The Big Bang- Worthy

Eric fell to his knees in front of the Ancient Pythoness, at once relieved to see her and terrified. She had information that he needed, but her appearance here at this time told him that he would be needing it very much sooner than he had hoped.

“Rise and come sit beside me child.” Once he was beside her he searched for the right words. “Thank you,” he said quietly. “Thank you for the gift that you have given me in Sookie and in our child.” She nodded her head a faint smile on her lips.

“They are indeed yours, and you have proven yourself worthy time and time again.”

“How do I save them from the Darkness?”

“There is much darkness around us now, and more coming. Of which do you speak?”

“In the vision I saw the Mothers and Fathers, and I saw Sookie, pregnant with our child before the Darkness took her. I heard your voice tell me that you could tell me how to save them.”

“You have to be willing to die for them.” Her words rocked him. He was to lose her then. To save her and their unborn daughter he would have to meet the True Death. He saw them again in the field of flowers, and it cut him to the bone that he would not be there to share that with her, with them.

But they will have it, and that is what matters! He told himself fiercely, forcing down his anger and regret. “I will do what must be done!” He swore, fighting to keep the emotion out of his voice. Still needing to understand his vision he pressed on. “Sookie says that all things are connected, all beings in the web of creation. This is what I saw in the vision. There were gaping holes in creation from those who had fallen already and the Dark was coming to take the rest. What is the meaning of this?”

“All things change, even creation itself. Does the fact that you saw her there among the Mothers and Fathers of all not tell you what you need?”

“She is a Mother?”

“Yes, the mother of a new race, for a new time and a new world. You have given her that.” His heart swelled with love as he saw her there again in his mind. “It is in such ways that creation grows and heals itself from the actions of others, from the actions creation itself takes.”

“Creation itself?” he echoed, not understanding.

“All things change, even creation itself,” she told him again. “You know from your time walking this world that creation can be a dark and boiling vat, not always a place of light and kindness. Sometimes, there must be destruction, there must be apocalypse that life can begin anew.”

“You knew what was going to happen at the hotel,” he tone accusing.

“Yes, it is my gift and it is my curse to know these things.”

“You could change all this! You could stop the destruction and the death that we have already faced and what is yet to come!” He stood now, looming above her, lost in a sense of futility for all that they had done and might yet do. She could stop it all if she got off her ancient ass and told them what they needed to know.

“You forget the first lesson, young one. Knowing a thing does not change it.”

“Stop talking in riddles and tell me the truth! Please!” he begged falling to his knees again before her.

“I have told you what you need to know,” she said softly, but not without compassion.

“Sookie said that you and Morgana had been friends since she was a child, and you let her die! You let The Council die! You let Niall die! How? How can you be this way?”

“It is my gift and my curse to know these things. Knowing a thing does not change it.” He opened his mouth to speak again, to yell again, to demand that she tell him something useful but she cut him off.

“To presume that you can question me is something I have allowed out of compassion for the news I have just given you. I understand you want more. You can’t have it. I told you four hundred years ago what you needed to know, and you remembered it when you needed it. You need to find faith in me now.”

“You could have saved them as you saved yourself,” he spat her.

“I did not save myself. I have saved another.” She rose then, and walked off the porch and into the night, leaving him there on his knees, his heart breaking and his rage bubbling in his veins.


He remained on the porch, turning her words over in his mind for hours. Sookie ghosting out in a long white gown and curling into his lap brought him back to the present. “What’s wrong, Eric?” she asked cuddling up to him. “I can feel your pain in the bond. What’s happened?” Before he could speak he noticed that there was something different about her. His hand came up and cupped her now slightly swollen belly. Her hand came down to rest on his.

So fast! He thought, awed at the changes in her body and what they meant. They had really done this, together! For a moment pure joy filled him and he pulled her closer to him.

“Yes, she is growing quickly. So quickly, that it would seem to be shorter term than a full Fae pregnancy.” She kissed his cheek softly then. His voice caught.

“How soon do you think?” he asked out loud, while inside he wondered, Will I get to see her before-

“What do you mean, will you get to see her? Before what? What’s happened, Eric?” She was growing agitated now, sitting up in his arms. Being bonded to a telepath definitely had its down side.

“Pythia was here earlier.” She stiffened in his arms.

“What did she say? Tell me! Tell me right now!”

“She told me how to save you and our little girl,” he whispered into her hair, pulling her back down to his chest and starting to rock her slowly. She picked the rest from his mind.

“No fucking way!” she screamed flinging herself out of his grasp and standing before him, light flashing in her eyes. Suddenly the clouds started to gather in the sky above her farm house, thunder rolling in the sky.

“Sookie, calm down! Calm down. Look at what you are doing!” He tried to reach for her again, but had to step back when she started to light up. Lost in her own fear and rage at what she had seen in his mind, she rose off the porch and out into the yard.

“I will call down the heavens and kill any who try and take you from me!” She started to spin then, pulling down the clouds into a funnel as she spun in the yard, creating a mini tornado around her as she howled her rage and pain. If the Ancient Pythoness had been there it is very likely she would have met her end in the manifestation of Sookie’s rage and power. He lost sight of her in the middle of the funnel, causing his own fear to sky rocket.

