They landed in Eric’s yard at his house in Shreveport an hour before dawn that night. Sookie had wanted to be gone before then, but had to respect that daylight would serve as a huge impediment to her education if her teacher wasn’t tucked away before sunrise.

He had led her inside, parked her on the couch and immediately started making phone calls. Pam, Burnham, the AVL to file travel plans to Sweden for the next night with Anubis Air. She sat on his couch and watched him pace back and forth while he gave orders on the phone. She wasn’t listening to his words, she was watching him, his body language, and his pacing, mentally ticking things off in her mind.

In addition to marking his mannerisms and his tones, part of her watched his grace, and his unconscious masculinity that was evident in every little nuance of his movement. He was totally confident in each step and in each word, in himself. Why wouldn’t he be? After all, there just feet away from her, was the most beautiful man she had ever seen, and either before they went to bed tonight or first thing in the morning she was going to feed him. That was her end of the agreement between them.

She remembered from being with Bill that fangs piercing her were always enough to make her climax, though to be fair, Bill had almost never bitten her unless they were fucking. Is that what Eric would expect, too, when she fed him? Is that what she expected… what she wanted when she fed him?

She felt her body start to respond to these thoughts and shifted in her seated position to try and release some of the tension that was building when she thought of him like that. It was inevitable that before this was over they would become lovers. She knew she wanted him too much already to be able to hold out very long, even if the feeding didn’t send her over the edge, the alone time in a foreign country with kisses like the ones he had given her tonight on the porch would seal their fate.

She needed it to be on her terms though. She needed to be the one who initiated and controlled. That would allow her to indulge and satisfy this need that was cranking up each time he stalked past her still talking on the phone.

If Eric had been paying attention he might have noticed the shift in her body language again. On the sofa she had been sitting with her legs crossed, demure as any southern belle could be. If he had been looking when she rose to approach him, he would have seen his own flinty expression on her face. His own strutting walk as she came toward him. His own confidence when she turned him to her. If he had been expecting what came next he might have been able to prepare for it in some way. When she spoke her tone was confident, calm and demanding. There was no doubt he would comply, and so he did.

“Get off the phone, Eric. I want to feed you, now.” He stopped midsentence, and hit the END button in the middle of someone replying. “Take me to where you rest for the day.” She reached up and grabbed his neck, leaping up and locking her legs around his waist, ankles crossed behind his back. This put her face to face with him and she pulled him toward her for a deep hot kiss. She broke the contact after a minute or so, and leaned in, kissing his neck and nibbling his ear. She felt him moving her toward his resting place. There was a hidden door, some panel somewhere, and a keypad that beeped when the code was entered.

She was lost in feeling his body between her legs, and the taste of him on her tongue. A door closed and he turned into her, kissing her back now, growling softly in his chest as he experienced a dream come true in his arms. She was here and she wanted him!

He laid her back on the bed, and moved to lay on top of her. She kept her legs around his waist, and moaned herself when he pressed his hard length between her legs. “More!” she demanded, reaching for his pants to push them down, his shirt to push it up. “More of you,” she moaned again, her hands moving over his shoulders to pull him down and onto her body.

Eric, caught up in her frenzy, and the realization of his dream was completely in the moment. Later, he would realize that this was as much of a miracle as the woman in his arms being there willingly. He was never in the moment. He was miles in front of it, thinking his thoughts, and planning his plans and he never ever got to just feel, just be in the moment. He was always outside, validating the results he expected when predicted events occurred. Always removed and never a part of anything. Now, he was creating the realization that was yet to come.

When he came down on top of her, she grunted and flipped them over, placing her on top. She sat back, now both of them totally naked, her legs tucked to the outside of his. She reached down and pulled him into a sitting position. She was splayed on his lap, legs straddling, his throbbing cock nestled between them, her hand wrapped around him, stroking him.

“Tell me,” she demanded. “Tell me what it feels like when I touch you like this,” she squeezed him again at the base while she sucked his neck in deep open mouth kisses that had him going crazy. Cum dripped from the tip of his cock, and she immediately used it to lubricate her hand, increasing his pleasure, and through that her own. He moaned. Unable to think, only respond as she touched him like this.

“Need you, needyousomuch!” he groaned through his clenched jaw, his hips thrusting into her hand, blindly he reached for her.

“Tell me why, Eric. Why do you want to be inside me?” she pressed him now, holding her own loss of control back, wanting his words more than anything, wanting to please him, to make him feel all the things that someone should feel when they are made love to. All that things that she would want to feel if he made love to her. If he worshiped and adored her, placing her needs above his own. Needing to take her to a place where there would never ever be any doubt that in this moment she was seen, that she was loved.

