As I Am, So Are You




Sookie awoke floating six feet in the air an immediately fell on her ass. Her yelp of pain brought Eric awake immediately, and he reflexively threw a ball of purple light at whoever was attacking Sookie.

He successfully killed the doors to the left of the bed that led to the beach and missed Sookie entirely as she lay on the floor, staring at the ceiling she had just been touching wondering what the hell was going on. They both spoke at the same time.

“I can fly!”

“I can shoot light balls!” She sat up and placed her chin on her arm along the side of the bed, smiling at him.

“Yeah, but can you actually hit anything, Northman? That is the part that counts,” she teased him.

“Hrmph! You do know that flying actually involves your ass not being glued to the ground, right, Stackhouse?” He teased, diving over the edge of the bed to tackle her and roll around on the floor until she lay on top of him, grinning down.

“How do you fly, Eric?”

“You just feel it, inside. You know you want to push off from the ground, and move. At first, you mostly float like an untethered balloon, but once you can focus your will it is like launching a rocket, only the rocket is you. It helps to know what direction you want to go in, though I suppose initially, ‘up’ is sufficient.”

“Could Godric fly, too? And Pam?”

“Godric, yes. He taught me. Pam has yet to display the gift, but I would be surprised if she didn’t soon.” His hands were starting to roam over her back, caressing her skin. He wasn’t even thinking about what he was doing, caressing her was an automated response in him now, just as reaching for her through the bond had become regular act for him.
She giggled. “Now, you can do everything I can do, and I can do everything you can do. We are one in another way, besides the bond we share.” He felt her send a burst of love through the bond, and he responded to it, moving his lips up to her neck, nipping along her jawline alternating teeth and lips.

“I can think of another way we can ‘be one’. You up for it, Stackhouse?” Her answer was to kiss him, possessively, tangling her fingers in his hair, as he did to her, ferociously tender. Last night had been about confirmation that nothing had changed between them, despite the shattering revelations of the evening.

This morning, they were more powerful than ever. To everyone else these changes would have made them more formidable, scarier. To each other, it made them want to prove that no matter what happened, what seemed to change on the surface, their love, at the core, would remain their constant.

Eric showing off, levitated them back onto the bed, holding her tightly to him, as he rolled over, never breaking their kiss and taking advantage of how her legs wrapped around his hips in an unconscious effort to hang on. Her shifting positioned him perfectly to claim her and he moaned his appreciation as his hips rocked gently back and forth teasing her and himself. She began to rock as well, sliding him into her just a little further.

In his mind he heard her litany of love as he settled down on the bed and pushed all the way inside. He answered her unspoken words with punctuated thrusts of his hips, and affirmative growls from deep inside his chest. All the better to kiss her, and never have to stop. He felt her wrap her legs around him even tighter pressing his length deeper into her and squeezing him tightly. He was so lost in the sensation around his cock that he missed her levitating them high enough to roll them, placing him under her until he felt the bed against his back.

He laughed, delighted in her play as he set up in the bed, keeping her astride his body. She rode him, caught between laughter and ecstasy in his arms. He kissed her breast, taking her nipples into his mouth first one and then the other, sucking them slowly, rolling his tongue around them before taking slow gentle tugs before letting her go from his mouth. May I feed here?

Yes, oh please yes! Growling again, he took her breast into his mouth, moving his hand down between them and down to firmly rub her sensitive. In seconds his hand was lubricated by their combined juices, making his touch all the more pleasurable for her. She arched her back instinctively and rode him deeper and harder as he rubbed her. His hand between her thighs her sole focus, she lost her mind entirely when she felt his fangs pierce her skin. He came deep inside her as he tasted her, pressing deeply between her legs and tugging on her sensitive nipples with mouth. Taste me, he sent to her, raising his arm to her mouth pressing the underside of his wrist to her lips.

Her body was still quivering as she bit through his skin and she moaned her deep appreciation and renewed lust as the taste of him rolled over her tongue. You taste so good. One hand was holding his wrist to her lips, and the other was cradling the back of his head as she drank from her. She fell back on the bed slowly, pulling him with her, wanting to feel him cover her body with his. He sighed contentedly as his wrist closed, licking her wounds closed as well. As he knew she wanted he draped himself over her, coving her like a vampire blanket. He buried his face in her neck and inhaled deeply, taking the scent of her and their lovemaking deep inside himself.

How do you shoot balls of light? He didn’t want to move but knew that if they had been granted this gift there would be good reason. She thought for a long moment before she answered him.

I think of someone hurting the people I love. The last time I blew the doors off Russell it was because he threatened my ‘Precious Viking’. She felt him chuckle slightly.

And was I then, your ‘Precious Viking’, Beloved?

I was definitely warming up to you a little, imagine what would happen now that you got me all hot and bothered. Now, she thought fiercely, pulling his face up to look him the eyes, now I would eviscerate him with only a thought if he so much as looked at you, lover.

Oh, he thought, smirking at her, possessive, aren’t we?

Blood thirsty, too, but still not as old as dirt. That one is all you, Northman. Her eyes were twinkling as she teased him. I will also give you ruthless, but you already know that, and you love me anyway.

