Time flew once Sookie got up for the day. It had been hard to leave his arms, harder than she had ever thought anything could be. She thought she would have time to process everything that had happened in the shower, but then he had joined her there. It had been slightly odd and uncomfortable at first and then everything slipped into place. He reached for the shampoo and then proceeded to wash her hair. The feeling was sensational.

“If you ever tank as a bar owner and all around smokin’ vamp playboy, you’ve got a definite future as shampoo boy at some high end salon.” Her tone was dreamy as she let him move her head this way and that as his fingers worked the tension from her scalp. He made that rumbling sound deep in chest that meant any one of a dozen things, “I am confused, amused, horny, hungry, bored, angry, etc.” It really was a multi-purpose growl, a Swiss Army response. Rather than seek to discern its meaning she let her thoughts drift away, and just for a minute, she thought, we’ve done this before.

Done what? she asked herself.

We have showered with Eric before. We knew he would be good at this.

Oh, yes we did, another voice chimed in. We’ve been in so many showers, with so many Eric’s, so many times. It’s always like mysticism and religion when he touches us.

“Hmmm,” Sookie moaned as he rinsed her hair, gently moving her under the shower head and titling her head back to keep the soap out of her eyes. It did seem familiar, comfortable, once she had gotten past the initial decision to move over and let him in with her.

She felt him soap his hands with shower gel and start to lather her body. She leaned in allowing him to turn her and as she focused only on his touch, his hands on her skin she lost track of the rest of the world entirely. She lived in the span of his hand on her skin. Under his touch, her skin tingled and lived, and as it moved on the abandoned skin withered and died, yielding its life to where his touch moved forward.

This is new, she thought her eyes closed following his hand on her skin with her other senses.

No, it’s always like this, it’s always mysticism and religion.

Does he know?

Show him…

Eric had hypnotized himself, feeling his hands gliding along her skin. It soothed him, for some reason he couldn’t name but accepted. His concerns about doors and voices slipped away as he worshipped her with his hands. He felt her glow before he saw it. The spark under his hand and then he was feeling what she was feeling.

Awe. That was what first came to mind. A sense of wonder at his touch. A sense of familiarity and comfort at what he was doing. Now that it had come through from her he realized he had been feeling it, too. That he knew exactly how to shampoo her hair. That he knew exactly how to touch her when he soaped her beautiful skin. That he had done this many, many times already.

But this was the first shower they had ever taken together.

Mysticism…and…religion…echoed in his mind. She had said that to him…once….on a beach, the ocean waves crashing on the shore behind them. She had been crying…

To me, you are mysticism and religion.

The images came in waves of showers upon showers, kisses upon kisses, they clung to each other instinctively in this moment and then let go of everything else floating in the memories that surrounded them both.

Together they saw themselves caressing and caring for each other, making love, he holding her against the shower wall while he made her come for him over and over. She on her knees pleasuring him with her mouth, and looking up to him lovingly as the licked and sucked him to release. He on his knees at her feet, his tongue between her thighs, feasting on her arousal.

There was nothing they denied each other, over and over, a thousand showers, a million kisses. Turning away from the barrage of images and into each other for support to stand, to survive the onslaught of emotion. It was instinctive that their lips they became locked. Another point of contact, another steadying hold.

Behind their eye lids they saw themselves pull back a shower curtain and face an open wooded area where snow was falling. They knew that they were going to make love in that bed, and feel the snow on their skin, but they were not there now, they were here in this shower…in this time. But there were there, too. Always there, always here, always together. They had been, they would were, they would be. Always.

Her touch on his skin felt like she was burning him and after the torrent of passion and love they had just felt passing through them they could do nothing but collapse into each other.

Fuck the plane reservations, fuck the world, there was just this, just them together, over and over, until all time folded in on itself.

Sookie was not really processing anything but the need to absorb him into her through every sense she had, and perhaps to even invent a few just to get that much more. She reached out for him.

