Make Art That You Enjoy!

We live in  moments.

Moments when something goes beautifully right, and moments when something goes horribly wrong. They pull us up and they push us down, and if we are very lucky we know that both will happen and that we will have the strength to get up and try again.

The world is full of bullies and nay sayers and critics.  They say things perhaps not thinking of the power of their words or perhaps they know and do it anyway and on purpose.  They don’t matter.  If they did they wouldn’t need to validate themselves by criticizing someone else who is doing something that they love and enjoy.

Rule one:  Make art that you enjoy.  No one else matters as much as you do in the artistic experience.  It is wonderful to connect with an audience because it makes us feel understood and appreciated.  I am just like everyone else in that myself.  But sometimes you are early, or your audience is late but they will come if you believe, hang on and keep trying!

At some point in time if you open yourself up and share a secret part of yourself someone will see it and they will appreciate it and they will be forever changed by it.  Don’t give up, and don’t let ANYONE ever tell you that you are doing it wrong because there is no wrong way to make art.  There are only people who are not equipped to handle it, to process it or to understand it.

Write plot.  Write porn.  Write porn with plot.  The important part is that you WRITE!

Make banners.  Make them as froofy and fantastical as YOUR heart desires because if you love it, and it brings you joy there is nothing else that matters.  Practice!  Play as you did when you were a child and the world was full of every possibility! Take back the magic that the world has taken from you.

I love the things that some of you put out for fan art that showcases drawings, or pictures of sexy people who inspire impure thoughts and late night writing bouts that leave me looking for a smoke at the end. I love that inspiration abounds and I refuse to let anyone else tell me what I should think or how I should feel or what I should do, because that is letting them win.

Faceless anonymous flamers, abusers and passive aggressive people who talk about styles and stories in the open on OTHER authors message boards and Facebook pages amuse me.  Cowards always do.  They amuse me because I know that they have to put their masks on before they come at me, or they come at me sideways and pretend they don’t know that words mean things, that they have power and with that power comes responsibility.

But any time you give them takes away from your time to make art.

They only win if you let them.  They only raise themselves up if you let them knock you down.  Do what they hate most…ignore them…and then make art.

Everyone I have ever met or talked to here has a story to tell and a unique and beautiful way to tell that story in words and banners.  It will be like no one else and that is what makes it special.  That is what makes you all special.

Five or ten years from now perhaps none of you will be writing about the Viking anymore, but that’s ok as long as you keep writing.  Support each other.  Welcome new folks and take them under your wing with the bitch that is WordPress.  When you can, shield them from pointless critics and nay sayers  who might try and take their dreams away. If it was done for you pay it back, and it wasn’t then pay it forward.

Respect yourselves and each other and make art.  Perhaps in a thousand years the server that holds WordPress will be found by some erstwhile archaeology student and they will find the stories we told ourselves and each other and wonder about all the marvelous people who took the time to write down and make banners for these characters in this time and in this place.  I think that would be great.  I think that would be the best thing ever!

I think that can only happen if we tune out the critics and do what our hearts tell us to do. I think that can only happen if we stand together and support each other and keep going with our dreams and the sharing of them with anyone who has the time to stop by, kick their feet up and stay a bit in these worlds we have created.

I love each of you who has ever been kind and supported me and I also strive to love those who have not because they are the ones who have told me that I am really doing something here.  If I weren’t they wouldn’t be trying so hard to stop me, or you for that matter.

Take care all of you, do what you love and believe in yourselves.  The only other thing that matters is the art. 🙂

***Added 2/5/15****

I am ashamed that I forgot to pay tribute to the beta readers who support our dreams by checking our spelling and our plot lines and offering their time and advice on how to make our art better.  They are often the unsung heroes that help and guide us through to the place we are trying to get to.  Thank you, all for everything that you do.  You have maybe the toughest jobs of all and many of us rely on you to do the magic that you do!  🙂

I would also  like to say one last thing.  I appreciate the opinions of each of you, even if you don’t agree with anything I said about our writing and art.  You who have traveled with me are all welcome here to share whatever thoughts and feelings that you want to, need to, or to just read and digest as you move on to whatever is next for you.  My site is set to moderate your comments only the FIRST time you comment.  After that, you are free to post as you wish and it goes right up.

I got a comment on this post from someone I don’t know, who had never spoken here on anything before  and who made it very plain that they were not part of our fan fiction community and had no respect for what we do here.  They were  upset that it was not posted immediately and was pending moderation.  Let me put you at ease.

Your comment will not posted.  Ever.