You are unlike anyone else in the world, my love. No one else would be worthy of me. He kept a straight face, but she could feel her laughter in the bond.

Exactly, no one else would be worthy of me, she repeated, changing ownership of the pronouns as she did the first night when she had laid claim to his as hers. I am so glad you finally see things my way, lover.

As they bantered Eric thought in that moment that he felt happier than he had in his entire existence. I could meet the True Death, right now and have no regrets about anything. The thought flitted through his mind, gone before it was even fully realized. He felt sleepy again, but wanted to get up and play in the sun. He wanted to learn how to use his new power.

She groaned when he jumped up from the bed and yelled, “TRAINING SESSION ON THE BEACH IN FIFTEEN MINUTES, STACKHOUSE! SHOWER UP, LET’S MOVE IT! MOVE IT!”

Damn, have you seen an Officer and Gentlemen too many times or what? Looking at her with a stern expression on his face and the devil dancing in his eyes he sent, I was doing my impression of Brad ‘The Iceman’ Colbert. She looked at him waiting on an explanation, but he just smiled at her and waited for her to ‘move it, move it.’ As she moved past him, she took his hand in hers and pulled him along with her to the shower.

The training session with ‘The Iceman’ actually started thirty minutes later, but from the satisfied smile on his face, she didn’t’ think he minded, too awful much.




He must have faery somewhere in his family, she thought to herself as short time later she watched Eric throwing light bombs like he had been doing it forever. He was a natural and his easy grace and ability to call forth the power was not dependent on his anger. In some ways, he is a better faery than she was. She huffed indignantly as he smugly demonstrated his prowess with the light bombs.

She was progressing as well, being able to direct her floating, but not able to launch like a rocket as she had seen Eric and Russell both do. She wanted to break the speed of sound when she flew, she wanted to roar through the skies like a fighter pilot, minus the jet. Suddenly she had an idea.

“Hey, Eric! Make me angry. I want to see if I can launch into the sky if you piss me off.” Without missing a beat, he threw a light bomb at her, deliberately hitting the sand at her feet, simultaneously melting the sand to glass, while also spraying sand in her face. As she sputtered, he pressed the attack, throwing bombs that ignited loudly on either side of her, she screamed, and he felt genuine fear come through the bond as heard the explosions near her, but could see what was happening due to the sand in her eyes. One last time he lobbed a bomb at her head and she screamed in fear and anger and shot into the sky. He watched her sail up, and up and up and up and had the ‘oh shit’ moment when she didn’t come back.

Taking to the sky himself he soared toward her, following the bond, up, up and away. He found her hovering at about a thousand feet above the island, looking around at the view. Looking around he saw that the turquoise sea ran on into the horizon in every direction. With his vampire eyes he thought he saw another island in the distance.

“What’s that?” he pointed, asking Sookie.

“Persona Non Grata,” she answered, he felt her mood dip to sadness in the bond. Unwelcome Person, Eric translated, waiting for more. She sighed, took his hand and began to float down to the beach. “I’ll tell you another time, ok? For now, just know that before a place is made, no one can travel there. Once a place exists you can’t keep everyone out. Someone always shows up. Someone showed up in Paraspejl and brought their own island named Persona Non Grata. I don’t bother him, and he doesn’t bother me.”

“Him?” Jealously flared in the bond.

“No need to worry, lover. He is only a bitter lonely old man now. He had love once, but he threw it away, with both hands, and can’t quite forgive himself. Since he fell through into here, perhaps he never will.”

“So long as he keeps to himself,” Eric began and then reconsidered. “Wait you said this was your place, why do you let him stay?”

“He was here when I was a little girl, Eric. I haven’t seen him since we came here. Perhaps he is gone, though…if he is, I wish he would have taken his island with him.”

“Wait, how do you mean, ‘he fell through’? Through what, lover?”

“The…walls between the worlds. I am not sure that is the right word, I just don’t know what else to call it.”

“Is he from our world?”

“No, I don’t think so, but I don’t know for sure.” Eric looked in that direction for a long moment and then levitated off the ground.

“I want to meet him.” She shook her head.

“Another time, Eric. We have much to do to prepare for dealing with Russell. I want to go back to Fangtasia and let Pam know that psycho is loose.”

“If there were trouble, Pam would have contacted us, Sookie.” She nodded.

“I know, but I would feel better if she knew. Perhaps she will even want to come here and stay until we can figure out what our next move is.” Once they were in the mirror room, Sookie took his hand and asked him to concentrate on the mirror in Fangtasia like he had before. Soon they saw the room in the basement just as before.

Taking a long hard look around the room, Eric let go of Sookie’s hand and stepped through the mirror. Once in the basement he turned and looked back for her, but he only saw his only reflection. Panic filled the bond, his panic, he couldn’t feel her anymore!
Reaching back he felt only cold impenetrable glass in the mirror frame.

NO! He screamed his denial in the basement, taking a deep breath to roar again, he got a whiff of something that made his every hair stand on end.

Russell was here.


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2 thoughts on “As I Am, So Are You

  1. theladykt says:

    hmm wonder if the dude on the island is going to be important.


  2. How come Sookie didn’t come across the mirror and I wonder if the old man on the island is someone important for Sookie/Eric? Oh no Russell was waiting for Eric!!


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