True Blood/ Southern Vampire Mysteries Fanfiction

Disclaimer: Southern Vampire Mysteries & True Blood are property of Harris, Ball and HBO.  No copyright infringement is intended and no money changed hands. These are just the musings of  fan, inspired by Skarsgård’s portrayal of Eric Northman.


*The stories on this site are graphic in nature and are rated NC-17 for language, violent situations and graphic sexual content.*


 ~~~~Fanfiction Stories in Progress~~~~

Banner v FINAL_edited-1

Night Vision

Eric ‘The Northman’ is a late night talk show host on WKDED in Shreveport.  His call in show, Night Vision, has brought him into the supernatural spotlight when a local vampire becomes a fan.  When her desire for him brings her out into the night to claim him as her own she is interrupted by a fiery assailant who ends her life and removes Eric’s memories of the event.  His need to remember and understand what happened takes him down a dark and winding path into the world of the supernatural where he meets a woman who takes his breath and his heart with her fiery magical ways.

TB/SVM-Pre the Great Revelation-Eric & Sookie-AU-OOC-NC17

Love Is All_edited-2

TB/S3E12/ Evil Is Going On/Eric & Sookie/NC-17- Sookie drags Eric in from the sun only to have Bill try and kill him before he has recovered.  Acting instinctively she teleports them to Fae where the ghost of Godric tells her that a danger she did not see coming was barreling down quickly and only the love that she and Eric share can save them both from what is to come.

A Scandal in Shreveport FINAL
A SCANDAL IN SHREVEPORT–Meet the vampires who were the basis for Sherlock Holmes and John Watson and see what happens when the meet up with the fairy causing a Scandal in Shreveport.  Someone will be begging for mercy twice before this is over.

AU/OOC Eric/Sookie/Godric/NC-17

Quiet Lies Banner Final

Quiet Lies —TB/S3/E2&3/OOC/AU/NC-17– Do over on the porch scene.

  ~~~~Fanfiction Completed Stories~~~~

Some Things Change V1_edited-1

Some Things Change/Eric & Sookie/AU/Rated NC-17

Eric Northman has loved Sookie Stackhouse since he was eleven and she was eight.  He thought that he would have more time to let her know what she meant to him, but a tragic event in an alternate universe has changed the landscape of Eric’s future.  How far will he go to let her know the secrets of his heart?


somethingschange american Android Banner

Banner and award by American Android

Dust In The Wind Banner Final

Dust In The Wind/M/AU/AH/Eric & Sookie- Sookie is a misfit high school reporter sent to interview one of the most popular boys in school when he wins the National Merit Scholarship. 

True-Blood-season-4-image-Anna Paquin

What Kind of Man?/TBS4/OOC/NC17/Eric & Sookie

Amnesia Eric free from pride and unburdened by emotion shines some light on his previous actions and helps Sookie to see things differently.

Things Happen Banner

Things Happen/TBS1-I Don’t Want To Know/Eric & Sookie/OOC/M/*One Shot*

In the first season I wondered where was Eric when Pam puts Bill in the ground with Jessica?  Season One was huge waste of our favorite vampire, though Season Two did a lot to fix it, I wanted something sooner.  I wanted something right from the beginning. 

Orbit Final

Orbit–This one goes out to VictoryinTrouble.  Her naughty provocative one shots combined with this stellar   fan art on YouTube were the inspiration. Thank you, Cantrous for the awesome video inspiration.

Eric told Sookie he owned her because he owned her house.  He told her that she was two Sookie’s, human Sookie and something more.  Fueled by anger and desire she enters his house and tells him that he is hers and dares him to vampire up and explore how high they can go together.

TB/S4 Ep2/Fun Shots/E&S/OOC/NC-17

Demon Banner FINAL

The Demon Is In The Details/SVM/Dead Ever After/OOC/NC17- Sookie seeks the truth about herself and her life with and without Eric.

