The Deal

The Big Bang- The Deal

Keeping his hands on her at all times, afraid she would disappear again, he was removing her clothes , tearing them violently dropping them on the floor as he walked them step by step this sleeping chamber.

You are never leaving me again, he sent to her, growling into her mind and he held her tight enough to bruise flesh.

“Never,” she gasped around his kiss, barely getting it out before he took her lips again. He slammed the door behind them, hearing the electronic lock snap into place and he allowed himself to relax a little. Removing the last of her clothes he began to cover her body in kisses, checking to make sure she was well. Down her neck, open mouth cool sucking kisses that marked her as his. His hands cupped her breasts and his mouth took in each nipple one at a time, tasting her. Her hands tangled in his hair, holding him closer and he growled his pleasure at his touch. He was gratified that she was just as desperate to touch him as she was her.

“Niall-“she started as his lips moved to her stomach, continuing his assault.

“Later-” he cut her off. Whatever had happened didn’t matter as much as her being here now. His hands ran down her legs, clasping the back of her knees as he knelt before her, taking her scent in with a deep breath before burying his face between her legs, and his tongue in her slick folds. Her arousal was as strong as his own and he shuddered to taste her again.

So good, he sent to her, applying pressure on her sensitive nub with his tongue, moving at vamp speed. He took her right to the edge and then stopped.

No, he sent to her as she whined and started beg. Moving up at vampire speed he took her mouth again, removing her ability to speak.

Later. She nodded and kissed him, dueling her tongue with his as his hands cupped her bottom and brought her hard against the manifestation of his raging need for her.

Take off my clothes, he whispered to her mind, and a moment later he could feel her warm soft body pressed against all the right places on his hard cold one and he moaned in their kiss, thrusting against her instinctively grinding against her. Then he pulled back and flipped her around causing her to gasp as he swept the hair from her neck and started the same wild open mouth reconnaissance of her flesh that he had performed on the her front moments before.

He kissed down her neck, his hands cupping her breasts in the front, flicking her nipples, his touch rough, conveying his anger and need . She felt herself become wetter, as she responded to his need that was pummeling her psychically in their bond, and mentally in his thoughts which were chaotic and incoherent but focused solely on her. On making sure he never let her go again. That combined with the way he was kissing, caressing her flesh and grinding his enormous erection into her backside took her to place of sweetest torture. There was too much to feel, and she sought any release she could get, tears now sliding down her cheeks as she opened herself to him completely, needing to take his pain since she was its cause.

Then his lips found the wound on her shoulder and she gasped in pain. He pulled back immediately, looking down at her back.

“WHO. HURT. YOU?” his voice was thunderous, demanding an explanation now! She looked for the words to explain in her mind, all the while she twisted and folded herself in his arms, trying to align her body to his, to slide him into her wet warmth, needing to feel him. Needing him so much. Her fog was lifted as she felt him let go of her breast and lift his arm to tear his own flesh and heal her.

“No!” she managed to gasp out. “Need the mark. Need it for-“

“Later,” he cut her off again, feeling her reassurance in the bond that it as ok and she didn’t want him to heal it. He returned his hand to her breast and placed an open mouth kiss on the image that had been burned into her flesh. His cool tongue and healing saliva removed what remaining sting there was and she pushed back against him again, still seeking to join. He denied her, as she had him when she disappeared and continued kissing his way down her back, resuming his torture of her taught nipples, and all she could do was cry out her need, that he pretended to ignore.

I needed you, too, but you weren’t here! She sobbed at his thoughts, letting his anger pound her mind and soul the way she wanted his body to do to hers.

“Sorry, so, sorry,” she gasped out as he knelt behind her, forcing her body to tip forward, he ran his tongue through her slick folds again. Moving at vamp speed he threw her on the bed and placed her legs on his shoulders, slowing then, sliding into her so slowly she thought she was going to lose her mind. Her head thrashed on the bed as she tried to move her hips to find release. His hands held her still effortlessly and she was not able to get that little bit of friction she needed to fall over the edge.

“Oh, please, please, please, Eric!” he met her cries with a locked jaw, his fangs tearing his lips as he felt her lust and love pound at him now. He had felt completely out of control since she disappeared from his arms, lost and alone and fighting himself and everyone else. He needed to feel in control now. He needed to show her what it felt like to have the world just slide right out of from under you, leaving you with nothing to cling to.

“No!” he said, as he held their bodies completely still, refusing to let her move, to have what she needed. “Look at me!” She forced her head to stop thrashing and focused on him, his face right next to hers, his eyes black with need, fangs so extended they were cutting his lips when he spoke, drops of blood running down his chin and dripping on her breasts, covering her skin.

“I’m going to keep you here like this forever!” his whisper caused sent a shiver through her. “Pinned down to this bed, my cock buried to the hilt inside you,” she whimpered then, his words setting fire to her insides, “I will always be a part of you and you will…never…be…able…to…leave…me…again!” He wanted to move now, and claim her but she had not been punished enough yet. She was so close that anything else he said or did would give her the release she so desperately needed.

In that moment he realized that he could not deny her what she needed without denying himself and even with her pinned beneath him he realized that control is an illusion. She felt the shift in him, and rage bloomed inside her lust driving her to urge him on. She knew he needed this and she pushed her own desires to the background and focused on healing the man she loved. She still could not move her hips but he had no control over her muscles. She clamped down on his rigid hardness inside her, milking him, and he threw his head back screaming in intense pleasure as she worked him toward the edge of his own release.

