The Cruelest Wrinkle

The Big Bang- The Cruelest Wrinkle


They had discussed how they would handle this many times since he arrived in Oklahoma and they had a simple solid plan.


Get her someplace safe, away from everyone else, and make sure she had everything she needed to get through this time.


The someplace safe was one of her properties that she kept under a different name.  They had chosen Bon Temps, Louisiana and the old farmhouse that she owned there under the alias Sookie Stackhouse.  It was rural, and sequestered from the surrounding properties, it was unlikely that anyone would even know they were there, so it met the second requirement easily.  They estimated a week to be the duration of her mating cycle, and in anticipation of that they had slipped away before the gala in New Orleans and laid in supplies for the time they had known was imminent.


“You do know the main thing I will need is you, right?” She had teased him as they toured her country home during their visit.  He had laughed at her that day.  Suddenly now the humor was escaping him.  Their simple solid plan had been tested at every side and corner.


The night they had returned from the orphanage, when she had felt the first blush of desire Quinn had greeted them at the door.  That was normal.  They had barely gotten a foot in the door however when they heard him take a deep breath, sensing the change in Sookie’s hormones was evoking a primal response in him.  His eyes has dilated to black and he had stepped toward her, hypnotized by the pheromones she was producing.  Eric was not unaware, he was just not ruled by his biology to procreate.


“STOP!” he had roared at Quinn, stepping between them, placing her at his back.  Quinn kept coming like he didn’t hear him, scenting the air as he tracked his prey.  A moment later Eric’s fist connected with Quinn’s jaw and he went spiraling backwards from the force of the blow. He made several attempts to get up again before collapsing in a heap.  Sookie took a sharp intake of breath behind him, and he turned to find another of her guards approaching them down the hall, drawn by the commotion.  As he came closer the narcotizing pheromones reached him and he was enslaved as Quinn had been.  He was behind Sookie though and she hadn’t seen him yet.  Something else had startled her.


Not having a chance to ask right then he grabbed her and ran up the stairs at vamp speed, closing the door to his light tight suite and setting the electronic locks to keep her would be mates outside.  He had felt it pass quickly in the car, and had not realized the lingering scent would have such a dramatic impact on every male fairy that she came into contact with, especially in these early stages.  He turned about to ask her what else he could expect when she cut him off speaking first.


“Quinn is reporting to New York.  His guard slipped as he was fighting for consciousness and I heard him worry that New York would kill him if he knew how much he wanted me in that moment.”


Eric sighed.  They had always been careful around him, not sure which camp he was in, but to find him aligned with New York was disturbing on many levels.  “Did he inherit the loyalty of Quinn from Niall?”


“I don’t think so,” she said biting her lip, realizing without having to be told that meant that New York’s interest predated Niall’s demise.  He was a much heavier hitter than Sookie had given him credit for in Aeon.


“Is this about the Albho or about you?” he asked her, hoping that New York had a spy here for political rather than personal reasons.


“Both, if he could, but the primary reason was personal.”


“Do you suppose there are others?” he asked.  She shrugged.


“I always thought there were.  Remember I told you the second night you were here, none of them could be trusted and that I thought my go to move had left me blinded.”  He smiled at her.


“You are both beautiful and wise,” he teased her gently.  She scoffed.


“Obviously,” was her dry reply.


“Can you teleport us to Bon Temps?”  She hesitated, a look of concentration on her face.  Finally, she nodded.


“I think so, but we have to go soon!” she said urgently, fear in her eyes.  Being powerless and at the mercy of everyone with so many adversaries in motion was a very frightening concept for her.  He didn’t need a bond to tell him she was freaking out more than a little.  “Within in the hour,” she added after some more internal analysis.


He called Pam and told her what was happening and that they would be out of reach for a week, then left his phone on the bed.  He gathered a few essentials for them, knowing that they had supplies already laid in and then turned to her.  “Ready?”  She stood and took his hand starting to light up.


The light sputtered and died out.  Her eyes grew large and he felt terror bolt through her.  He sent her calm through the bond and took both of her hands in his.  She took a deep breath and closed her eyes concentrating.  At first, nothing happened, and then slowly he saw the glow starting to build within her.  Slowly purple filled his vision and he felt himself start to move, slower than her normal teleportation’s this one went on and on.


