The Collector


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The Big Bang- The Collector

Gavin James, the Fire Fae King of New York, was seated when they entered, hands folded in his lap with two guards on either side of him. He watched them, a frank stare, assessing the distance between them, noting that there was hardly any at all. He saw the vampire assess the room, the guards and place his back against the wall next to the door, allowing him, in theory, to strategically control the room. Sookie stopped a short distance in front of him, placing him at her back and leaving her close enough to reach him should the need arise.

Niall said they were close, but until I saw it for myself, I wouldn’t have believed it. This makes her even more unique and special!

“What can I do for you, Gavin?” Sookie said by way of greeting. He waited for a moment, looking at her intently, as though trying to read her thoughts, knowing the whole time she was reading him. He could have let her pick up what he was there to say, but there would be no opportunity to assess the vampire if they kept their conversation one sided. He wanted to make sure that Eric knew his intentions beyond a shadow of a doubt.

“I wanted to inform you personally that Niall named me as his beneficiary and that Dreamscapes Unlimited, and all endeavors they are engaged in are now under my control.” He was gratified to see her visibly shaken by this information. He paused to see if she would react further, and when she did not he continued. “Niall and I spoke extensively about you before his passing and he felt that your interests would be best served if we were to proceed with our union, as was his final wish. I have come to collect you.”

The sound of Eric’s fangs coming down was loud in the room and his growl that accompanied them brought all four of Gavin’s guards to attention, fire balls appearing in their hands ready to hurl at the vampire should he move or if Gavin indicated they should proceed. “Collect me?” Sookie repeated coldly.

“Yes, that is correct. I am sure you know my penchant for finding the rarest and beautiful things and capturing them for myself.” A slow smile spread across his face, “And you, my dear, are truly a wonder. You would be the pearl of my collection, my wife, my mate, and our offspring, with their heritage of Earth, Air and Fire would be completely unique as well. How long will it take you to prepare to leave? There are many things to take care of back in the mortal realm and I can’t be delayed in returning.”

“Well then, I am so pleased to tell you that you can go right now,” she replied, standing taller and staring him down.

“Oh, come now. Surely you will need some time to prepare, things you want to take, etcetera, etcetera,” he said waving his hand dismissively in her direction. “Of course, the vampire will not be coming with us,” he added in an off handed way, not even bothering to look in her direction as he said it.

Silence reigned for a moment and then Sookie burst into laughter. Eric reached out in the bond fearing she was collapsing into hysteria again, but instead found genuine amusement rolling back to him. She thought this was funny. Eric however, was missing the humor. He did not miss that fact that Gavin looked even more entranced with her as she laughed. He expected that reaction, he thought and then right behind it, No he hoped for that reaction. Eric began to rethink his original assessment of the fairy before him.

He had known collectors before. Those truly devoted to expanding their collections would go to any lengths to own their heart’s desire, and if they failed to acquire it they would often rather destroy it than live with the idea that someone else had gotten what they wanted. However, they only thrilled in the chase, and often, once acquisition was complete, would lock their collectable away, and never look at it again.

Sookie was wrong to take this fairy lightly.

He would be a ruthless adversary, and bad loser, because there was no way he was getting his hands on Sookie. He began to calculate the odds of taking out four fire wielding guards and the King himself and found they were not in his favor, knowing that wouldn’t stop him from trying if this conversation went on much longer. She turned to him then and smiled at him, offering wordless comfort for his growing rage. Gavin noted the exchange and felt his interest go up another notch.


“Niall’s company was his to leave to whomever he chose and I congratulate you on your new holdings. Dreamscapes Unlimited has the potential to truly change the world for the better, with the right person at the helm,” she told him. “However, you did not inherit me, and I will not be returning with you, or marrying you, and there will definitely not be any offspring between us.” Gavin tilted his head looking at her, looking through her.

Nothing she has said is a surprise, Eric thought, so what is this really about?

“Niall thought you were misguided, Sookie. Under the influence of other parties who had their own agenda’s and that with time and guidance you would come to see that The Ciar agenda is the one that is best for all of Fae. He had a soft spot for your distractions and childish rebellions. Make no mistake, I do not. We could have crushed you long ago, it was his heart and his confidence that you needed to be wooed and won that prevented The Ciar from taking you or killing you outright. Make no mistake, I am not Niall.”

“That becomes more evident with each word you say,” Sookie responded in kind, tilting her head now, mimicking Gavin’s actions and tone. “You know the funny thing about power, Gavin?” She went on not giving him a chance to answer, “You only know you have it when people show up to tell you that you don’t.

“If Niall had a soft spot for me, then you can rest assured that I, too had one for him. He was wrong, but he was family. When it came to the killing blow I am not sure that I could have found the strength to take him out. Rest assured, I will have no such qualms about you.”

“I could take you,” he told her.

“You could try,” Eric spoke for the first time, stepping up beside Sookie. “Please, try.”

Exquisite! Gavin thought, realizing in that moment that to make his collection complete he would need both of them. The fairy and her vampire. Individually, they were very desirable, but together, they were breathtaking. I must have them! He stood then, adjusting the cuffs of his expensive suit casually before looking at them both.

“I am disappointed that we were not able to reach an agreement.”

“You’ll live,” she told him sounding incredibly disappointed about the fact.

“Indeed, and I think in time, you will come to see things my way,” with that he and his guards teleported away.

“We should return to the other realm as soon as possible,” Eric said, still looking at where Gavin had been seated with murder in his heart. She sighed.

“Probably.”  He felt her mental exhaustion at the idea of going back to war and moved to pull her into his arms.

“I wish we knew where Pythia was,” Sookie whispered into his chest. They had not heard from her since the explosion. Sookie was torn between going back to fight and staying here to rebuild. The supernatural world was in chaos now, their Council having been destroyed.

“There is time,” he told her. “New representatives for each group still have to be chosen. There is nothing to do here in the meantime.” She sighed again, knowing he was right, but she still hesitated. This most recent encounter only underscored all the reasons should would rather say in Aeon and let Alcide handle the war for a while longer.

Aqua Phineas had been largely successful and they had managed to prevent the majority of the human populace from being exposed to the sterility that Niall had planned, and that Gavin was still intent on executing. “We need to find Coleman to try and get in front of what is coming next. What’s coming next, Eric?”

Rather than answer he kissed her.


When Gavin arrived back in his New York office, he placed a call.


“I want to know the minute they return.”

Later he made another.

“I need you to find someone for me. Last reports had him in Mississippi. Start there.”


They had been back in Oklahoma for a week when Sookie felt it for the first time. They had been riding in the back of the car on their way to the orphanage when there was a rush of tingling through her body and she was overcome for a moment with need and desire.

Eric responded to her feelings of lust instinctively, pulling her close for a swoon worthy kiss. She was swept away for a few moments, removing her clothes in a trance when the tingling passed and realization dawned.

Her time of mating was coming.


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5 thoughts on “The Collector

  1. Kittyinaz says:

    Eric is wise to be worried, and Sookie needs to listen to him. Uh ohhhhh. Be ready……

    Lol Quinn is just an asshole no matter what huh?


  2. Wow this Gavin must be watched and Quinn is the usual asshole…


  3. VictoryInTrouble says:

    oh shit! Gavin is a bastard, Quinn is an ass and I have a feeling Gavin is trying to find Appius…in which case, I’m nervous. But seeing that it’s almost 3 am, I need to go to bed…so don’t let Appius get his hands on Eric while I’m gone.


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