“Look at me!” she told him fiercely as she continued to squeeze him so hard and then release him inside her. His gaze locked with hers again and she continued to speak, gasping her words as she too took pleasure in feeling him this way. “I am yours! No matter where I am, no matter what happens, this,” she bore down on him harder than before, and he screamed and fought to hold on, ” This is yours. Nothing will ever change that! I love you!” Feeling it and hearing it was too much and he started to move then, pushing into her deep and hard, bottoming out inside her, and inside himself something slipped and his control shattered. Blood tears fell now, mingling with what had come from his ravaged lips as he fucked her fast and hard and she held on, chanting his name.

He bit her then needing everything and she took his fangs and his cock and released them both as her orgasm bloomed, causing his to follow. When he released her neck she dropped her legs from his shoulders and rolled them over. He was still rock hard despite his release and she started to ride him then, slamming her hips into his, her face just inches from his. Remembering that she could not have his blood, she looked for someplace to kiss him that was not covered from his self-inflicted wounds, but he was a bloody mess and she had to settle for pulling his hands up and kissing his palms as she rode him at a gallop.

He sat up then burying his face in her breasts and sucking on her nipples, tasting his blood on her skin made him swell inside her, ready to release again. He needed every inch of her to be covered in him, like this, to reassure him that she was his. She felt him swell and as it stretched her even further she ground her hips down harder on him. Grabbing her hips and thrusting up he bit into her breast, sucking her nipple and her blood into him as he released deep inside her and she screamed her pleasure and his name until she could no longer speak. He released her breast, licking the wound closed and caught her as she collapsed in his arms, holding her close to him as he fell back on the bed, bringing her to rest on his chest.


Dawn came and went as they remained wrapped around each other, he still afraid she would disappear again, she afraid that he would be angry when she told him what had been happening to her after the Were fight. She should have known better. All he cared about was that she was well now, and he kissed her in joy and happiness to know that she was healed. She told him of Niall’s attempt to kidnap her and of Pythia and Morgana’s interception of her, and the ward that would prevent him from trying that again. Suddenly, she remembered.

“What happened to Alcide? Was the change successful?” he kissed her before answering.

“Yes, he is vampire now with all the gifts that come with that, and he also retained his fairy powers.” Her eyes lit up in joy.

“Pam must be so happy.” She felt his sadness then. “What, is Pam ok?” He shook his head.

“He is very, very angry with her for changing him and has rejected her.”

“What? How can that be? He lost nothing and gained so much?”

“He said he would have rather died, and he blames her for making him a monster.”

“Augh! What a giant jackass!”

“He needs time. It is a lot to take in. Perhaps in time he will forgive her.” He held her closer for a minute his thoughts roaming to what would happen if he were forced to change Sookie to save her life.

“I will talk to him,” she said, snuggling closer to Eric. She had cleaned his face with a warm cloth and now she could kiss him to her hearts content. She started at his ear, nipping his ear lobe tugging it gently in her teeth. “He needs to realize what a gift it is to find love,” she sighed in his ear.

“He’s not the only one. You have to learn to let me in, Sookie.” He matched word to deed as he slid his hand up her thigh and touched her sensitive nub, rubbing slowly and with purpose. “You brought me here to be with you in this, so let me,” he whispered before he took her lips. She guided his mouth to her neck and told him to drink. Knowing now not to question he slipped his fangs in as he continued to work her with his fingers. She gasped and lit up and for a moment they were lost in the purple. Seconds later they were alone on a beach in the midafternoon sun, the surf tickling their toes as it rolled in and back. He made her come hard and then she kissed him slowly passionately as the sun warmed them.

Then she pulled him to his feet and led him into the gentle waves where they swam and played, stopping to make love, her clinging to him as he stood on the sandy bottom, letting the waves brush against them gently as the tide came in. He was seconds away from coming when she teleported them back to his room and they climaxed together on his bed, the smell of the ocean still clinging to their skin.

“I don’t like who I am when I am not with you,” he whispered into her neck, as he placed soft baby kisses on her salty flesh.

“I love you, Eric, all of you. There is nothing you can do that will change that. I want the whole package. So, I’ll tell you what.” He pulled back to look into her eyes as she smiled and placed a finger on his chest. “I will not keep anything else from you ever again, and you understand that there is nothing you need hide from me. Deal?” His mind ran back to what he had thought and done while she was gone and she heard, felt, saw it all. “Nothing,” she said again. He nodded.

“Deal.” Running through what she had seen in his mind she knew now that they had spies in The Iron Fist, and that Coleman had returned to Niall to spy for them as well.

“You are everything I ever thought you would be, my love,” she told him, pride shining in her eyes as she saw how he had handled everything after she had been taken. He had managed to take a disaster and turn it to their advantage in many ways. “I am so lucky to have you at my side.” She clasped his arm now, not as her lover, but as her comrade in arms.

For the first time since she had disappeared her felt his world right itself and all the pieces of him slip back into place where they belonged. He sighed again as peace stretched its arms inside him and started to spread out into all his dark corners.

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4 thoughts on “The Deal

  1. Together they are unbeatable. I have always admired the control Eric has over his vampire beast.


  2. Yes they are meant to be one….


  3. VictoryInTrouble says:

    I’m supposed to be writing but I can’t stop reading this!!

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