We Go On

Love the comments, keep them coming! 🙂  You all had some great thoughts about Pythia’s visit and some great suggestions about what might happen next.  Let’s hope I don’t disappoint such great readers like you! 🙂




The Big Bang- We Go On


Sookie slept for two days after her display in the yard.  Eric kept a close check on her vitals, but she seemed fine, just exhausted.  He stayed with her most of the time, leaving her side only long enough to do perimeter checks and to take a few moments to himself when the magnitude of their current situation overwhelmed him.  In those moments he would step outside and look up at the stars, trying to remember that while this was huge to him, in the grand scheme of things he was smaller than one of those points of light above him.


In the grand scheme he did not matter.   She did.  Their daughter did.  Everything else, it was what it was.


As hard as he tried he could find no peace in that.  He comforted himself in knowing that while he could not truly prepare himself for what was to come, he would do what needed to be done in the moment.  He had to.  There was no other choice.


When she awoke the first thing she noticed were the massive changes in her body.  In just those two days she had gone from barely showing to looking like she was seven months pregnant.  The second thing she noticed was that Eric was hovered over her middle whispering so softly she couldn’t make out his words.  He turned to her and smiled when he heard her heart beat pick up, indicating that she was awake.


“Hey, beautiful,” he whispered to her, not moving from her midsection.


“Pfft, I bet you say that to all the fairies you massively impregnate in magical circles in Louisiana.”  She forced herself to try and reach for normalcy.  If she did lose him, she did not want to waste the time they had left on tears and recriminations.


“As a matter of fact, I do.” He left a hand on her belly and moved up her body to kiss her hello.  She kept the kiss light and playful, pushing back the desperation that she was still feeling.


“And do they swoon at your compliments?” she teased.


“I hope so.  They are from the heart after all.”  He moved on to nuzzle her neck then, thinking he was being stealthy about taking in her scent but she knew what he was doing.  He was looking for normalcy, too.  That’s what they did, they flirted, they laughed, they sniffed and they fucked, they loved knowing they had each other’s backs no matter what.


And I will have yours, Northman, no matter how stubborn you being about this!


“Are you well, Sookie?  You slept such a long time.”  He was kissing her neck softly now and she realized that he had not fed since the mating had ended.


“Yes, I am better now.  How long was I out?”


“Two nights since…” he stopped, wanting to say what they both already knew.  “I have missed you.  The sound of your voice, the touch of your hands on me.”  He stopped talking as he ran his hands over her, and felt her in the bond.  She did seem rested now and he relaxed into her, just enjoying being near her.  His hand wandered down to her swollen belly again, not able to stay away. “I have watched her grow as you rested.  It’s happening so fast!”  He looked up at her then, his gaze wide with wonder of the miracle he had borne witness to as she rested.  “I think she will be here soon.  One or two more nights at most.”


Sookie, taking stock of her body and how it was feeling, had to agree.  There wasn’t much room left for their child to grow.  “I heard something while you were sleeping,” he told her quietly.  His face never having looked more joyous or innocent than it did in that moment.


“What?” she asked, feeling his joy and excitement.


“Two heart beats, Sookie.  Two!”


“Twins?” she tried to sit up and found that she could not under her own steam.  He helped her, propping her up against him so that she could look down at her belly with him.  “Fairies often have more than one baby, but since is all new I didn’t think that would be the case, but, oh!  Twins!”  Tears came then and he rocked her, sharing her joy at this new revelation.


“Can you hear them, Sookie? I think at least one of them is a telepath like you.”  She frowned then, reaching out to see if she could hear anything.  Nothing came back to her.  She shook her head and looked at him with a frown.  Carefully, he propped her up on some pillows and moved back to her middle on the bed.


Little ones, can you hear me? He sent to them.  Within in seconds he felt the tingly fingers that he had come to believe were his children’s thoughts brush his mind.  Sookie gasped.  “I can hear them, Eric!  They know your voice!”  She reached for his hand.  Resting his head on her belly he turned to her and smiled.


“Perhaps if you snored they would know their mother was here, too.”  She squeezed his hand.


“I do not snore, Eric Northman!”


“Well, then make whatever sound it is that you make that is not snoring and let them know you are here, Beloved.”  He had to bite his lip to keep from laughing at the look on her face.  Gods, I love her so much, he thought as he watched her pretend to puff up and be angry with him for his teasing.  He watched her tuck her hair behind her ear and raise her eyebrow as she thought of the perfect come back to get him.  He saw her  talking but was not able to listen as he felt himself blown away by her beauty in that moment, sitting there, the sheet pooled around her waist, swollen with his children and glowing.


