Do You See Me?

Shopping with Eric was like everything else with Eric, epic. Sookie was pushing a buggy that was piled so full of items that she couldn’t even see over the top of and she still had a half a dozen things on the list to get. She hadn’t seen Eric since they split up at the door but she could feel him occasionally through the bond, excitement, joy, amusement. He seemed to be having the best freaking time ever, wherever he was.

Next time, I am taking the fun part, she thought grumpily to herself.

She had been through the grocery section already, getting not only things she wanted but Eric had provided a list, too. She was intrigued and hoping for a repeat of The War of the Spud. She had also been assigned the camping section which she had completed ransacking, again per Eric’s list. Now she was headed to household to meet up with Eric.

After this shopping expedition she was looking forward to getting into a hot tub and relaxing. Three days of nonstop being on the road had kicked her ass.
Which of course reminded her to swing by HBA for soaps, and other things that ladies might need while hiding out in the wilderness. She was headed out when saw some massage oils that caught her eye. She had an evil look on her face as she added them to her pile of booty and wondered if he had just gotten a blast of the same excitement, enjoyment and amusement that she had been getting from him. Man, she hoped so!

She continued her trek through the store following the bond and hoping that the low foot traffic at ten at night would reduce the risk of running over anyone. In fact, she was so intent on the bond that she didn’t even notice all the people who were there staring at her tiny frame pushing the overflowing buggy like it was empty.

She found him, his cart overflowing as well, looking at towels and sheets. Clearly, from his expression they were not the sort of thing he was used to, but well, in a town that boasted around twenty thousand people she sure hoped he wasn’t expecting silk and designer labels. Speaking of which, she stood on tip toe and peeked into his buggy. Clothes had been on his list and she wanted to see what he gotten for them.

“No peeking,” he said still scrutinizing the linens, apparently sensing her curiosity through the bond. She smirked. Cheater, she thought.

“No, you are the cheater, wanting to peek before we get home.” Home…he said home, and the fact that she totally agreed with him, left her standing in the middle of the Wal-Mart in Kalispell, MT with her jaw hanging open.

“Of course its home, Sookie. You will be there.” Eric kept right on perusing towels and didn’t seem to realize that she was not actually speaking out loud. Can you hear me? she thought at him.

“Of course I can hear you, you’re standing right there,” his reply sounded slightly exasperated with her distracting him again with such a ridiculous question. Then he apparently listened to himself. She felt a rush of excitement through the bond from him. He turned to face her, his eyes narrowed. Can you hear me, Sookie? She nodded. Well, he thought, this is interesting.

Can you hear the other people here, Eric? He looked around and found some people to their left. An older couple arguing over which frying pan to get. He stared holes in them and then turned back to her. Unless I am doing it wrong, I don’t hear them. Can you?
Her turn to listen.

Every damned time. Every damned time. We fight about it every damned time…

She turned back and nodded that she could hear them. Eric stood for a moment and then nodded, seeming to take in stride this latest turn of events.

Eric pulled her back to the moment by choosing some towels, dark blue and sheets in the same color. He started to move toward the register, and then taking in the size of her load started to reach out and pull hers, too. Before he could get his hand on it, Sookie started pushing from the back and nearly ran over him. She felt that cart bump into something.

“Sorry,” she said leaning around seeing it was him. Apparently, it was catching to drop your jaw in this place. He looked positively stymied. Then he shook himself and moved on, she caught confusion, excitement and shock in the bond but didn’t press him. When they finally got to Uppsala she was going to tie him up for days and make him talk to her.

If you tie me up, we will not be talking.

She couldn’t help it, she laughed. If I tie you up you have to do what I say!

And what would you say? Am I supposed to believe that with me at your beck and call completely vulnerable to your every desire you would only want to talk?


Beautiful liar.

Maybe. She sensed laughter in the bond.

The checkout girl caught whatever was going around, first when we saw their carts and then when she saw Eric. When he smiled at her, the poor girl nearly lost her mind. Sookie knew exactly how she felt.

What is she thinking?

How handsome you are. She doesn’t think that she has ever seen a more beautiful man ever. Sookie looked at him, and took in his sweeping height, his dazzling blue eyes, his unbelievable ass, and his devastating smile and though she had seen him often over the past few days she let herself see him as this checkout girl saw him.

My unbelievable- what? What was that? He glanced at, her arching a brow as he put items up on the checkout waiting to see if she would tell him again how fine his bottom was.

