The Last Answer- Part 3- Persona Non Grata



“I- I am sorry, I don’t remember you.” David waved his hand dismissively.

“No matter, I remember you and despite the changes, you are much the same. The Master may have done his worst, but at your core you are essentially the same as ever. Strong, brave, and with a tremendous capacity for love.”

“What did he do, The Master?”

“What did he tell you he did?”

“He said he ‘wiped my mind, and sent me back a thousand years, into another world’. He said he ‘made me’ that every step I took he was there, at my knee.” Eric stopped considering the words and their implications. “Once I was one of you. Who was I? Not Order, not Chaos, but what?” Eric was asking himself more than David, because so far, Eric had been the one who answered most of his own questions, and that fact was not lost on him at all. There appeared to be a storehouse of information buried inside him. He had made more connections and had more information than he realized on his journey to this moment.

As he thought, he looked deep inside himself and realized that he felt the most whole when he acknowledged his love for Sookie, and while she was an undeniable key piece of that, the depth and breadth of the emotion emanated from within in him. “I was Love!” he whispered in awe.

“Yes, my friend, you were the very Incarnation of Love itself. That was your contribution to this Creation. You gave up you place in Creation, and all your power to become mortal and experience love for yourself. You had seen Sookie, knew who and what she was and without a second thought, jumped into mortality to be with her.”

“And once I did, once I became mortal, I was subject to the same things that all mortals are. I was subject to Order and Chaos. Chaos sent me a thousand years into the past, to keep me from my Beloved and then worked to turn me into a monster.”

“Oh, you’re on a roll now!” David jumped up, excitedly fist pumping the air. “Bring it home now!” Eric picking up on his excitement felt his mind begin to race as the final pieces started to slip into place.

“Chaos made us mortal enemies, Fae and Vampire, another way to keep us apart because if I had been the monster he worked so hard to create I would have killed her when we met.” He stopped, a look of horror growing on his face. “I thought about killing her when we met. I knew she would change everything, and I thought of- ”

“But you didn’t kill her, Eric,” David interrupted. “Not only that, but you managed to let her in and let her heal the wounds that Chaos inflicted for a thousand years. You still beat him, Eric! Don’t lose sight of that! You and Sookie beat him together!”


Sitting down again, the look of joy and excitement fading from his face David told him, “You have been given a chance to gather the tools and information you need to deal with this problem. I thought you had put it together a minute ago, but perhaps I was mistaken perhaps all is lost after all.” Anger rose in Eric’s chest.

“No! Why does he want, Sookie, tell me!”

“You tell me, if he wanted Sookie, what use would she be to him? Look beyond your love for her, and see what she is, what she can do. What use would Chaos have for a Fae? What can the Fae do that no one else can do, Eric? If he wanted her, the answer would be there.”

What could Sookie do that no one else could? She could bring him to his knees with a kiss. She could touch him and take him completely apart in that touch. God he missed her! Taking a breath he didn’t need he forced himself back, forced himself to see her not as his Sookie, but as a Fae hybrid. He cataloged her power. What could she do that made her Fae qualities valuable to one like The Master?

“You said I had to become mortal to pursue love for myself. I know that The Master and Jones can possess vessels on the earthly plane. Does that mean that they are not capable of manifesting a physical form there?” David nodded, confirming.

“So they can influence events, but not appear. Can they appear in any of the worlds that they influence?” David shook his head. “But if he had a vessel that he could stay in then he could move to the earthly plane permanently?” Again, David nodded.

“The Master wants a physical form, but he wants to retain his power!” Oh, fuck! “No more than that, he wants to increase his power because Sookie as a Fae can walk between the worlds!” Oh, Gods! “That’s why he wants a child from her. A ‘horse’ he can ride permanently and walk between the worlds doing as he pleases!” Eric’s knee’s collapsed under the weight of this new information, and he fell into the sand, his chest heaving as he was wracked with emotion.
“Horses are ridden. Horses are bred.” That was Eric had said to The Keeper of The Master’s Horses, The Dwarf. The Liar, he wanted The Master to succeed so that he could become Chaos Incarnate and take his place once he was gone.
For a long time, Eric was still. Staring into space, while he mind was lost in the same thought looping over and over.

What to do? What to do?

If he wanted her…
If he wanted her…

“David, what do you mean, ‘if he wanted her’?” Eric looked locked his gaze with David, demanding that he explain this to him.

“You have been assuming that he wanted her, that his whole plan had been about how to get Sookie. I told you when you first arrived that one could argue that he took her so you would have to face him, were you not listening?”

“But he needs a Fae to walk between the worlds in corporeal form. He needs her!”

“He would if that was the sum and total of his plan, but who says it is? Perhaps that is just a gift with purchase? An advantage afforded to him from the design of making you two mortal enemies in your genetic cores.

“Stop looking at his plan through your eyes. We know what lengths you would go to get her. You gave up your rightful place in Creation to pursue love with her. There is nothing you wouldn’t do, but The Master isn’t YOU, Eric. He wouldn’t see her as you do. She is everything to you, but again, he isn’t you. If he doesn’t want her, what does having her get him?”

Eric struggled to separate his emotion from the situation before him. He ached from the loss of the Bond, and the weight of that ache had only increased in his time on Persona Non Grata. He was so scared for Sookie that he could barely think straight, and all this new information that had been thrown at him in such a short span of time had his head reeling.

He felt like he was at sea without a rudder. He felt lost. He needed his Bonded.

Before pushing the emotion away, he let himself sink into it, remembering her kiss, her touch. Immediately, the memory of watching the sunset in her arms when the first arrive in Parapejl filled his senses. The experience of the sunset, the feel of her arms around him as he rested his head on her chest, her fingers playing in his hair. That feeling of wholeness that had released his clenched undead heart. Surrendering to the memory he felt that calm pass over him again. Remembering her love for him, he felt it wash over him again. He soaked it back in again, reveling in the glorious feeling of safety and comfort, and then, not knowing why, he sent that feeling out. He sent it out as he would have if the Bond had still been in place. He sent it to his Beloved, with all his strength and his love and he called to her, telling her with everything he was how much he loved her, how much he missed her.

I love you, too, Eric. Her answer came to him and for a second the Bond flared up, and he could feel her. HE COULD FEEL HER! Jumping to his feet, he started to move in the direction he sensed her.
“I must go!” He flung the words over his shoulder at David not looking back as he took to the air, following the tenuous bond he could feel that connected him to Sookie. He was lost in the feeling of her love and tenderness healing the wound in their Bond like feather caresses on his skin.
David watched him go, cracking open another beer, as he faded into a speck in the distance. “Good luck my old friend,” he said softly to himself hoping that Eric figured out the last answer before it was too late.

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2 thoughts on “The Last Answer- Part 3- Persona Non Grata

  1. theladykt says:

    Riddles Riddles everywhere. hmmm does Chaos want someone to love him?


  2. I wonder what was the last answer….


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