Eric was much more concise in his thoughts and his actions. He had to be in her now. Lifting her and positioning her with her back against the shower wall he pushed into her and grunted at the sensation that overloaded his already stretched senses. The desire and need of thousands of Eric’s invading his mind and body, all focused on joining with this woman. All to be one with her forever.

Eric lost his mind as he moved in her. He lost all sense of who he was, and what it meant to be Eric Northman. He was a need, and that need was to be as close to her as he could get.

Sookie fared no better, blown off the outer rims of her own orbit by the love she felt from each Sookie she saw. It was so strong, so powerful that she trusted this man over and over with everything she was, and he held her, and loved her in return.

She could die right here, at peace with the one thing that had always haunted her. Someone had known her, and they had loved her, all of her! They had accepted her, and they loved her. Completely, always and forever. Eric had always loved her. Right then she knew there was nothing she would not do for this man, nothing she would hold back and for the first time ever she flew on wings of pure joy, and her body gave itself over to him completely.

What Sookie couldn’t manage in words, she showed him in images. She showed him her heart, and how much she loved him and then she let him feel it.

If you had asked Eric to describe it, if he had been capable of speech, he might have said it was like every muscle relaxing at once, and yet tensing at the same time. That it was like standing in a storm and begging the lightening to crash into you until it does and takes your breath away. It was like drowning, only to learn you can breathe underwater. It was that first mouth of blood after you are turned, nothing is as good and nothing is ever enough. It was coming home after a trip away and finding all your things right where you left them. It was starting out on a new adventure and feeling the excitement of the unknown netted by the security of knowing you can go home if things get to scary.

All of that would have barely touched it.

And then it got better.

While Eric pressed her against the wall, and fucked her deeper and harder than she had ever been fucked before, pushing her into a mindless haze of need broke she broke his rough demanding possessive kiss and buried her mouth on his neck. She moaned and ripped open his flesh, drinking deeply. Her groans of pleasure at the taste of him, the sensation of him entering her, feeling the Bond increase and expand, on top of the mental connection and the physical connection pushed him further into his own instinct and need.

He bit down on her flesh then, drinking of her deeply. He was in her in every possible way and she was still too fucking far away from him.

When he joined her in drinking the bond again increased and expanded, the ancient magic tying tendrils around them and pulling them closer. If he could have bared to let her go he would have tied the knots himself to make it happen faster.

Her felt her orgasm and it brought the needs of his body to the forefront over the needs of his soul and he let go as well. Finding one last way to join with her that was uniquely male, and totally his.

The sense of possession and love he had felt in the vision earlier over and over underscored what he had already known. It was only ever her, and only ever him, and that this was right. Totally fucking right and that he would never let it go. That she was his, she had always been his. The CIB had lied when she said “She’s been mine forever, and she will always be MINE! Now he knew for sure.

He wanted to taste her now, as he had seen himself do in the vision. He carried her to the bed, never stopping the kiss along the way and after laying her down buried his face between her thighs, tasting both of them as he licked her folds. He was so hard again, and this combination of the two of them made him twitch as the pre-cum on the tip of him leaked out, offering the tiniest of relief for the pressure he felt to take her again.

She came in his mouth, screaming his name, ripping the sheets off the bed in her fisted hands. Before she even drew breath he was in her again. Having pulled her up to face him, splaying her legs over his as she done when she took him the first time his hands on her hips grinding her down, riding out the end of her orgasm while he pushed deeper. It was so confusing he would never hurt her, ever, and yet he wanted to fuck her so hard he would split her apart, he pushed any need for reason away and just keep thrusting into her as hard as could.

She was grunting now, as mindless and needy as he was. Her arms locked around his neck, her face next to his so that every sound she made was right beside his ear. Then she bit him again, and somehow as her teeth ripped his skin again, her internal muscles locked down so tight it felt like she pulled his soul out of him, and made him come for her again. He was helpless to do anything other than bite her back, to taste her again.

The Bond grew again, and expanded and he could feel her, nestling into his heart, and brushing his soul that she had just taken ownership of. He didn’t care. He still wasn’t close enough.

“More!” it was the first time he had spoken in a while and his voice was rough and so filled with need it sounded almost angry.