Ass, Eric, as in don’t’ be one! Your unbelievable ass! He laughed out loud then, and not only did he light up but the girl behind the counter did, too, thinking she had made him smile like that.

She’s right you know? You are perfection walking. He stopped in the middle of pulling something from the cart and looked at her, his face in awe as he heard her thoughts. She’s wrong, too though. It’s not what you look like that makes you so fucking fabulous. It’s the man inside. I barely know him yet myself, but every time I see him he takes my breath away.

He shines through in the things he does, like saving someone’s home for them…in taking the time to learn to cook even though he doesn’t eat himself…in working whatever mysterious mojo he’s got going on and figuring out what music I like…in making a run for our very lives seem like a romantic getaway.

The way he fights for what he wants, and then to hold onto it with every ounce of his soul. He isn’t afraid to get dirty to get what he wants or to keep it.

He inspires me to want to be better than I am just so I can impress him.

Him, he’s the one that melts my panties, the rest is just beautiful window dressing.

Eric was lost in listening to her, frozen to the spot and the checkout girl had finely caught up to him. She cleared her throat to get his attention and finally be broke eye contact with Sookie and started pulling more items from the buggy.

It’s killing me to not be able to touch you right now, but I think we have attracted enough attention here as it is.

I’m right here, Eric. I’m not going anywhere without you, and I feel exactly the same way. Keeping you safe is our number one focus. I need to keep you safe. So you can melt my panties later. You did get some spares, right? Amusement through the bond again.



Nope. I plan to keep you panty free at all times. We have days of time we missed to make up for. There will be no need for panties. You will either be unconscious or riding me. No exceptions.

Well, you just melted the pair I was wearing, so yer off to a good start. He chuckled at that, placing his final item up on the register. He stood and pulled his buggy through so that he could start unloading hers.

“Is this together?” the checkout girl asked before picking up the first thing that had come from Sookie’s buggy.

“Always,” Eric answered, smiling at her again, as he continued to line things up on the conveyor.

Always, Sookie echoed back and she felt him make the SAS through the bond. More than ever she couldn’t wait to get home.

While Eric and the checkout girl worked on unloading her cart she let her mind drift back to this morning when they had stopped to switch off drivers before the sun came up.
He had awakened her gently with butterfly kisses on her neck and cheeks. As soon as felt her stir he gently pulled her across the console into his lap, She straddled him, and then he laid his seat back as low as it would go, pulling her down on top of him.

Once she was safely in his arms, she felt his body relax beneath her, well part of it anyway, and she melted into him, getting as close as she could, grinding herself against his erection pressing between her thighs and feeling her body clench with a need for him.

Eric was torn. He felt he should talk to her about what had happened both in the physical as well as the mental plane but he wanted to reaffirm their bond. He needed to reaffirm their bond and perhaps it was better to do it before risking harsh words and anger that could drive them further apart. Sookie solved his dilemma by latching on to his neck with her mouth, and biting gently, while grinding down on him.

“Please, Eric.” It was all she said, it was all she needed to say. The rest he felt through the bond. She needed to know he still loved her before they faced the aftermath of everything. She needed to feel him, as much as he did her. Decision made, he kissed her. There was so much he wanted to say, so he said it in the way he kissed her, projecting his thoughts and feelings into actions in hopes she would understand.

He kiss told her that he would drink her pain and free her if she would let him, or he would stand beside her every step of the way if she had to cover the distance herself.

His touch insisted on showing her all the things that lived outside the pain, removing her clothing gently, teasingly before touching her in all her secret places that he was coming to learn.

His moans told her that he longed to join with her, and that nothing less than complete immersion into her could ever satisfy him.

When he slid in, his hands pulling her hips down she looked in his eyes and saw that not only was she accepted, there was no doubt she was loved. She felt it in every thrust, every kiss, and every touch.

It was so strong she felt it take her breath away and for just a moment she wanted to run, she felt so exposed to him. Like she would never be able to figure out where he ended and she began and for a second she lost her breath again, dizzy from the size and power of this thing between them. She reached out for something to hold onto and found…more Eric.

He had sat up and taken a nipple in his cool mouth, tugging it in time with his thrusts between her thighs nicking it with his fangs, moaning as a drop of blood caressed his tongue. Then he switched to the other, feeling her clench around him in time with his mouth on her.