Imagine this scenario if we were face to face.  I was walking down the street talking to people I know and that I have shared conversations, events and moments with for over a year now  and you just barged right up and became confrontational about a conversation that you had no part in, on a topic that you clearly hold nothing but contempt for.

I don’t know why in the world anyone would think that is acceptable behavior in any venue.  Particularly, when your actions make it seem like you only want to argue and not bring anything productive to the conversation.

Talking to each other on message boards and in comment sections is still TALKING TO EACH OTHER.  You are a person, a real person and so am I, and so are we all.  That was the point of respecting each other and being kind and supportive  when we could.

You are entitled to your opinion and I respect that.  I also respect myself and have no desire to argue about something that I believe in with someone I do not know.  I wish you the best, now move on.

There is some art that needs to be made. 🙂

19 thoughts on “Make Art That You Enjoy!

  1. VictoryInTrouble says:

    Thank you for writing this! You said everything I have been thinking in a much more beautiful way.

    Let’s be encouraging to one another. Let’s not say negative words about our fellow writers because our differences are what make this world such a great place to be. Let’s reach out to new writers so we can grow the fandom and let’s be helpful instead of hurtful.

    Thank you, sweetheart. I love this.

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  2. VictoryInTrouble says:

    Reblogged this on VictoryInTrouble and commented:
    Amen! This is completely awesome and just how I’ve been feeling. Of course, only the lovely idream could put this so wonderfully.
    When I first started writing, it made me so happy to know writers whose works I had read and loved, were reading me. So, let’s try to do more of that, fellow writers. We want to increase the fandom, right? So let’s try to encourage new writers and let’s be good to each other. We are all in this together, whether we write fluff, smut, angst, BDSM, all-human, supernatural, WHATEVER! We all love that Viking; we all want to share the stories in our hearts and minds.

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  3. Thank you idream3223, for putting into words, the things we all go through… I don’t know why and I don’t care that I became teary when I read this.

    Yes it does hurt when no one close to me wants to read what I write but I have all you wonderful people that make up this wonderful community of fans/writers/artists/creators, who make mundane troubles matter a little less and the joys of dreaming, weigh a little more…

    So thank you, wonderful community of WP writers and friends, for being there and making dreaming fun again 🙂 because I know for each piece of dream we put to words, there are hundreds of people out here who would read, appreciate and discuss it, till we get dazzled by the next piece of dream.

    🙂 🙂

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  4. mom2goalies says:

    As a reader only I have never understood leaving negative hurtful reviews! If you don’t like the story, the writing style, or any other thing about it just stop reading it…go find an author/story you do like.

    I follow quite a few here on WP just because of their writings about E/S in all forms, AU, OOC, AH etc. They do such a better job then the ones who were paid originally, lol

    This post is amazing and I truly hope that it helps keep artists doing their thing so we can keep enjoying it.

    I love being able to leave comments on stories and was so amazed the first time an author actually replied to ME! Hopefully the haters in the world will not ruin this for those of us who would like to continue to enjoy the glimpse into your amazing imaginative minds.

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  5. suzi44ky says:

    Well said. I’m not a writer but do read a lot of stories. If I don’t have anything good to say, I say nothing. I’ve never read a story I didn’t like. I do skim through the lemons, Too old to care about the sex or three ways.
    I get excited when I get updates on stories I read. If people don’t like what someone has written, why do they keep reading? Why say something cruel, and hateful?? We have enough of that in the world, lets not bring it to the writers who entertain us with their stories of our Viking.
    To all writers, keep up the good work, I plan to read your stories until my end…:)

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  6. msbuffy says:

    Reblogged this on <a href="; rel="nofollow"

    **Note- MsBuffy contacted me via email and asked me to remove her reblog comments because she felt it was too long and she had also commented below. I do this to honor her as I have nothing but the deepest respect for her and her opinions and she is welcome here anytime!***

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  7. msbuffy says:

    Reblogged on MsBuffy Rants & Ravings/ Oh, did I rant, way too much to out on here! Let’s just say I don’t expect to be too popular if anyone happens to read it, but then when did I ever care about that? 🙂

    “Write plot. Write porn. Write porn with plot. The important part is that you WRITE!”
    Do you have idea how many times I’ve written these same words? OK, not precisely the same, but at least the last sentence.

    After 7 years, I don’t know why I am still surprised at the cruelty of others words & behavior toward one another when it comes to these stories, specifically from other writers. Who do these people think they are? Best-selling authors? Please.

    Fantastic piece of work you’ve written, and you should be proud of every sentence, word, and punctuation mark! It’s truly a work of art and I thank you!