Sookie didn’t hesitate. She moved from his arms to push him back on the bed. She took his cock in her mouth sucking and tonguing the head, massaging the shaft that did not easily fit into her mouth. Her other hand rubbed his leg, cupped his balls, touched him in any way that she could to satisfy their need to be closer. She needed to wring those sounds of out him, every time she touched him. His moans of sounds of pleasure fell on her like the blessed drops of rain after an age of drought. She would give him anything, everything, now, forever. Holding her breath, she leaned down and deep throated him bobbing her head several times before releasing him, and resumed working her hand on him, totally gratified by his pure male animalistic response at her efforts.

She wanted him to come inside her again, she was burning for him.

She slipped up his body and slid him in, sighing as he come home, her body open and slick from the fluid of their previous releases. He needed to be here in her always, always, forever. She was moving now, wanting to push him over the edge, wanting to jump behind him, knowing for certain and forever that he would always catch her, hold her.

He rolled her over, never missing a thrust and kissed her. She opened up her mouth to him and found that when she relaxed into his kiss that her hips relaxed more and allowed in deeper.

Somewhere she knew that it was always like that for them. If she could trust him and let him in he could get so deep in. Deep in mind, in her heart, deep in body.

God, how she loved this man! She growled as she locked her legs over his hips, demanding he take her harder still.

She feel him getting close, and wordlessly pulled his head to her neck, tangling her fingers in his hair. She wanted him to bite her again. She wanted to bite him, too but wouldn’t without an invitation. This would be the third time, and this bond would be permanent. She knew now she wanted that more than anything else in the world, but she didn’t know that he wanted it.

He grabbed her head and pulled her into his neck, grunting, pressing her to the spot she had already decimated twice. She kissed him, sucking his neck in a hot open mouth kiss, and he sped up between her thighs reaching for his release spurred on by her kisses.

“Please,” it was so quiet she almost missed it, a ragged bloody whisper sent back from sanity’s edge. There was no doubt then as she ripped open his neck and feasted. He slammed into once, twice, three more times and then as he emptied himself into her again his fangs pierced her neck and the bond was sealed.

As they drink they felt their worlds expand and shrink at the same time. She could feel him now, his total elation at joining with her, at what they had shared, at knowing she was truly his now, forever. She felt his love, and it was just as warm and buoyant as she could have dreamed it would be. She felt his desire and though she couldn’t possibly make love to him again, no matter how much she wanted to, she wanted to twice as much as she had just moments ago. She also felt his acceptance that he was hers, and the simple pleasure of it, and slight surprise that the thought did indeed pleasure him.

Eric felt her total surrender to him, and the warmth her devotion and love for him. He felt her desire for him and her regret that she could not, despite having so much of his blood, make love to him again right now. His desire increased when he felt hers. He felt her pleasure at tasting him, and knew that again it matched his own. He felt her trust and rolled himself in it like a blanket.

“I won’t betray you! Ever!” he swore to her, holding her close as he licked the wounds closed on her neck.

“I know,” she said holding onto his shoulders and pressing her face deeper into his neck. They stayed like that for a minute, for an hour who knew, and then she giggled.

“What?” he asked. He was not willing to let her go.
“I think we missed our plane.” He chuckled softly.
“There is a plane every hour of every day and we can go any time. It is not every day, or any day that I have an experience like THIS.”
“No, it isn’t.” She nestled further in. “So, we have time for me to take a nap, ya think?”
“We have all the time in the world, Beloved.” He kissed her softly on the cheek and laid her back on the bed.
“Will you come to bed with me, Eric? I want you to hold me. I want to be close to you.”
Since he wanted exactly those things himself he simply said yes. She was part of him now and caring for her was the same as caring for himself. He needed what she needed. Luckily, she needed him.

Despite his supernatural stamina the experience with Sookie had been physically and emotionally overwhelming for him as well. When he pulled her close he, too felt tired and thought that down time would be beneficial for him as well.

He could process later.

He held her close, nuzzled her neck, and took a deep breath. Her scent relaxed him and he left his mind drift away.

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