She is everything I ever dreamed of wanting.





They decided to leave that night.  After bathing and dressing they took one last look around the old farmhouse, him thinking he had never been happier than he had been here with her, and her thinking that if she lost him she would never set foot here again.


They arrived at the door of King of Nevada seconds later and rang the bell. Pam answered the door and her face lit up in a smile as she took them in from head to toe, and then back to Sookie’s middle.  Her eyes grew large and her mouth dropped open slightly as she tried to process the impossible and come up with a smart ass remark.  Alcide sensing her emotions sped up to the door at vampire speed to see what was happening. Apparently, he had been around Pam for too long because the first thing out of his mouth sounded remarkably Pam like.


“Hey, Sookie.  Why don’t you come in and sit down, looks like you’re bursting with things to tell us.”  The vampire comedy gene was a twisted one indeed.




Once all the strange and awkward one liners had run out they all sat down together and came up to speed.  Eric and Sookie first, with their news of the twins and their visit from Pythia.


“You just must missed her, here, by like an hour,” Alcide told them, scratching his head, a remainder from his pure fairy days, something he did when he was nervous because vampires don’t itch.


“What was she doing here?” Eric asked, coming to attention.


“She came by to tell me that she wanted me lead the new Council.  She called me the “Forefather of new race,” and said that they were destined to  be a huge part of the supernatural world.”  Sookie leaned back into Eric and thought about that.


“That means there will be more like our children,” Eric said aloud, echoing her thoughts.  “More like you, Alcide, with the powers of both and the weaknesses of neither race.”  He sounded awed again, at the idea that he had been integral to creating such a being, on all fronts.  Essentially, he was Alcide’s grandsire, and now he was the father to the twins as well.


Alcide was having some trouble processing that himself.  He had felt so alone since his turning.  Telling himself over and over that no one could understand, only to find out that he was not the only, he was just the first.


“You must pave the way for them, Alcide.   This is your gift, and this your curse.  Embrace it and herald in a time like none this world has seen before,” she had told him.  “Once you and Sookie have saved this world for all of its inhabitants the generations to come will maintain it and  continue to build a place for all to live and thrive.”


Alcide told them what she had said and then squirmed uncomfortably in his chair.  “When she says it sounds all righteous and there is no doubt.  When I say it sounds like I am being melodramatic.”


“The righteousness comes with age and practice,” Sookie told him, a tad bitterly.  She was still angry about the bomb Pythia had dropped in Louisiana.


“Have the other supernaturals selected their representatives?” Eric asked, ever the man on topic.


Alcide shook his head, “It’s still in progress, but she left her proxy here with me and gave me marching orders to start organizing and setting up the first new Council meeting in three weeks.”


“Her proxy?”


“Yeah, apparently, she is giving me her authority as the last standing member and once the first meeting is in session she’s going to take off the training wheels and turn it all over to me and the new Council members.”


“Congratulations, Alcide,” Sookie said, rising slowly to hug him.  Eric pulled her back gently.


“He is still a newborn, Sookie, and right now you smell unbelievably divine.  Best not.”  She sighed, he was right of course.


“You do smell really good, Sookie.  I wasn’t going to mention it, but since it came up, what is that smell?”  his eyes dilated and his fangs dropped as he took in a deep breath of her.  Eric growled, and he put his fangs away.


“Hormones,” she mumbled under her breath and no one was sure if she was answering the question, or commenting on their display.




Alcide and Pam stepped out then to feed, so that there would be less temptation with Sookie.   Eric stayed with her on the sofa in Alcide’s office thoughts of what they had just learned running through his mind when all of sudden she jumped beside him, letting out a soft exclamation.  Before he could ask  she took his hand and placed it on the side of her belly.  He jumped at the kick that hit his hand.


“They didn’t do that before!” he exclaimed, excited like she had never seen him.  She just smiled and held his hand there, letting them pound against his large hand.  She felt them shifting around and felt intuitively they were lining up to exit in the near future.  She pushed all the dark away for a few moments and just shared this one with her family.




“We took Quinn, as you instructed before you left,” Pam told them when she and Alcide returned.


“And what did you find?”  Eric asked.


