The First Dawn

“It was on one of his visits that he let his guard drop and I learned through my telepathy the true reason for the Great Reveal, and that Niall Brigant, my grandfather, my father was the leader of what would become The Ciar.”

The Big Bang- The First Dawn

“That must have been difficult for you.”

Brilliant, Northman. She just told you she was going to have to kill the only father she has ever known to end this war and that’s the best you got?

“I think I mentioned earlier how much I admired your talent for understatement?” She smiled sadly, stopping there, both knowing what was left unsaid and doing so purposefully. He didn’t press her. There had been too much tonight already and dawn was nearly here. He didn’t want to open more wounds and leave her there to deal with the fallout alone. “I am so very glad that you decided to stay, Eric. I don’t think I can ever tell you that enough so that you can truly understand what it means to me to have you here.” Her hand ran down his bare chest, soothingly, and evocatively at the same time.

He groaned, “Sookie, there is no time before dawn.” She moved suddenly, rising from his bed and standing beside it. She extended her hand to him.

“Do you trust me, Eric?” A complex question from a complex woman. At vampiric speed he ran through all that he had learned in the short time he had been in Oklahoma, all he had done. All they had done. It was almost more than he could contain and still function rationally. Sometimes you have to let go, he heard Pam and her Dear Abby advice. Abby says that trying to control everything is not healthy. Sometimes you have to let go.

Maybe Dear Abby had some advice on how to save a world?

He placed his hand in hers and rose to stand in front of her. He had removed his robe when he put them in bed earlier and so only had his silk pajama bottoms on. Her robe was untied now and he could see the soft curves of her breasts framed by its edges, and a long creamy expanse of thigh. In a world where everything was right there would be time to love this woman now. To show here that while there was darkness, there was also light and that she was not alone in a way that words would never provide. He spoke then one of the truest words to ever fall from his lips.


Turning she pulled him with her back into her room and out onto her balcony which faced east. He could already feel the sun, and pulled instinctively to return inside. He could fight the sun for moments to avoid death, but he could do nothing about the burns he would suffer if there were no shelter from its burning rays. His survival instinct went into overdrive.

“Come on, trust me,” she urged pulling him closer and then down to her lips, kissing him with shattering tenderness. In that moment he forgot the sun. He forgot he war. He forgot the world and let himself just feel her in her kiss, in their tie. It was the most amazing sensation of freedom that he had ever known.

When the kiss ended, she jumped up onto the balcony wall and pulled him to stand between her legs, placing him directly in line with where he most wanted to be. He pressed into her, pulling the robe completely apart and exposing her body to his kisses, her breasts to his touch. Soft, so soft. His thumbs caressed her nipples and he felt them swell and harden calling to his lips and he could not deny them, he didn’t even want to try. Kissing one and then taking it deep into his mouth he moaned at the taste of her skin, and ground his hips into the core of her again. Sighing in frustration and arousal he felt her remove his pants and reach down to take him in her hand. She pumped him gently, running her thumb over the tip of him making is hips thrust in response to her touch. She placed him at her entrance and then pulled his hips closer sliding him into her while he continued to tease her nipples with his mouth, back and forth between them as though they had a lifetime to do this right, to do this slow.

Their previous joining in the storm and the hotel earlier had been turbulent and passionate. A wild and wicked pounding driven by their uncontrollable need to satisfy themselves with each other. This was so different, slow and tender and when he began to move she gasped her pleasure before pulling him up to her kiss again, her tongue caressing his fangs which had come down as his cock had come up. The two were connected and one was a much a sign of his desire for her as the other. What she did with her tongue was almost as maddening as the way she was squeezing him inside her. He started moving faster in response to her efforts, the sensations ripping away his control.

Abby says sometimes you have to let go.

Perhaps he had not given Abby enough credit when Pam had droned on and on about her seemingly useless human advice.

Breaking the kiss, she pulled his face to her neck whispering into his hair, “Drink, Eric.” He stopped moving and pulled back to look at her, frowning.

“I don’t need it.”

“Shhh. Come on, trust me,” she repeated again.


“Please.” The look in her eyes undid him. She wanted it so much, he could see it in her face and he could feel it in their tie. Rather than fight he leaned in and licked her neck, and then gently slid his fangs in. She had tasted good before, but this was exquisite! He growled and took another pull at he wound, swallowing a greedy mouthful, losing himself in the taste of her. She moaned and brought her hand up to the back of his head holding him there. Two deep swallows, three and then the taste became less pleasant. Still good, but not so good that he couldn’t pull back. He licked her neck again, snagging his tongue to heal her before finally wiping her completely clean of both their blood. He looked in her eyes then.

“I loosened the magic just a little. You must learn to drink and be able to stop without magic.”

“You know that is not likely.”

“Oh, I don’t think you have seen nearly enough of Oklahoma in your time here to make a judgment like that!” She smiled her devilish smile and rocked on him still hard inside her. His eyes rolled back at the feel of her and when she grabbed his hips and pulled him in deeper he decided to listen to Abby.