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  8. LaLa says:

    Very well said!

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  9. Kittyinaz says:

    Reblogged this on Kittyinaz's Reblog Page and commented:
    I am late to things.. and can be blind as blind can be when I am focused on other things. Hey! I’m Human!!!
    But to excuse my French, what the heck is going on?!?!?!?! I wake up to finally catch up on things, and it seems like there is something going on that I don’t know about. Again, See above for blind notice. But if someone is being picked on, this is so wrong.
    For instance. No one has probably ever read my first fanfiction. I cringed when I went back with a friend to redo it to send it to a fan who I love dearly. Due to health, she is not around as much, but she was the first fan who really cared about me, and I honor her all the time. Shoot, I published a story on my FanFiction of hers when her account was being attacked by people.
    I also know how hard it is to press that post button for the first time on FanFiction or even WordPress. I’ve been there, and I panicked enough I cried thinking of how people were going to attack me. Yeah, I had a few bad experiences with another site and trying to publish there that put me behind a year on posting fiction. And you know what? I still panic slightly when I hit publish on a new story. And frankly, when I publish even new chapters. It will always be there.
    But you know what? The people in this fandom, in my Alice 2009 fandom, and the others I write for, are some of the most awesome. But I have to admit that the TB/SVM fandom is the most supportive I know. Most of my betas are from there. Because of this, I suggested to make an award for the fandom.
    AS for Banners… :snorts: Has anyone seen my originals? I thought they were the BOMB. And now I shake my head on it.
    It’s called experience. And you only get it when you take chances. I took a chance one day and wrote a chapter for Alice, and here we are today. My family does NOT support me, except my husband. He patiently sits and listens to me talk. My mom tries, but she likes different fandoms, and cannot understand what is going on, but she would be the last to say anything. But nobody else cares. It happens.
    And flamers, trolls and so forth? Yeah. Ignore them. If they can’t say anything to you with their name, then they don’t deserve the time of your day. It hurts. Oh man does it hurt when it comes in. But I have to decide if they are worth it. And frankly, if they can’t leave their name, then nope. They are attacking someone from the safety of sitting behind their electronic device. I’m most likely never going to meet them! If they can’t give me a name, then hell no do they get consideration.
    I got a comment from someone disliking All I want yesterday. But they signed in and told me. It’s their opinion. And I am frankly proud that they did it!
    And for the fandom dying? That is up to everyone who reads this. I am not stopping writing. I have some new ones up my sleeve, I am working to finish some of the favorites. I do admit our fandom seems to be losing our greatests to outside reasons, and that saddens me. But for them to leave due to negativity? Well if you are having that issue, I welcome you to come talk to me. Im on Facebook almost everyday, and am more than happy to talk to you.
    I have no problem in raising hell. I point to when a good friend of mien as getting her stories stolen. Yes, it was by the same person who tried to steal ED, but that was yanked very quickly out of her repertoire. Instead I went to bat for her. And I will do it for any friend of mine. It’s how I roll.
    So, Again, I may be missing the point of this by a couple f miles, but this is what I am getting from all this. I am even doing this on my blog, which I am sorry, will not show up if you click on it. I will copy and paste this for the reblog. Shoot… I will reblog this and then blog it on my site. This is not something that should miss anyone.
    And if any of you are the opnes putting down those souls that are willing to take that chance to share our inner selves with you, well…. All I can say is F.U.! When have you put yourself on the line for other to judge you?

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  10. yaffom says:

    Beautifully, well said. Loved it! Your wise words should inspire all.

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  11. Tynee23 says:

    Totally agree. I don’t comment often because most of what I think has already been said but I am an avid reader and do support y’all. I love Eric and Sookie fanfic and I need to say this to everyone -just keep on keeping on. Everyone’s friend – Tynee23 Kay

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  12. Reblogged this on FairyTaleAmber and commented:
    So true. I have let myself get defeated by naysayers from time to time. It’s not a great feeling…and then art does not get made. Idream3223 is giving me more courage to write exactly what the fuck I want. Paint eexactlywhat the fuck I want. I love you and your unwavering support. Please know you have mine one hundred fold. Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!

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  13. murgatroid98 says:

    YES! As author Chuck Wendig says, “Art harder!”.

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  14. Natsgirl says:

    I really enjoyed this and feel the same. It is the doing; the making that determines whether life if lived or just a collection of good intentions. Easy of us has a gift. It s up to us whether we will let that gift fly or leave it to crawl. Thank you for these beautiful words

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