feeling each other’s joy. Her hand rested on her middle and his came to rest on top of hers. Finally, he remembered what she had said.

“What do you think changed that made this possible now, Sookie?”

“I’m not sure. I would ask, but there is no one left that I could ask. I am alone now.” He hugged her tightly.

“I know you have lost much, but you will never be alone again. I am here. Soon our little girl will be here. We will be with you. Together we can figure this out, Sookie.”

“I know I have to be stronger now, I have to make sure to keep you both safe,” she said softly from his arms. He sighed.

“WE have to be stronger, Sookie. I will keep you both safe, too. One of us is not as strong as both of us together. Don’t shut me out, Sookie.” She turned to him then.

“No! No, I’m not shutting you out! That is not what I meant,” she told him fiercely. “I just meant that I can’t lose either of you. I need you both now. I will do everything I can to protect you and her, Eric.”

“Including letting me help?” he asked her raising an eyebrow and smirking at her.

“Yes,” she said, sounding as though she meant it.

“The world is not on your shoulders alone. This, what we have made together is not your responsibility alone, Sookie. Stop trying to take it all on yourself and let those who love you help, too.” She nodded again, tucking her head under his chin. “So,” he said hesitantly, how does this work now? What happens now?”

“I assume you mean besides having a baby?” he could hear the smile in her voice.

“Yes, besides that. Will your power return now that you are pregnant?”

“Yes. I will need to rest for a few days, but I can feel it starting to return already. I will be as strong as I was and more so, right up until I give birth.”

“And how long with that be?”

“Pure Fae pregnancies are short, three to four weeks, usually at most. I have no idea what this term will be. There has never been a Fae Vampire hybrid born that I am aware of. It takes one night to make a vampire right?”

“Yes,” he told her softly.

“So, then I guess we are looking at anywhere from one day to four weeks.”

“How fast will the child grow, do you think?”

“Full Fae children grow in spurts and usually reach the appearance of adults within five years of birth. They mature over the next several hundred years, their powers growing as they do. Then somewhere between five hundred and a thousand years they will start mating cycles.”

“How often do these cycles occur?”

“Depends on the fairy. Usually more than five years, but less than ten.”

“So long?” he asked softly.

“For creatures who live practically forever, that really isn’t that long.” He growled in his chest at her words. “Oh,” she laughed, looking up at him now, “I see how it is. You don’t want to wait ten years to spend another week like this with me?” she teased him.

“No, I was thinking I might be recovered enough in ten years to do this again,” he teased back, kissing the end of her nose, before rising with her in his arms to exit the now chilled tub.

“I did give you fair warning,” she told him as he dried her off.

“You told me nothing! You said ‘voracious’. I had no clue!” She laughing out loud then.

“Oh, so what words would you use now that you have survived your first mating cycle?” she asked as he carried her back to bed and tucked her in, spooning up behind her.

“Well…I definitely would start with voracious, and then I would bring my point home by adding words like, ‘unquenchable’, ‘uncontrolled’, ‘insatiable’, ‘prodigious’, ‘rapacious’, ‘ravenous’, and ‘ unappeasable’.” She had turned to face him, her hands wandering over his body under the covers right around the time he got to ‘insatiable’. “What are you doing exactly, aside from proving me right, of course?” She giggled.

“I’m looking for the thesaurus that you obviously smuggled into bed with us. You do realize all the words mean the same thing as voracious, right?”

“Thesaurus? I don’t have a thesaurus! I read a lot,” he told her sounding slightly put upon.

“Uh-huh,” she said, still caressing his long perfectly formed limbs with her soft hands. “So, then you know, Sir Reads A Lot, that all those words you just said are synonymous with ‘voracious’?”

“Of course, my lady. It wasn’t that your choice of words were inaccurate,” he whispered moving in for a slow kiss on her lips.

“It wasn’t?” she asked breathlessly, when he finally released her to speak.

“Not at all. It was just that one word failed to convey the magnitude of your appetite. If you had added the others with it, I would have had a better idea what I was getting into.”

“And what then? You would have tipped your hat at me and ran from Oklahoma as though the devil himself were on your heels?”

“Not at all, my dear. I would have fallen to my knees and asked you where you had been for my entire life.” She giggled then.

“Sweet liar,” she told him.

“Your sweet liar,” he fired back.

She answered by mugging his lips with her own, taking no prisoners. They made love then, quietly and sweetly because it was all about want and not about need.


Sookie was still asleep when he rose the next night. Since she had told him that she needed a few days to recover he let her rest. He brought in more wood, and then went to do his usual perimeter check which had been neglected the past four days. He found nothing that indicated they had been found and headed to the front of the house ready to enter when he saw the Ancient Pythoness sitting on the front porch swing.

“So, wasn’t there something you wanted to ask me?”

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