He pulled her close to him, pressing her breasts to his chest and set about making her forget all the things that brought shadows to her beautiful eyes. The loneliness, the fear, the rage at the betrayal of her kin.

Abby says sometimes you have to let go.

Her arms came up around him and her heated breath caressed his ear as she moaned his name over and over like a prayer. He wanted her to come completely apart in his arms, and around his flesh inside her so that he could help her start over and build things the way they should be, rather than the way they were. He was so close now, and he could tell that she too was right on the edge. He reached down to help her, caressing her in the perfect spot to send her over the edge. To let go. Her nails dug into his back as she passionately whispered his name one last time, and the pain brought him along right behind her. He threw his head back and roared as he emptied into her, falling into and out of the sensation, losing himself completely to the intensity of what he was feeling physically and emotionally. His thoughts were a disorganized jumble.

She had always known about me.

She was always here and I didn’t know.

She was always mine and I didn’t know.

Abby says sometimes you have to let go.

He buried his face in her neck and moaned at all the time they had lost, all the trials they had yet to face. The crushing near certainty that before this was over one or likely both of them would be dead.

Too much, it was too much.

Abby says sometimes you have to let go.

She kissed his hair and whispered his name softly. “Eric, look.”

“I can’t,” he mumbled against her shoulder. “I just want to stay here with you, like this, forever.” She kissed him again.

“Trust me.” Shuddering, he pulled back to look at her and stopped cold.

Over her shoulder he saw the sun had breached the horizon and that for the first time in a thousand years he saw daylight. He should have run, but he was so shocked that his muscles locked long enough for him to register that he was not burning.

He was watching the sunrise and he was not burning. It was beautiful. Heartbreakingly beautiful.

Sookie watched him turn to stone in her arms and held her breath waiting for him to realize he was safe. She knew that he was ok when she saw the blood tears travel slowly down his cheeks. Not wanting to waste a precious drop of him she licked them from his cheeks, feeling him enter her and travel through all the secret pathways inside her. He was like a hit of Red Bull times a thousand, and it felt fucking fantastic to have him inside her, in this way, in all ways.

His shoulders hitched, and he looked at her thunderstruck.

“Go west,” he whispered, “Until you find your sun.” Sookie nodded smiling gently at him.

“You? Your blood does this?” still in awe.

“Yes.” He took another long look at his first dawn and then kissed her reverently, before cupping her face, and pressing his forehead to hers.

“How long?”

“Not sure, I think it depends on how much and how often you drink.” He nodded against her forehead. He stood then, and took another long look at the sun. She admired his form in daylight, the long planes of alabaster muscle that were far too white to be human. He was clearly other, and seemed ethereal to her eyes. He moved her to tears and all he was doing was standing there being himself. Being Eric Northman. Being the man that she had dreamed of since she was a small child. Being that man with her. Finally.

He picked her up and took her back to his chamber placing her in his bed and sealing the door.

World be damned, like Abby says, sometimes you have to let go.

He tucked her in, and himself around her, holding her as he had before, protectively, gently. “Thank you,” he whispered into her hair. She giggled.

“You should thank Abby. She’s the one who told you to let go.”

“Yes,” he said pulling her closer, “But you’re the one who caught me when I did.”


They talked for hours about the last time he had seen the sun rise before his turning and thousand other small things as lovers do before the pull of the sun started to tug at him, making him feel fuzzy and slow. She was still wide awake despite the drain of the night they had shared. “I rarely sleep, Eric. I don’ t need to, unless something is wrong. Then I take rest to heal.”

“How did you know that would happen, Sookie? How did you know the sun wouldn’t harm me?”


“The AP told you that Fae blood would make me a day walker?”

“Yes, it was a story that she told me as a child. A great tale of a vampire and his fairy and all the wonders that they might create together. It was favorite of mine. I always asked her to tell it when she put me to bed.”

“Gruesome bedtime stories for a child,” he observed.

“Not to me, I’ve always been a little bit of a devil, even when I was small.” His eyes were closed but he could hear the smile in her voice, warming him as much as the sun had on the balcony.

“Will you stay here with me today? I want to wake up to you here, like this.”

“I will be here when you rise,” she answered him kissing his softly.

“But not all day?”

“No, there is much to do and I have meetings and appointments that can’t be delayed because I want to spend the day in the arms of my eternal lover.” He growled softly, purring with pleasure at her name for him.

“I think you were the sun she meant,” he managed to get out before the day took him away. His last thoughts peaceful at finally figuring out what Pythia had meant all those centuries ago. She stroked his forehead, smoothing his hair back and whispered to him though she knew he could not hear.

“Me, too.” She stared at him for a long time, with a small sad smile on her face. After a long while, she rose to face her duties and the day that would not wait for her handsome lover to be by her side.

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  1. Loved this chapter Sookie is certainly Eric’s sun..and I’m so glad Eric listened to Abby’s advice to let himself go….


  2. VictoryInTrouble says:

    oh god, this is so good. You know I love a strong Sookie who helps Eric to be his best self. This is so damn good!

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