Where Have You Been?

Eric woke up first in their underground chamber at Uppsala. Sookie was curled around him from behind, her leg resting over his hip, her arm over his waist, and her hand holding his. He could feel her breathing gently onto the back of his shoulder and neck as she lay with her head on his pillow, just behind him. Her warm body pressed against him made him feel like he had been sleeping in the sun all day. He growled softly, sliding closer to her. He felt her start to awaken, and noted a change in her breathing pattern. She moaned softly and pulled him closer to her, sleepily kissing the back of neck and moving her hand from his she brought it up to caress his chest, slide up over his side and move down to his cock, already standing at attention. She stroked him a few times up and down, making him hiss, while she nipped his ear. His blood on her tongue swept them both deeper into the slow build.

She kept up her pace, squeezing the head of his shaft, then run her thumb over the leaking slit, pump him twice, and on the second down stroke squeeze the base, mimicking the actions she took when he was inside her. She was coming awake fast, and wanted to, for once, just focus on his needs.

“Do you know what you do to me when I wake up like this, you already hard and aching for me?”

“Tell me,” he commanded softly as she worked him with her hand, pumping him, squeezing him at the same maddening controlled pace, over and over. He loved it when she told her how he made her feel, when she gave him the words.

“Immediately, there is an almost sharp pain in my lower stomach, like I am starving, but it’s not for food. I feel myself start to get wet.” She nipped his ear again, another drop of his blood, causing them both to moan. “Then a dull ache starts deep inside me, between my legs, and I know that if I can just get you deep enough inside me you would will fill up the empty aching place…” still keeping her pace steady on his shaft, her mouth moved to his neck, pausing for a deep sucking, open mouth kiss on his skin. She ground her hips against him from behind moaning, the sound and feel making him thrust harder into her hand. She was still keeping his cock prisoner, torturing him, caressing the head, pumping him twice, and squeezing at the bottom, over and over. “…and I will be whole again.” He moaned again now, thrusting his cock into her hand faster, pushing her to hurry.

Shifting slightly, she brought her other arm around his head, and put her wrist in his face, rubbing it on his lips, as she whispered in his ear, “Don’t come when you bite me, I need you inside me Eric to fill up that empty space. Hold on,” his fangs clicked down, and he rocked his hips harder at her words, wanting to empty himself now. “Wait for me, Eric. I want you to come inside me and make me whole.” All he could do was moan. She was tearing him apart. He never ever wanted her to stop.

When he bit down in her arm, her hand reflexively tightened on his cock and as her blood hit is tongue he nearly lost it. She moaned behind him, filling his ear with her hot breath, making him shiver. He was so close to letting go, he felt the pressure at the base of spine, and his balls we so tight. The ache she had described in her middle her felt now as well. So close, right on the edge…

He sucked her wrist deeply, she rubbed her breasts against his back. His sensitive flesh could feel her nipples, hard, aroused, rubbing him and the ache for release increased. He licked her wrist and then begged her to end this. “Please,” he got out through his locked jaw, as he thrust into her hand.

Breaking contact for only a moment she shifted around and pushed him beneath her, keeping her wrist in his mouth. She looked into his pleasure hazed eyes as she straddled him and slid him home, all the way inside her, to the place that ached for him.

She was so ready that she only rode him a few seconds before she came hard around him. Falling forward, she landed in his neck and bit down. Eric was so over stimulated now that it had hurt him a little when he was finally inside her hot wetness. Holding onto her wrist, now sucking lightly he felt her ride him and still, his orgasm wouldn’t come, not until she bit his neck. Then everything that he had been holding back at her command pushed out of him, the sounds of his pleasure, his seed, and his fangs biting her again on the wrist and drinking deeply, his words of love sent to her through the bond.

He wasn’t even out of bed yet and he had already achieved everything he needed for the day.

He wanted to wake up like this for the rest of his existence.

“Love you, Eric,” she whispered in his ear softly as he felt his neck close, her arms moving around him, her legs pinning him beneath her.

Yes, every day for the rest of his existence, sure that even that would never be enough.


He picked her up gently and took her down the underground hallway through an archway and into one of the many rooms that seemed to line the hallway downstairs. When they had arrived this morning there had barely been enough time to get their things in the house and get underground before the sunrise. She had wanted to stay up and work on getting things organized, he insisted she come with him.