She was losing herself to him. That was what she was afraid of more than anything else. Seeking to take back control and confirm to herself that she was driving this and not him she slammed her body down on him harder, and faster, meeting his every thrust and forcing him to pick up his pace, making him gallop for her, as she pushed him back down on the seat. Riding him was so exquisite that in no time her orgasm ripped through her but rather than surrender to it she gritted her teeth and forced her body on through it, it wasn’t her surrender she needed, it was his.

He had so much of her now in the palm if his hand. She needed something back, some hostage to ransom should he take her soul entirely, that might it survive in some form, go on in some way.

She leaned in and took his mouth in a hot demanding kiss while she rode him squeezing him so tight that her name rolled from his lips over and over, calling to her, his mind lost somewhere in pleasure. Finally he lapsed into a language she didn’t understand continuing to shout as she rode him.

She drank it in, arching her back, taking him deeper. “More!” she told him through clenched teeth, slamming down harder still. He sat them up again, thrusting underneath her. His eyes were unfocused as they looked at her so she tangled her hands in his hair dragging his focus back to her. “Look at me, Eric!” she whispered fiercely. “Do you see me?” she demanded of him.

“All of you,” he answered, his passion glazed eyes focused in on hers. She felt him sweep through the bond between them seeking to give her what she needed, if she would but name it anything could be hers as long as she kept riding him, kept loving him, kept touching him. She growled then.

“More!” she demanded again pulling him to her and biting him deeply on the neck. The second she felt his blood on her tongue she came again, this time losing her rhythm as she jerked in his arms, moaning and sucking. His blood on her tongue spoke to her like the rest of him did. In her mind as she drank she saw snowcapped mountains, and heard distant singing, she dived deeper following this thread back to him, ravenous. Taking his blood somehow only took more of her, giving him even more of herself.

When he felt her come around him and tear into his neck he had taken her hips in his hands, and continued her rhythm. He was sure that if he could hold out just a little longer he was going to explode into nothingness when he came. That he would empty all of him into her, safe inside her. He wanted to reassure her that for all he had of her she had just as much of him. He had given his blood, his cock, his protection, his promise, his bond, and still she needed more.

He roared so loud the window shook on the SUV and then he bit her, needing to taste her again, to give her his fangs, another way to be a part of her. As soon as he pierced her flesh he came inside her over and over. Another way to meet her demand, her need.

I love you, he sent to her in the bond as he took a mouthful of her into him. He felt her take one of him as well, and their mixed bloods sang to each other as they moved through one another’s veins. She drank until he healed and he drank until he knew he should stop.

He held her to him and whispered fiercely, “Whatever happens, Sookie, I wouldn’t change this, I wouldn’t go back and I will never give you up. You. Are. Mine!” She leaned back in his arms and looked at.

“Yes, you are mine, aren’t you, Vampire?” He felt her amusement in the bond. She was so mercurial, one minute like a child laughing and giggling over MP3’s, and then a crazed passionate volcano of sex or violence to only seconds later vex him with her Pixie like jokes and humor. It was almost as if-

His eyes grew wide as he looked at this woman in his arms.

“Do you see me?” she asked him again.
“All of you.” He said again.
“You won’t look away?”
“It’s going to get crazy before this is over.”
“You mean it hasn’t already?”
“Trust me, too Eric. I won’t look away either.” He sighed and leaned into her, closing his eyes a moment.
“When we get to Uppsala,” he said. She kissed him, softly.
“When we get to Uppsala,” she repeated.
They made it through the checkout and were loading the truck when she felt him behind her, sliding his arms around her and leaning down to kiss her neck.

Almost there, he thought to her.
Tell me on the way why you call your ranch Uppsala?
Yes, Beloved.
Hurry, I want you again before we sleep for the day. We are so close now! I can’t wait.

Me either, he thought. He moved around and took their carts to the holding area in the parking lot, and then climbed into the truck, starting to ease out of the parking lot before beginning the tale of Uppsala, the place of the gods.

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5 thoughts on “Do You See Me?

  1. theladykt says:

    Love the mind connection stuff. I wonder if he should call Nora though about the Roman thing


  2. Shopping at Wal-Mart or Target has never been so sexy!


  3. wow their mental connection is great ..and your writing is fabulous…can’t stop reading.


  4. valady1 says:

    Their mental link is just as intense as their physical one. Who could doubt they will not overcome what they are facing and be able to finally be together.


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