Just when he was starting to be concerned that they would never rematerialize they did.  They were outside, he looked around quickly and saw the farmhouse in the distance.  He turned back just in time to catch her as she collapsed.




He had carried her quickly to the house and placed her in the bedroom that she had told him would be theirs during their stay here.  She had thoughtfully ordered light tight shutters added to the house about a month before, so it was ready for him as well as her. When they had talked about what  was going to happen she had indicated that while this was her first mating cycle, she had been told that it would be intense for her and her chosen mate.  It was also going to take her waves, rather than a total submersion for the entire period.


During the waves, she would likely not he herself.  She would be an entirely physical creature, her body using all available resources to achieve its end of reproduction.  He should not try to appeal to her intellect, because it would buried beneath her instincts.  She had in that moment given him her permission to restrain her or subdue her by whatever means necessary to keep her from coming to harm.


“Better a black eye, than you allow me to get away and do who knows what,” she had told him, trying to make it seem light, but if she was suggesting that he would have to resort to physical violence to maintain her safety he saw nothing funny in that whatsoever.  Realizing he was worried, she had tried to reassure him.

“I know that you will do whatever you have to do, and I trust you, Eric.  I am the one that you can’t trust.  No matter how reasonable I may seem, I will not be myself until this is over.”


He had covered her, and then set about building a fire in the bedroom.  The task was mostly to calm him, and give him something to do with his hands while he waited for whatever might come next.  She still had not awakened when he was done and he decided to do a quick perimeter check and make sure that they were truly alone.  He had done a similar check when they were there a couple of weeks ago, so he had a baseline to work from to establish anything out of the ordinary.


He was almost done when he felt her awaken.  He had thought what he felt in the car on the way to the orphanage was about as intense as it could get but he had been so horribly wrong about that.  Her need telegraphed to him through the bond and he responded instinctively, his body readying itself to meet her wave of passion and desire.


He moved at top speed back to her side, and found that she had left the house and was standing in the backyard looking up at the moon.  He stopped beside her, waiting for her to speak, to move, to tell him what she needed.  He was captivated by her in the pale moonlight, her hair down.  She had left her clothes inside and the smell of her made his fangs drop.  Inside him was the strangest combination of ferocity and tenderness, and he was glad they had come to such a lonely place to spend this time together because if anyone dared to intrude he would tear them apart with his bare hands.


She was shaking with desire but she still had not looked at him or acknowledged his presence.  She took a few steps away from him and then the ground lit up beneath her feet, in the form of a circle.  “Oh, I see now,” she said softly, looking at ground around her feet.


“See what?” he moved toward her but did not cross into the circle.


“MMMMM,” she said as the light started to move up her legs, winding slowly around her ankles, and calves.  “This is why this place was so special to Fintan.  This place is powerful, very, very powerful!” The light had now moved up to her waist and for a moment it spun around her middle before splitting, part of it continuing to wrap itself around her torso the other diving back down and rising up directly between her legs.  As it’s intimate caress disappeared there he felt her desire deepen and she moaned her pleasure at the touch.  He was spell bound, recalling the night of the Were and when they had connected in the field that night after the healing was done.


“Yes,” she whispered holding out her hand to him, beckoning for him to join her.  He left his clothes outside and stepped into the light with her, immediately feeling the charge move along his skin, caressing him as it had her.  It felt like a tiny thousand hands pleasuring his flesh as he moved into her arms.  She was so bright in the light that rising from beneath her that it caused him to think of the image her had of her running through the field of sunshine, and then right behind it the tiny blond fairy that hounded her steps.


“Oh, yes!” she cried out as she saw that image in his mind.  Then her lips were on his and he was lost in what he was feeling in the bond and in the light.  He reached down between her legs and the slickness and heat that he felt almost made him come just from anticipating what it was going to feel like being inside her.


“Yes!” she whispered fiercely again, “Do that, let me feel you,” she moaned before kissing him again.  He pulled her down to the ground with him, bring her astride him, guiding himself into her, feeling her take him and he roared his pleasure.