Taking off from the porch like a dark Superman, he shot straight to the heart of the storm and swept her into his arms. “Stop this, Sookie,” he whispered into her ear as he molded his body to hers. She heard him and the storm immediately started to calm, the winding dying down and the clouds breaking up and moving away. She was sobbing in his arms now, repeating her denial over and over.

“No, I will not let this happen! I will not!”

“Shhh,” he calmed her with his voice, while rubbing her back and sending calm and love through the bond to her. He felt her rage shift then.

“You’ve accepted this!” she screamed at him now! “You aren’t even going to fight! You bastard! You promised me I was not alone! You promised me that you would be here with me! YOU FUCKING PROMISED!” She screamed, the wind staring to howl again.

“I am going to fight! I am going to fight for every second I can have with you! I have not accepted my True Death! I have only accepted that if it is necessary to save you and the little one that I will do it, and never regret the sacrifice!”

The use of her power so massively, so soon after mating had exhausted Sookie physically, and feeling the truth of Eric’s words in the bond finished her. She collapsed in his arms, her eyes rolling back in her head as he caught her in his arms. “Sookie!” he quickly checked her vitals and realized that she had just fainted. He took her into the house and placed her on the bed, getting her a glass of water and placing it by the bed before spooning her from behind, his hand automatically going to the baby as he buried his face in her hair.

Are you all right, little one? He sent to the child under his hand, not really expecting an answer, but he got one. There was a tickling sense of tiny fingers caressing his mind and he knew in his heart that their child had responded to his mental query. He allowed himself a smile. Another beautiful woman that I will be able to hide nothing from. And then it hit him, that he would likely never know his daughter and his ancient heart broke right in half as he fully realized everything he would be missing if he made the sacrifice that Pythia had foretold.

Sookie stirred in his arms then, and turned to embrace him. I haven’t given up, he sent to her. She answered with a kiss that melted him from the toes up, a slow burn that moved fast through his whole body. She removed her gown quickly, and then his clothes more slowly, trailing kisses slowly along each stretch of skin that she revealed. Her kisses told him that not only did she want him, she needed him with her, forever.

He had fallen onto his back as she removed his clothes, watching her, feeling her. Each kiss a promise that she would never let him go. When she moved to his lap and slid him into her wet heat he moaned and moved to cup her breasts in his hands. “They’ve grown,” he whispered in awe. She leaned down to kiss him, sighing as she felt him shift inside her as the angle of her body changed. As she kissed him she brought one of his hands down to rest on her swollen stomach. She rocked her hips a little then, making sure she had his attention.

“I’m only whole like this,” she whispered to his lips. “I’m only any good to anyone when I am with you…when we are with you.” She started rocking on his hard length again. “I’ve had you for days now, and I know, I know that I don’t ever want to be without you.” She started rocking faster then, tears slipping from the corners of her eyes as she placed her hand over his on her stomach. “How am I supposed to care about a world that doesn’t have you in it, Eric?” She asked him sobbing out her broken heart. He sat up then, pulling her to him.

“Because she will be in it. I will still be here, because she will be here. Part of me will always be with you, Sookie. The best part of me,” he kissed her then and employed every skill he had required to shift her attention from what they might lose, to focus on what they had, in that that moment, the ones before and the ones yet to come, no matter if they short numbered. “People dream of what we have, Sookie,” he told her as he kissed her neck and used his hand to caress her in just the right spot as she picked up her pace, moving her hips harder on him. “They wander through their lives and only dream of what we have had already.” She flung her arms around his neck and sobbed.

“That’s why I won’t give it up. I will fight for it! I will fight for us.” Her words went straight to the heart of him and he couldn’t stand to hold back another second. Who knew how many more seconds like this they would have?

“We will fight together when the time comes, Sookie, but for now, let go for me. Be here for me now, let me see your beautiful face in the peak of passion and love. Show me, so that I know that I have served you well.” He rubbed harder between her legs and thrust deeply into her, “Come for me, Sookie. Give yourself to me, completely.”

His words undid her and she came hard around him, screaming and sobbing, not quite able to stop thinking of losing him, but it gave her passion a new sharper edge and her body responded to that desperation by peaking again and again until she felt his big body shake under her and heard his groan of release in her ear. The sound of his satisfaction set her off again, her body pulsing and rocked with the intensity of the passion she felt.


Later, her held her, stroking her hair softly. Her tears and dried up now and he felt determination from her as her mind raced. He wanted to talk to her about whether they should stay here at her old farmhouse or if they should return to Oklahoma, but didn’t want to upset her again right now. In the end, he was pretty sure whatever was coming would find them no matter where they were. Perhaps, remaining here would keep some of the lesser darkness at bay though. So far this house had been a sanctuary for them. A place where he had spent the happiest and most intense days and nights of his existence.

He was not in a hurry to leave, on so many levels.

He felt her start to drift off to sleep and he let her go. She would do what she had to do, of that he had no doubt, but so would he. No price was too great to save them. He held her until death took him for the day, and as he drifted away, he said a silent prayer to whoever was out there thanking them for all the time that he had been granted, and all the wonders that he had been allowed to see since his journey to Oklahoma.

He was so grateful for all of it that he had not the heart to pray for more. He wasn’t sure he was worthy of what he had already been granted.


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    I hope that just being willing to make the sacrifice will be enough and that he won’t have to actually do it. He can’t leave them!


  4. Oh so sad noooooooooooooo Eric can’t die…


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    I do love when a story makes me cry.


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