“He was deep in New York’s pocket, along with three other of your household staff.  They had been reporting to him exclusively for over six months.  They gave him everything from your schedule down to what you like for breakfast and where you buy your underwear.  We took all of them and have them imprisoned here.  What do you want to do with them?”


“I’d like to see the detailed reports before we make any final decisions,” Eric said.  “There could be some way to turn this to our advantage.”  Alcide nodded and told him he would get them together for them to take with them to Oklahoma.


“We were pretty aggressive on our questioning, but there could be others there that we do not know about,” he cautioned them as he summoned Hamilton to gather the data that Eric had requested.


“Understood,” Eric told him. “I would like to talk to Pam alone before we go,” he said rising.  “Will you be able to control yourself for a few moments, Alcide?” the threat implicit in his words.  Pam rolled her eyes.


“Alcide, as your maker I command you not to feed from Sookie.”  Despite the front he had been putting up be was relieved that the choice had been taken from his hands.


“Thanks,” he told Pam with a smile as she and Eric left the room.




“So, it’s better now with you and Pam?” Sookie asked as soon as they were gone.


“It’s getting there.  Your little pep talk did a lot to get my head on straight with regards to who was at fault for this.”


“Good.  And do you still hate my fucking guts?”  He chuckled.


“Sometimes, yes I do.”  He looked at her then, and saw that she was fighting as hard as she could to keep it together.  He was still mad as hell at her for the decision that she had made, but she would always have a special place with him.  “It’ll all be, ok, Sookie.”


“Yes,” she said through clenched teeth.  “It will be because it has to be.  I can’t lose him!  I won’t!”  He wondered for a moment what he would be feeling now if Pythia had dropped the same bomb on him about Pam.  Rage ripped through him at the idea that someone might hurt her, take her from him.


“If there is anything I can do-”


“You and Pam will be the first ones I call,” she promised.


“What are you planning to do now, Sookie?” She took a deep breath before answering him.


“This is going to find us no matter what we do.  Pythia told us that by telling us everything else.  There is nowhere to run and there is nothing to do but brace.  So, we brace, and we go on.”


“Go on?”


“Yes, we go on living as though it’s not on borrowed time, as though all the tomorrows are guaranteed to be ours, as we did before we knew that they might not be, because, the sad truth is that they never were.  Even immortals die.  So, we go on, because it’s all we can do.”


More glad than ever for Pam’s command he moved to her then and embraced her, sending her strength for the battles known, but yet to come.




“What’s it like?” Pam asked as soon as they were alone.


“It’s like when I made you, daughter.  All the joy, the sense of being responsible for another, the desire to always do your best for them.  You were born in a different way, Pam, but you are no less my child than the ones that Sookie carries now.”  She nodded, reassured of her place with him.


“What do you need, Master?”


“Your word.”


“If you survive or if you fall, I will fight to the death for Sookie and for my siblings. You have my word.”  He hugged her then, feeling so proud of her and hoping that he had a chance to raise more just like her.  Her face buried in his large chest she asked the question that had been burning in her mind since she first realized Sookie’s condition.


“Do you think that I could have this, too, Master?” He hugged her tighter, feeling her longing in their bond.  He gave her the only answer he had, knowing that it wouldn’t give her peace but it would leave her hope.


“My beautiful child, in a brave new world such as this, all things are possible.”




They teleported back to Oklahoma after promising to call the next night with instructions regarding the prisoners.  They had been on the doorstep just a moment when Sookie’s fear ripped through their bond.  She was reaching his arm when the front door opened and a figure moved toward them at vampiric speeds.  She was just starting to light up when the vampire placed the iron shackles on her wrists, removing her ability to teleport.  Eric was moving then too and he had the vampire by the throat and off the ground when he realized who he was holding.


“As your maker, I command you to release me, Eric.”  He set Appius on the ground gently and stood there, shoulders down, unable to fight his maker.

From the door behind him he heard someone clapping.


“Excellent,” the King of New York, said.  “Now, bring them inside, Appius.”



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    I understand, I really do. I am not happy with him showing up either, but he kind of has to. He was tricked in the beginning into delivering the Viking to Oklahoma. We all knew that wasn’t going to fly. He’s too Appius to just take that and roll over. It will all work out in the end. 🙂 And I look forward to more squee then 🙂


  3. rufflesmom says:

    Appius is always trouble. He need to be killed off quickly.


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    oh god! I echo lostinspace33. Oh, fuck is exactly what I was thinking. I hate Appius so much!


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