The Great Reveal

The Big Bang- The Great Reveal

The ride home had been silent. She leaned against his shoulder as she had on the way to the hotel and laced their hands together, both seeking and giving comfort for the battles waged this evening. It was near one in the morning when the car pulled up out front and they entered her home.

“Our home,” she corrected his wandering thoughts, not breaking stride as she climbed the stairs already abandoning shoes on the way. He was starting to feel like Hansel, only instead of breadcrumbs it was clothing that led him toward home. By the time she got to the top of the stairs she was  naked, dress and underclothes abandoned and draped on various furniture and statuary in the hall.

For some reason, her disregard for clothing and where she left it amused him.

“Haaansel,” she called from her bedroom in a sing song voice. “Oh, Haaansel.” He chuckled softly and hurried to her side. She was in her closet pulling on a loose robe when he arrived, her hair was down again, she had repaired it with magic after their shower at the hotel, and since it looked wild and perfect now like it had the other night in the storm he assumed she had used the same technique again.

“Come, sit with me.” She had a large sofa in her room, and she plopped there, waving her hand and conjuring a glass of merlot, from which she took a deep drink before setting it down and looking at him. “Too many clothes, like always,” she grumbled as she waved her hand in his direction and he found himself dressed in silk pajama bottoms with a matching robe, which was left open. “Eye candy,” she winked, flashing her devilish grin at him again. “Sit,” she said again, motioning him to join her. He sat and immediately she reached down and pulled his naked feet into her lap. “I made a promise to these guys earlier tonight and I mean to keep it now.” She began massaging his feet, working deep into the muscles. It felt unbelievably good, better than it should have since the blood prevented human ailments like tired feet and aching muscles.

It was then he noticed that her hands were glowing. Magic massages, he thought to himself. “Best kind,” she smiled at him. “Now, let’s do this right. Tell me what you know of the Great Reveal.”

Eric had about a thousand questions pressing the back of his lips demanding to spoken, and none of them were about the Fae coming out.

“I know, I know,” she said, digging deep into his heel, and giving a little extra magical oomph to her efforts. “Trust me, this will take us to all those things you need to ask.” Nodding, he began to speak.

“About twenty years ago rumors started to spread through the vampire community that the Fae were thinking of revealing their existence to the world. At first they were dismissed by my kind as absurdity. We could find no reason that you would take such a risk believable. You could pass as human with little to no effort. Also, you had your own realm and were not trapped to share this one as some supernaturals are forced to do.

“As time passed the rumors became more insistent and about a decade ago at a Vampire summit it was announced by The Council that you would indeed be going public. Immediately, Vampires started to plan their own outing as well, and those plans are still in motion. They are waiting to see how this goes before they go public.”

“And how is this going, Eric?” she asked as she rubbed his feet, pausing to get a drink of wine.

“In the six years since your kind came forth to the world, declaring that you were here to assist mankind with saving the planet from self-destruction it has been a mixed bag.” She chuckled.

“I appreciate your flair for understatement, Hansel.” Feeling her humor in the bond he went on.

“You presented yourselves as Guardians of Old, who had returned here to help mankind “Go Green”. You indicated that you had access to advancements in fuel, medicine and in growing crops that would do what up to then had seemed impossible. You could maintain society throughout the world and live in harmony with the Earth itself. You asked forgiveness for leaving mankind so long alone and promised that this new era would restore balance to Mother Nature itself.”

She drained her glass then, and conjured another. “Go on,” she urged, still rubbing his feet in between sips. Her touch was welcome and distracting at the same time.

“The public embraced you on the surface. The masses were lost, disillusioned in their own leaders and their inability to bring about the true change that everyone seemed to call for and no one knew how to make happen. You established yourselves in governments around the world, demanding representation for taxation, as it were. You formed groups to save the oceans, the forests and endangered species. You funded campaigns for like-minded humans and for a while it seemed as though things might truly change for the better.” She chuckled mirthlessly then. “Things took a turn when one of the human splinter groups known as The Iron Fist captured a Fae and tortured him into revealing the face that you all keep concealed. Your true visage is quite something to behold and very different from the near angelic beings you had presented yourselves to be.”

“Do you find pointy ears and teeth attractive, Eric?” She asked him then trying to play it as a joke but not quite managing it. This answer was very important to her. He could feel it in the tie they shared.