“I have missed you, Beloved. I want you by my side as I sleep.” She hadn’t been hard to convince, she had missed him as well. There had been time to show her nothing other than the master bedroom downstairs, which you entered through a door in the floor that appeared when the code was entered on the keypad on the wall by the door.

When they had gone down Sookie had been noticed that the underneath was much bigger than the house above it. Uppsala was an A-Frame two story log cabin. She had gotten the barest glimpse of the actual house this morning and was very much looking forward to exploring it tonight. They had quickly changed the sheets on the bed and climbed in to snuggle as the sun rose, and they both let themselves truly relax for the first time in over three days, sleep had come quickly.

When Eric opened the door she turned her head to look in but before she could he asked her to close her eyes. A thrill of excitement ran through her. She immediately noticed a change in the temperature and she heard Eric close the door behind them. She heard the click of what she thought was a light switch and then Eric shifted her in his arms a little as she stepped up and then down and then OH! She felt something wet and warm caress her bottom and then her hips, and then her breasts.

“You can look now, Sookie.” She saw that three of the walls in this room were made of stone, as if they had been carved and dug out, the fourth was tile, and held the switch she had heard. She looked down and saw she was sitting in a natural hot pool of water, the bottom and side lined with natural stone, again appearing to be carved out of the natural rock of the place. Eric set her down on her feet gently, the water coming up to just under her breasts it was so deep where they were standing.

Looking around she saw that the light switch had activated some very well positioned mood lights that lit the chamber adequately without breaking its relaxing mood. Eric moved to one side of the pool, the water level lowering some as he moved and sat down. When seated the water level stopped at the middle of his chest so it was lower on the sides she thought. Looking around again, Sookie moved to him and sat on his lap, feeling light as feather, but finding Eric, stiff as a board. With less effort than it usually took him, which was hardly any at all, he turned her so that she had her back pressed to his chest, spreading her legs and guiding himself inside her. She was still slick and sensitive from before and when he spread her open, she moaned and rocked a few times, enjoying the feel of him. She sent that feeling to him through the bond.

They both sighed contentedly, relaxing in the warm water, while she floated there above him, anchored together by his arms around her and his cock buried to the hilt inside her.

This is home, he thought to her. She gave him a gentles squeeze inside her and leaned back into him to kiss his cheek softly, overlaying his arms with hers where they rested under her breasts and then covering his hands with her own.

Yes, this is home, she agreed.

For long minutes neither said or did anything. They let the hot water wash over them, there was a small current that she could feel now, moving over their skin. They enjoyed their unhurried connection beneath the water’s surface.

Once, I was so scared of all the things you made me feel, Eric. After Dallas, and before Russell, I dreamed of you so much. If I hadn’t had your blood I would have had to accept that it was because of my feelings and not the because of your blood in me. I used that as an excuse to hide. Seems like I hide a lot.

You do what you have to do to survive, Sookie. There is no shame in that. Her thoughts were silent for a few minutes. Then she nodded, decision made.

I know you have seen things in my mind Eric that I have hidden from myself. I want you to show them to me. Now. She felt him pull her tighter to his chest and kiss her neck. If he had asked her if she was sure, she would have folded. She wasn’t sure, but he knew that. He could feel her hesitancy in the bond.

Yes, Beloved. Remember I am here with you. Always. He hugged her again, and thrust gently inside her once to remind her of their connection.

Pulling her into his mind, Eric played the times that he had visited her mind back to her, allowing her to see it as he had, but not sharing his thoughts or conclusions about the events themselves. Even if he was right about everything he was thinking, she needed to connect those dots herself.

As she watched her felt her through the bond run the gambit if emotions. Fear and shame he expected, but when she saw Tea Cup Sookie, introduce him as “Dis is my Ewic,” she laughed and sobbed at the same time. The emotion she experienced was somewhere between happiness and heartbreak. He felt her recoil when Tea Cup Sookie told him of hiding from ‘De Bad Man’.

When she saw what the CIB had done to the Were following them, she was oddly not emotional at all. The bond was still there, but she felt nothing one way of the other about her actions or the event. Until they got to the end of it and for just a second, he thought he felt her disappointment at his denial of her request to kill him.