Velvet Divorce Banner FINAL

Velvet Divorce/SVM/Deadlocked/OOC/NC17—As Sookie’s world slides more and more beyond her control she makes some radical decisions that could change things for her and Eric.

Vicious Traditions Banner 4 FINAL

Vicious Traditions-SVM/Dead Reckoning/OOC/NC17/Sookie, Eric and Pam conspire to eliminate the vampire Victor Madden.

Jesus for the Jugular Banner4_edited-1

Jesus For The Jugular/SVM/Dead in the Family/OOC/NC17– Alcide drugs Sookie without her consent trying to turn a telepath into a shaman.  What might she see if she could but open her first two eyes, let alone the third?


I Will Not Let You Down *One Shot* SVM/OOC/NC17/Definitely Dead/ What was behind the scene on Sookie’s porch when Quinn comes to pick her up for their date and Eric shows up.

You Are A Tourist Banner Final

You Are A Tourist/SVM/M/Set in Dead Until Dark-Sookie finds the strong woman she should have been after surviving being alone her whole life, ostracized and abused and asks the right questions in the right places.

Banner FINAL 2_edited-1

Thousand Miles *One Shot* SVM/Set in Dead Reckoning/OOC/M On the verge of breaking her bond to her vampire lover Sookie decides to talk to Eric first.


All Alone Banner4_edited-2

All Alone *One Shot* – Set in Dead As A Doornail- OOC/M – Sookie calls Eric for help

Banner Final2_edited-1

Madness *One Shot* Set in Dead in Dallas- The infamous orgy scene. OOC/NC-17

Banner 5_edited-2

Fix You- *One Shot* Set in Dead To Worse/OOC/NC-17/ The scene in the Corvette when Eric drives her home after meeting Niall for the first time. 

Memories Banner 2_edited-1

Memories *One Shot*/Set between From Dead to Worse & Dead and Gone/OOC/M for language.  Eric and Sookie finally have that conversation about what happened when he lost his memories.

Bleed for Me Banner 2_edited-1

Bleed For Me *One Shot* SVM/Club Dead, the healing and blood giving scene in Russell’s mansion./OOC/NC-17

Brutal Mercies Banner FINAL 2_edited-1

*One Shot* SVM/Set in All Together Dead, The infamous bonding scene/OOC/NC-17 for adult content.

sookie-cries 3

*One Shot* SVM/Dead to The World/OOC/ Rated M for language:   Sookie has a cold winters night at home between Christmas and New Year’s to think on her choices and her life.

Eric and Sookie B&W TAGGED BANNER2

When Hep-V was unleashed on the world the vampire population mutated into something new.  Now the hordes run rampant over the planet, driven by an endless hunger to feed on flesh and spread their contagion to all living things.  The world is ending in beats fast and slow and Eric is looking for the woman who means more to him than anything else.  Will it be too late when he finds her, and what terrible sacrifices might he have to make to set right what has gone wrong?

TB/Post S6/Eric & Sookie/AU/OOC/NC-17

writing challenge 3 92014FauX–What would you give to have superpowers? There’s a new drug for sale called FauX, and for the right price you can experience what it is to be supernatural.  Follow the adventures of VBI Agent Eric Northman and SIN Agent Sookie Stackhouse as they race to prevent humanity from finding out there is more going bump out in the night than they ever dreamed!

TB/AU/OOC/Nc-17 Eric & Sookie

Inspired by Seph’s Fall Writing Contest /Special thanks to her for the super cool banners

top 3 Faux

FauX TWCS Banner

What I Wouldn't Do For You_edited-FINAL_edited-1

This is a one shot from the FauX universe…  As Valentine’s Day approaches Sookie has love on her mind, but can she convince her two thousand year old lover to open his heart and embrace the true spirit of the human holiday?

TB/The FauX Universe/OOC/Rated T


THE BIG BANG–  The Fae were the ones to do the great reveal, not the vampires. Change one thing, change everything and some love stories find a way to happen no matter what.  

This is an Eric/Sookie story.  AU/OOC/NC-17

TWCS Banner from Gyllene

 Special thanks to Gyllene for the rockin’ banner!