“I find bravery, and honor more attractive than anything, Sookie. Physical forms change over time, and rarely if ever do they manage to show the soul and worth of the individual encased inside. I like the form you show me, but I am attracted more to the woman you show me. The wild woman who takes risks to get what she wants. The woman who will drop a man to his knees if he spouts off to her. The woman who shows compassion to those less fortunate. The woman who will rub a tired old vampire’s feet, and kisses his ass occasionally.” She laughed again, meaning it this time.

“I didn’t mean for your to use that line on me.”

“Then don’t make me. You can hear my thoughts. You know what I think of you. You accepted me, completely. How could I do any less for you, my friend? My lover. My Sookie.” Her eyes fluttered shut at his words. He always knew the perfect fucking thing to say.

“I wish I had something besides our foot in my hands right now.”

“Me, too, but I have been answering your questions. You have not been answering mine. I have things I want to know, woman, and you will not distract me.” The corner of his mouth came up in an almost smile at the last. She nodded in agreement and he felt her push her desire back down a notch or two making more conversation possible. That would likely not have been possible if we were bonded. Inside he froze a moment. Who said anything about bonding? Not the time. Not the time. Focus.

“So, where was I?” he asked, before continuing. “Right, The Iron Fist. I always thought their motto was ridiculous by the way. ‘A Closed Fist Won’t Clap’. Pam had to explain it to me the first time I heard it.

“Tinkerbell,” she whispered then, looking down a moment.

“Right, ‘clap if you want Tinkerbell to live.’ Their ranks have been gaining membership since that video came out two years after the Reveal. On the surface everything seems fine, but The Iron Fist is hunting your kind, killing them. All the while working to discredit your claims of being here to help despite all your accomplishments. The world governments have disavowed The Iron Fist splinter cells and track them as terrorist groups but they hang on and grow. As they do, so does doubt that any other supernatural group will come forth. We see the same outcome for us as well. The humans weren’t ready.”

“They weren’t the only ones,” she stated ominously, conjuring another glass of wine.

“When the Fae began to talk of revealing themselves I was so excited. I had been in this realm for centuries at that point and saw much good here in this world and its people. I had such high hopes that we could, together with the humans and other supernatural races, build a world that we could share in peace and harmony. We were all here, either born here, or allowed access to this place because together we create the kind of harmony that we all need. Well, we could anyway. It sounds naive, I know, but I truly believe in the best in people and I believe that given a chance that best will outshine anything else. I still believe that.

“I tried to stop the Reveal.” Eric was very surprised given what she had just said about believing in the best of people. “I learned well before the Reveal that the true reason for it was not to help, but rather to seize power. The changes in this world, were affecting the Fae realm. Like,” she paused looking for the right words, “Like a landfill can poison a water supply. My people who lived closest to the line that separated our dimensions grew sick and started to die. It was determined that the realms were linked and that if we were to survive then we needed to take control of this one and make changes for the safety of all. “

She looked at him then the pain in her eyes matching the pain he felt in their tie.

“What we had never managed on our own, a true unification of all Fae, Sky, Earth, Water and Fire came into being to focus on our common enemy, mankind.” She stopped there then, taking another sip of wine, before changing her mind and downing the glass. He could feel that she was intoxicated and was relieved when she did not conjure another. Her revelation had floored him. His mind began to race trying to play out all the scenarios that now proposed themselves as possibilities. She went on, “And while clans united for the first time, they also splintered and two groups were formed of all the clans. Those who supported the true agenda for the Reveal, the Ciar, and the one who opposed it, the Albho.”

“The Dark and the Light,” Eric translated the ancient Celtic names. She nodded, rubbing his feet now absently, her gaze cloudy with distance as she remembered the struggle to stop the Reveal.

“Obviously, the Reveal happened. We couldn’t stop it, and since then the two factions have been building to a war where the fate of us all will be decided.”

I need a second front. If I fall, I need to know that you will go on.

“Where do you fit into this, Sookie?” She looked at him then, a thousand terrible things showing in her eyes. Things she had done, things she would do, and for once there was no smile.

“I am the leader of the Albho. I am the leader of The Light.”

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5 thoughts on “The Great Reveal

  1. Well that definitely puts everything in a new light!! Amazing stuff!


  2. WOw who would have guessed I understand why she needed Eric at her side..he’s such a great warrior.!!


  3. Wowza! I am loving this! Such a great twist on their story! Very well done!


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