She shifted and positioned him at her entrance, slowly working him through her slick hot folds. She felt him leaking again, adding to the mix when he jerked in her hand, stomach muscles quivering when his head rolled back, mouth open gasping for air he didn’t need. She took him inside her an inch, holding herself up with her legs, her hand still anchored around his shaft. She would not let him slide all the way in yet.

She leaned up and breathed hotly into his ear. “Do you know it’s me, Eric? Do you know that you are inside Sookie, right now? Tell me. Do I feel different? Do you know me?” She was losing control now herself and with that last question hot and breathy in his ear she had let herself slip down and take in several more inches of him, she gasped at the end, he felt so unbelievably goddamned good when he stretched her open.

Her jagged sobbing intake of breath in his ear, turned out to be what undid him. It was like hearing a drowning victim gasp for air, and he did that to her. That was him, taking her breath away.

His hands had been bunched in the covers of the bed, fisting open and closed as she worked his cock in her hand. He arched pushing to get into deeper into her pussy. His hands abandoned the covers and tangled in her hair, pulling her head back, roughly sweet. His large hands cupping, holding stroking her. His hands, how she loved them when they touched her, when they didn’t. She loved his hands.

“That was me,” he said still through clenched teeth, grinding his cock in her hand, pushing harder to get more into her slick heat. “I made you gasp like that!” his voice was low and gravelly, lips right against her ear. His stubble burned her skin as his head moved back and forth on her check. “Do I know it’s you, Sookie?” He gasped now as he felt her let go of his cock and then move down, taking him all the way into her. “I’ve always known it was you. Only ever you.”

She grunted when she came down on him, and started riding him immediately, squeezing him inside her and holding tight when she flexed up, milking him, wanting him to cum for her. “mmmmmm…eeric!” she moaned, lost. She heard the snick of fangs and felt the steel of his arms around her, and she turned her head, offering him neck, her hands pulling his head in to nestle at the curve where her neck met her shoulder. He growled, possessively and then he was inside her again gulping her life’s blood, sucking in time with assault he was committing between her thighs. The sensation was too much for her forcing her to come apart there in his arms. She came hard, chanting his name like prayer, riding him, head thrown back. “My, Eric!” She said mindlessly, unaware that once again she claimed him, baptized him. He called her name roaring, and came inside her, arms forcing her down as hard he could onto his cock, demanding she take it all.

She was sitting astride him still, panting in his arms as held her tight. One hand still tangled in her hair. She was kissing his shoulder softly, unthinkingly. It was there, it was him and she still wanted to pay homage. He had licked the bites closed on her neck, nicking his tongue to heal them.

He growled in her ear, possessively, bringing his head back around to claim her lips again. This time, his tongue pushed in and claimed this territory for Eric, “My, Eric!” she had said as she had writhed on his lap. Gods help him it was true, too. He had held out some strand of hope before this woman had stripped him bare but the truth was too plain now to be denied. He was hers. Totally. Completely. Irrevocably. Hers. He smiled into her hair.

“I’d like to go ahead and book a reservation for tomorrow night as well, please” he whispered in her tiny ear, still massaging her scalp and now kissing her neck softly. He heard her sigh softly and felt her settle further into his embrace. Her head turned and came to rest on his shoulder.
“Absolutely, Mr. Northman,” she mumbled sleepily against his shoulder. “We will see what we can do to ‘work you in’.” He could hear her smiling as she teased him. Her arms settled around his middle as she hugged him close and mumbled as she drifted off. “So glad I didn’t wait…”

He was, too.
He tucked her in and went back upstairs to get his phone. He had hung up on Pam in the middle of explaining that he was leaving town. Even though the sun would be rising soon she answered on the first ring.

“So what were you saying before dinner was served?” Her smug tone told me him that she had heard Sookie and knew what had been going on for the last thirty minutes. Fuck her, it was not her business to judge him.

“I am leaving town indefinitely, tomorrow night, Pam. You will be handling all Area 5 and Fangtasia business in my absence.

“Indefinitely?” her tone pressed him for more, but there were things he didn’t’ want to share with her.

“I have claimed Sookie and want some uninterrupted time to enjoy my good fortune.” Hell, it was almost the truth.

“You’re not going to tell me where you are going, Eric?” He heard the hurt in her voice. Pam always looked tougher than she was, sounded tougher than she felt. He didn’t want this to turn into a thing between them.

“I will be in…Sweden for a time, and then traveling to some other places. I will check in periodically and you can always call my mobile if anything comes up that you can’t handle. Really though, Pam, I know you can run this Area as well as I and have on occasion. You have a beautiful mind, Dearest.”

“Yeah, and wicked left hook doesn’t hurt either, ass kisser.” He chuckled at her emotional evasiveness.

“No, I don’t suppose it does.” They were quiet for a minute, feeling the need to sleep but wanting to stay connected for a while longer. Finally, Pam folded.