Ginger and Eric finalTake Me To Church—  She built a shrine for him, complete with his own throne. Would he ever see her, and would she remember if he did?  Eric & Ginger’s final scene together, done the way I think it should have been.

TB S7 *One Last Shot* AU/OOC/M for language

Featured in TWCS for the week of January 17-23, 2016!

Featured Story January 17-23, 2016

Come With Me Now Banner Final

Come With Me Now–Eric’s Voice: Today was a good day to die. In the moments I had left, Sookie pressed to my back, guns in her hands, guns in mine and Death hovering in the corner, remembrance tugged at me. Like a loose thread in my mind I went back to where this all started. I wanted to spend what time I had left remembering how I got my Happily Ever After, because that is what mattered. How long it lasted was always beyond our control. What mattered was that after so very long, I had reached that place with her at my side. I had reached that place with Sookie, the woman of my undead dreams.”

Sometimes you don’t know what you think you know….

True Blood/Post Season 7/Eric & Sookie/OOC/NC-17
Inspired by Gyllene’s HEA Contest 2014

Keep Myself Awake Banner Final

 Keep Myself Awake– Set in SVM-Dead To The World- Hallow cursed Eric to lose his memories and go to his heart’s desire, but what if she had tracked him to continue his punishment ? AU/OOC/ Eric/Sookie/NC-17


*Written for Seph’s Writing Challenge*

TQ final

TWENTY QUESTIONS–S4 Ep2 of True Blood.  Eric demands that Sookie be his, and when she agrees it takes him on the ride of his immortal life.  AU/OOC Eric/Sookie/NC-17


Summertime Sadness FINAL

SUMMERTIME SADNESS–A  TRILOGY— Set five years after Dead Ever After, Sookie stops listening to everyone else and starts listening to herself, finally getting it right. AU/OOC  Eric/Sookie/NC-17 



Yes Banner Final

YES- True Blood S4 – What if Eric had followed Sookie out of Bill’s mansion to finish their conversation when she ran off after hearing that Bill planned to blow up the Moon Goddess?  AU/OOC/ Eric/Sookie/NC-17

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      Thank you for reading and commenting! I appreciate your ongoing support more than these words could ever convey! 🙂 I did not name the actor in the story, and Bertie said I could submit an original piece so I didn’t have to, but if she had said I did I would have named him Eric Northman. The spooky tagline about the knocking on the mirror called to mind the old myth about how taking a picture steals a soul and after all that chugs through my brain you get Image. I will give him another name when I get to that place in the story, because now he must navigate The Transverse. I won’t say more because I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t read it yet, but I wanted to share with you because you are always out there cheering for the weird stuff my brain coughs out. Thank you, again, always! 🙂


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    Sookie sends me to say she wants to be really happy and not remain in the places where her ‘owner’ has left ‘belonging’.

    And your stories are a good place to belong to her.

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    Eric has seen some negative comments to writers floating around. He’s not happy! So….

    Eric sent me to tell you that he loves your brain. And not in a yucky Hannibal Kind of way😉

    Even if you never write another word, what you have already written is blood. I mean gold! Maybe I should stop listening to Eric rant 😋

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      Thank you, and Eric for taking the time to say that. It comes at the perfect time for me. I’ve been wrestling with constant pain from a problem with my neck and shoulder and last week I scratched my cornea when I was taking out my contacts. It feels like the universe has leveled itself against me and is pushing me down, crushing me. I haven’t seen anything negative but if I had it might have been just one thing too many for me to stand up to right now. Bless you for the umbrella against another oncoming storm. I will continue to write here because this is where my heart is. It sprang from the love of the Viking you rode in with and to turn away from that would be the end of me. I will always be writing about him, the heart and core of him even if I call him by another name to pay the bills. But here he can be mine and ours in all the ways we need and love him to be. Big hugs to you my dear, and my most sincere gratitude for your kind words and thoughtfulness. ❤️❤️😊😘


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