“Tell me,” she begged savagely in his neck, biting him hard enough to draw blood.  “Tell me that you want what I saw in your mind.  Tell me you want to make her with me!”  He shuddered, his body and mind in overload and he had barely moved within her yet.  When his backside had touched the ground the power emanating from there had slid up his back, making him harder inside her, making his need to release a physical ache.  The power rising from the ground was pounding through him waves, in perfect time with the waves of desire emanating from her.  Then she took it to a whole other level when she started to squeeze his cock inside her with the same rhythm.


“More than anything, but I can’t!”  He sobbed, knowing that they could never have that together, that she had chosen him because he could not produce offspring.  Gods, he needed to move inside her.  Attempting to fill the empty ache inside him at forever being denied that little girl he had seen over and over again he started to move her on him, slamming her down as he thrust up into her harder.  She was so ready for him that she was dripping and the scent was unlike anything he had ever experienced.  He wanted to bite her, and fuck her until he could no longer think, no longer feel the pain of not being able to father that little girl that haunted his waking dreams.


“You can here,” she moaned between thrusts, her head back, the long column of her neck exposed to him as she rode him hard and fast.


“No,” he gasped out, denying her words, though he wasn’t really hearing them above the sounds of their bodies, over the feeling he had that told him his orgasm was coming any second now.


“Yes, here in this circle you can give her to me.  Oh, please, please Eric, come inside me! Make her with me!”  That somehow broke through his haze, and at the last possible second he pulled her off him as he released, his seed spilling across his stomach and legs as she howled at the loss of him and of being denied.  It was a more animal than human sound, ferocious and angry, she ripped herself from his  grip and slid back out of the circle huddled in on herself as she stared at him uncomprehendingly.


He felt her need rush through her again and his body reacted, ready to pleasure her again, but he dared not.  No matter how much he wanted what she had just offered him, it wasn’t Sookie who offered it.  Her words echoed through his mind as he watched her in the grips of her passion slide her hand down between her thighs, seeking the release that he had just denied her.


I need a mate who can service me, produce no offspring and protect me while I am at my weakest.


I know that you will do whatever you have to do, and I trust you, Eric.  I am the one that you can’t trust.  No matter how reasonable I may seem, I will not be myself until this is over.


Had she known this would happen?  Is that why they came here?  No, he thought, there is no way that she would have risked pregnancy at this time.  This was just another wrinkle in their best laid plans.


The cruelest fucking wrinkle.  His body wanted to give her what she wanted.  His soul longed to see his vision come to be a reality.  But he could not betray her trust like that, not even for his dream.


He saw her now, bringing herself to orgasm and he felt ripped apart at denying them both and swearing in that moment to do all he could to help her when she needed him most, no matter what that meant for him.  Grabbing her ankle and dragging her to him he spread her legs and buried his face in her, taking slow long licks from top to bottom, feeling her quiver on his tongue from the pleasure she had just given herself. Settling in on her pleasure center he worked her with his mouth until she came so hard that her scream split the quiet night around them and he was swept away in her pleasure, ejaculating onto the ground beneath his thrusting hips.


The taste and smell of her crashed in the walls of his resolve but they did not waver.


He had promised to protect her when she was too weak to protect herself, and he would not betray her, no matter what.


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8 thoughts on “The Cruelest Wrinkle

  1. lostinspace33 says:

    Wow, this is going to be harder on him than I thought!


  2. idream3223 says:

    I know, I felt so bad for him when that chapter ended. But I was impressed with his determination to hold to his word. Maybe the karma police will sweep in and save him from his terrible fate 🙂

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  3. Kittyinaz says:

    Poor poor Eric!!

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  4. missron80 says:

    Tsk tsk tsk. Has noone explained to Eric that the “pull and spray” method aint exactly the best birth control? She can still get preggers buddy boy! And I hope she does!!!

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  5. Oh My Godric! You really are testing our Viking’s resolve…


  6. wow I feel so sorry for Eric!!! I guess Eric thought this task was much more easier..hope he passes the test


  7. VictoryInTrouble says:

    I know! I was supposed to be going to bed…argh! This guy is surely a saint! To pull her off and spill over himself and then the ground? Wow, that is a very rational mind at work all to protect his little fairy.


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