“Eric, I know when she was gone, it was…hard for you. I know that you blamed yourself for her being gone because of what happened with Russell. I know…how close you came to….losing it,” she said that last part in a whisper, as though speaking the words would bring back those dark times and consume him again. Perhaps she thought acknowledging his weakness for Sookie made him weak, an idea she couldn’t face. “This thing you are doing, promise me you will not let it take you there again. I don’t think she is good for you, Eric. She rattles you, which in turn rattles me. I don’t like being rattled.”

Eric, remembered the past year, and the emptiness he had felt while she was gone, before pulling himself back to this conversation with Pam. Guess I don’t like being rattled either, he thought.

“If I get in trouble Pam, I will call you. You know that right?”

“Yes, I just don’t like the idea of you getting in trouble, Eric. Who the fuck is the Maker in this relationship anyway? I am supposed to be one doing stupid shit, and you’re supposed to be saving me, remember?”

“You can have the next turn, Pam. You can do the next stupid thing and I will be there to lecture you. Deal?”

“Hell no, this is worth the next three stupid things at least!”

“Fine the next three, all yours. Deal?”

“When you get back I will have all registered vampires in Area 5 wearing pink party hats and sacrificing virgins every Friday to appease the dark Tax God at the IRS.”

“If anyone could it would be you, Pamela.”

She sighed then, realizing that no amount of teasing or warning would turn him from his path. “Are you sure, Eric?”

“Never been more about anything, ever.”

“I’ll keep my phone charged and on standby for when this turns out to be the bad idea I am pretty sure it is.”

They ended the call shortly after that and Eric returned to his bed. She as still there, curled up and waiting for him. Waiting for him, he said again to himself, choking on the bubble of excitement that rose in his throat.

Pam’s words had brought back the past year for him, the emptiness that had consumed him, driven him to buy her house, and add a cubby for himself. Sookie hadn’t mentioned the cubby so maybe she hadn’t found it yet. He smiled to himself, imagining her stamping her foot in righteous indignation at the nerve of him, but the smile slowly faded. That Sookie, the foot stomping ranting Sookie was not there anymore. This woman in his bed seemed thoughtful, slow to anger and passionate in ways he couldn’t have imagined her to be, even in his wildest dreams.

So, many days spent at her house, willing her to be there with him. Willing her to come home and see that he had protected her family legacy, restored it to a glory it had likely never known in its entire existence, for her. All of it was for her. Oh, how he had fucked up by not starting with, “I bought this house because I care about you.” That had been one of his practiced opening lines, but when he had gotten in front of her, all naked and delectable he had lost track of what he wanted to say to win her and just started claiming her. How he longed to say those words, but more than that how he longed for her to say them to him, that she was his.

So many fantasies, all falling short of the woman who had fed and loved him a short while ago. He had heard people say that reality often falls short of the dream. He was so glad this was one instance where they had been wrong. Being with her was more moving than he could have ever dreamed. He wanted her again, now, but she was sleeping so peacefully. What would happen if he woke her to take her again before going to ground?

She said that he could enter her mind when he wished, but she hadn’t really told him how. He lay down beside her sleeping form. She was on her stomach, one knee pulled up, and her hand out on the bed toward him. He covered it with his and mentally called her, Sookie?

Immediately he felt himself slip into her. Entering her this way was as intimate and as electrifying as entering her physically had been. For a moment or two he was overwhelmed his body tingling all over. After he began to calm down he saw that he was back at the entry way he had seen earlier, and though he was holding Sookie’s hand in bed she was not present with him as she had been all the times before.

He moved through the archway and found himself in a round chamber filled with doors. There were six doors in front of him, all closed. In between the doorways the walls were bookshelves and many volumes were stored there. The ceiling was not in site and the shelves seemed to run as far as he could see. The floor was covered in black and white squire tiles. Like a chessboard, he thought.

Where do these go? he wondered. Suddenly, as if answer to his thought gold lettering appeared on each one. He went to the first one on this right and read, The Child. The next door had the same lettering, The Pixie. The third was labeled, The Cast Iron Bitch, the fourth Adele. The fifth door was labeled Bill, and the sixth, which made his mental knees feel weak, simply said Eric.

Mentally gathering himself, he approached the door labeled Eric and turned the knob. It was locked and wouldn’t turn, but before he could step back and figure what he his next move would be a voice cut into him, causing him to jump and turn to face its source.

The door labeled The Cast Iron Bitch was open. The voice pierced him in word and sound like a knife to the heart.

“What the fuck, vampire? You can’t get no pussy and blood in here, or are you so dumb you don’t know that?”


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  1. theladykt says:

    oooh forceful sookie….I like. ROFL for the cast iron bitch at the end


  2. Loving this version of Sookie..She’s so confident and witty…Eric’s lost in her..


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