When she saw “Bill” she was still flat lining in the bond. Uncertain whether to stop or not and about to pull her out of his mind, she stopped him. I need to finish this. Again, no emotion. After it was over he pulled her out of his mind and waited for her to speak.

Instead, she began to rock on him gently, bringing his hands up from under her breasts to her lips. They were both pleasantly warm from sitting in the stream, and so was his cock, from him being nestled inside her for so long. All of this was a new sensation for her.

Eric felt her start to move her body on his but she was still flat lining in the bond and he could not feel her or hear her at all. He was suddenly becoming afraid that she had shut him out or that he had shown her too much. Just when he was sure he would have to stop her movements and make her talk to him she gasped and he felt a pulse in the bond. She was there, and she was trying to get back to him!

Eric? He heard her call from far away.
I am here, Beloved. I am here. The bond jumped again.
Oh, Eric, I feel you inside me, feels so good. Don’t let me go. Make me come back to you, Eric. Make me stay and not run away until I can find the strength to do it for myself.


His hands came up then and gently cupped her breasts before rolling her nipples between his fingers. He tugged them gently and then a little harder, mimicking what he would be doing with his mouth if he were tasting them.

He was rewarded by her moaning and grinding down on him inside her, taking him deeper. He continued the nipple play, alternating and then both at the same time, then added open mouth tonguing kisses to her neck, sucking gently and then harder. All the while he thrust into and called her in mind, demanding that she return to him.
I need you, Sookie, please. Come back here. I need you in my bed, and my life. I knew when I saw you I should have given you the bums rush out of my life, before you turned it upside down. I knew you would ruin me! You can’t leave me now. Not when I am so splendidly ruined. No other can do to me what you do!

Tell me, what do I do Eric? She sounded closer now.

His body was on autopilot now, fucking her hot pussy with a growing intensity while he tortured her nipples and sucked marks onto her neck that showed her she belonged to him. He was almost out of control enough to bite her again, the perfect companion to filling her up, draining her again.

All I can think about now is how to fill you with my cock, my fingers, my tongue. I have lost all sense of myself in seeking your warmth and for the first time in a thousand years, all I want or need is to fill…you…up and feel you come for me! Come for me now, Sookie, I demand it. Come now!

Her screams of pleasure echoed off the curved walls as she answered his demand, coming apart completely in his arms as he commanded, feeling him follow her into release, and allowing how much she loved him to live for a moment in her mind and in the bond between them. Eric overwhelmed by the full return of her love felt it wring another orgasm from his body. He roared again feeling so much he couldn’t keep it in, he didn’t want to keep it. He wanted her to feel it, feel him, and know how much he needed her.

He hadn’t killed her when they met, and now, it was too late and he wouldn’t go back even if he could. There were miles to go, yet but the only way he was going anywhere is if she was with him.
I waited for you a thousand years, Sookie. Where have you been? His head was collapsed against her back, his hands still cupping her breasts, her breathing coming back to normal slowly.

I have always been on my way to you, Eric. Now that I am here, I find that I still have some ways to go.

Me as well, Little One, it would seem.

You know I won’t look away? You know that, right?

You looked away just now, Sookie. I had to bring you back.

Right now, Eric, you mean more to me than I do. I know that has to change, because I have nothing to offer you if I don’t love myself. If I don’t recognize what I am, then I am giving you nothing. What I ran from was me not you! You, I would die for, Eric. Whatever is behind the Mask, will not scare me and I will not run.

You have accepted me, Eric. Give me the chance to do the same for you?
She felt him nod against her back, and softly kiss her shoulder. Then he laughed.

Do you think we were broken for each other, Sookie or that we just got broken along the way and just happen to fit together like this so perfectly?

I don’t really believe in coincidence, Eric, so you do the math. As long as you come with the answer of you and me, the rest of the universe can just go fuck itself.

Not sure where this question came from, but unable to stop himself, And if I asked you to save them all Sookie, if I asked you to die for all the people who aren’t you and me?

Well, she thought floating there in his arms, I reckon I would get to dying.
After a while they stirred themselves and dressed, going upstairs to sort through their purchases and set up Uppsala for their visit there.


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  1. theladykt says:

    Loving sex kitten Sookie.


  2. Yes I’m waiting for Eric to take off his mask….


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